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Normandale Community College Attributes of Leadership for New Nurse Managers Memo

Normandale Community College Attributes of Leadership for New Nurse Managers Memo.

I’m working on a nursing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

CompetencyEvaluate leadership and management attributes that support critical decisions for nursing practice.ScenarioYou have recently started a position as a department director with five managers reporting to you. Earlier today, one of your managers reports that a client expired on her unit. She suspects that a factor that may have contributed to the client’s demise may be related to the actions of a nurse on her unit. This nurse has several notes in her personnel file that reflect potential client abuse. You and the nurse manager both have concerns that this sentinel event must be investigated.Later in the day, the Chief Nursing Officer asks you to speak to new nurse managers to share attributes of leadership with the plan of enhancing their leadership skills. You see an opportunity to combine the situation of the client with a bad outcome, due to the alleged influence of one of the nurses, while building information to share this real-life situation with new nurse leaders.InstructionsAs a follow up to the investigation of the client’s unexpected death, generate an internal memo to your managers to reflect leadership and management attributes and include steps taken to investigate this unfortunate situation. As you create this memo, keep in mind that you should include:At least five leadership and/or management attributes for nurse leaders, as well as how they can improve client outcomes.Steps you would take to ensure the collection of data regarding this incident.Describe how transformational leadership style may influence the process of investigating this professional nurse colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.ResourcesRasmussen College Writing GuideHow to Write a MemoBELOW is the rubric that the assignment is graded by Emerging – Limited or developing demonstration of criteria.Competence – Adequate or basic demonstration of criteria.Proficiency – Clear or effective demonstration of criteria.Mastery – Advanced or exceeds demonstration of criteria.Attributes and DataPoints:11 (22.00%)Memo does not include 5 leadership and/or management attributes or steps to assure collection of data.Points:15 (30.00%)Memo sufficiently includes 5 leadership and/or management attributes and/or steps to assure collection of data.Points:17 (34.00%)Memo clearly includes 5 leadership and/ or management attributes that supports clear communication to improve client outcomes and / or steps to assure collection of data.Points:20 (40.00%)Memo thoroughly includes 5 leadership and/or attributes that support clear and detailed communication to improve client outcomes and steps to ensure collection of data.Transformational Leaders StylesPoints:14 (28.00%)Memo does not describe how transformational leadership style influences the investigation process.Points:19 (38.00%)Memo sufficiently describes how transformational leadership style influences the process of investigating the colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.Points:22 (44.00%)Memo clearly describes how transformational leadership style influences the process of investigating the colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.Points:25 (50.00%)Memo thoroughly describes how transformational leadership style influences the process of investigating the colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.Spelling and GrammarPoints:0 (0.00%)Spelling and grammar contain substantial errors that makes sentences and/or paragraphs incoherent.Points:3.75 (7.50%)Spelling and grammar errors occur but are inconsistent. Paragraphs and sentences are coherent but may exhibit spelling errors, run-on’s or fragments, and/or improper verb tense usage.Points:4.5 (9.00%)Displays proper grammar application and writing contains minimal to no spelling errors. May contain rare improper uses of words (ex., their vs. there), a misplaced modifier, or a run-on sentence, but does not detract from the overall understanding of the sentence and/or paragraph.Points:5 (10.00%)Demonstrates an exemplary application of spelling and grammar.
Normandale Community College Attributes of Leadership for New Nurse Managers Memo

Citronelle High School Police Department Changes Discussion.

