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North Ridge Security provides security consulting and assurance services. You have recently been hired as an intern to assist

North Ridge Security provides security consulting and assurance services. You have recently been hired as an intern to assist them.

North Ridge is preparing a presentation to the monthly meeting of IT programmers and has asked you to do research on attacks on software.


1- Create a PowerPoint presentation on memory leaks, buffer overflow, integer overflow, pointer/object dereference, and attacks using API, device drivers, and DLLs. Your presentation should be at least nine slides in length.

As a follow-up to your presentation, you have been asked to write a one-page report on race conditions. Use the Internet to research race conditions and how they can best be addressed.

Assignments must be in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, zip package.

The signs of new physics before Einstien

The signs of new physics before Einstien.

 Description Hydrogen Spectra -> Balmer Radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma particle discoveries) Cathode Rays and how they were actually electrons) X-ray discovery Electron discovery by J. J. Thompson and his plum pudding model Photoelectric effect -> intensity did not matter while wavelength does matter Black body radiation With how these different discoveries lead the way to the discovery of quantum physics.

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Criminal law course work

North Ridge Security provides security consulting and assurance services. You have recently been hired as an intern to assist Criminal law course work.

Mary, Paul, Ken and Andrew share an apartment. One evening they agree to make a false insurance claim. However, Andrew has some misgivings and tells the other three that he is pulling out of the agreement. Ken submits the claim in his name, albeit with strong words of encouragement from Mary and Paul. Ultimately, the claim is rejected due to terms of cover of which they were unaware. Paul and Ken decide to laugh it off and go for a drink. Mary, who is in a relationship with Paul, is feeling nervous and goes for a long walk. In the ensuing weeks she becomes estranged from Paul and is diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

A few months later, Mary catches her husband Paul sleeping with Ken. Mary is outraged and, shaking with extreme anger, runs down three flights of stairs to the kitchen. She picks up a kitchen knife, runs back upstairs to the bedroom and stabs Paul to death. Ken is horrified and, thinking that Mary is going to kill him, grabs the knife from Mary and starts to attack her. However, he only manages to make a few small cuts, scratching her arms and face.
On the way out Ken runs into Andrew and angrily pushes him aside. Andrew hits his head on a nearby road sign. He falls down on the street screaming in agony with blood pouring from a deep wound in his head.
Advise Mary, Ken and Andrew as to their liability, if any, for criminal offences.

the writer must:

1- the word count is 1500 words including the footnote!!
2- use OSCOLA Referencing style (will attach document on how to do it)
3- MUST use foot notes (its part of the word count)
4- write the offences liability in a chronological matter
5- reference cases and statutes in the text to relate to the point!!
6- I want a draft of half of the coursework in 5 days
7- make good use of all the documents I will attach as additional files.

I will attach sets of folders with series of documents in them please make good use of them:

set (1):

– Coursework Question (it has extra instructions bellow it
– Past paper with the answer (this has a different coursework question, but shows exactly how the coursework should look like at the end. it shows cases and legislation referenced in-text, the use of footnotes, OSCOLA Referencing style and the structure of the essay)

– 2 pastpaper – Coursework Guideline Answer

Set 2:

– module handbook,
– tutorials,
– marking criteria,
– coursework guidance slides,
– citation guide
– a sample law essay showing citation, cases and statutes.

Set 3:

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Cultural and Conflict Assignment: Trojans vs Greeks @ 1260 – 1240 BCE

Cultural and Conflict Assignment: Trojans vs Greeks @ 1260 – 1240 BCE.

Discuss how cultures caused or resolved their conflicts. TOPIC: Trojans vs Greeks @ 1260 – 1240 BCE INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following questions in numerical format (#1-7). 2-3 pages. MLA format. 12 Font Times New Roman only. All work must be properly cited and unless otherwise noted; do not include pure opinion. NO PLAGIARISM. 1) Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out. 2) How do the culture’s values relate to the conflict? 3) How do the cultures beliefs relate to values? 4) How did ways of communication and identity relate to the conflict? 5) What were the basic causes of the conflict? 6) Was the conflict resolved, if so how? If no, why not? 7) In what ways, directly or indirectly, did these conflicts influence ideas, values and beliefs in contemporary America?

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