As the new police chief of the Greenfield Police Department, you expected some resistance from officers during the transition from a crime fighting philosophy to a community policing philosophy. Several veteran officers oppose the change. Most younger officers are willing to try community policing and enjoy interacting with the community.Unfortunately, they worry about being rejected by the veteran officers. Most younger officers do not want to buck the prevailing police culture and informal hierarchy. Officer Blake, a senior officer and vocal opponent of community policing, is an informal department leader. You decide to ride along with him on a patrol shift. He’s an honest guy who tells you exactly what is on his mind. Officer Blake was the department shooting champion and is unhappy with the cutbacks in firearms training. He thinks the old way of doing things was working just fine. They kept people in line, and the crime rates reflected it.He tells you that community policing is social work, not police work, and that his job is making arrests and keeping the streets safe. As you listen to Officer Blake, he patrols a park where a group of young Asian men are gathered. He drives by slowly and stares at them. They look down, not making eye contact. Officer Blake looks at you and says, “I don’t trust those guys. They’re up to something.” Officer Blake drives through the parking lot and back past the young men. “I always make sure they know I’m watching them.” The young men begin playing soccer.Officer Blake’s next stop is Ruby’s Grill. Several other squads are parked in front of the building. You learn this is their regular break location and that coffee is free, food is half price and a booth is reserved for officers.Is Officer Blake a good candidate to be a mentor for a new officer? Is the restaurant a good location for experienced officers and those with less experience to discuss the direction the department is taking?Isolating police officers in squad cars creates a barrier to good communications and can thwart cultural awareness. How could an emphasis on community policing have changed this encounter? Does technology play a role here, in a negative way (officers spend time working on the computers in their vehicles-Mobile Data Terminals)?How would you encourage the new officers’ enthusiasm for community policing and help them influence the prevailing culture?
Citronelle High School Police Department Changes Discussion

MBA 630 University of Maryland Structuring a New Business Venture Discussion.

I just need an outline for a powerpoint. I need this in Microsoft word format. Below is an example of what I need:1. point number 12. point number 23. point number 3Brief paragraph as this will be a narrated powerpoint and I will read this paragraph describing the points aboveIn this project, you will be called upon to research the possible legal structures and organizational structures for a business that will produce solar energy–fueled chargers that will charge a variety of products on the go. As you consider starting your own company, you’ll make a determination about which structures will work best.Click Step 1: Research the Steps to Create and Manage a Small Business to get started.Step 1: Research the Steps to Create and Manage a Small BusinessYou decided to take a week of vacation time from Colossal to devote yourself entirely to developing your new business venture. The new business is a solar energy–fueled charger that charges a variety of products on the go, including cell phones and other electronic devices. You begin by going into your home office to work on the task at hand—the preparation of a narrated PowerPoint to practice your presentation to potential investors. The presentation will address all of the key issues related to the legal form and organizational structure of your business. Specifically, you will include the following in your narrated PowerPoint:A name for your business, a brief mission statement reflecting the primary goals of the business, and an explanation for why you chose this name and mission statement. You will explain how this mission statement is drafted so that it is clear, concise, and meaningful to your business’s stakeholders.An examination of the three most appropriate legal forms of business for your venture. Include a detailed examination of the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms and an evaluation of these six factors:creation and maintenancecontinuityownership and controlpersonal liabilitycompensation and division of profitstaxationA choice of the best legal form of business for your new companyfrom the three you considered and a full explanation of your choice.A detailed diagram of your organization chart and a rationale explaining structural decisions reflected in your organization chart, including:the titles of the different individuals and why you chose those titlesthe tasks the different individuals and groups will have for contributing to the aims of the companythe reporting structure (who will report to whom and why)a choice regarding outsourcing the human resources function, including a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of outsourcing the human resources functionall other relevant factors (for example, will your business structure be functional, centralized, decentralized, etc.), including how your chosen structure will contribute to your long-term aims of going national and international, or how it will need to be modified to achieve these aimsAfter reviewing the above outline of your presentation, you recall the recent conference call with your potential business partners, Roza and Gary. You realize that you will need this information to make the best legal and organizational decisions for your business. You’re asked by one of your collaborators to examine some resources on creating and managing a new business and on drafting a mission statement.In order to complete this task, you realize that you must do some additional research to address the legal and strategic implications of your decisions if your business is to get off the ground.Step 2: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business: Gather and Analyze InformationNow that you have read a broad overview of new business creation and management, you recognize that the next step in creating your new business is to decide on one of the many legal forms of business you will use to form your new company. You want to show the investors that you really know your stuff, so you decide to select three forms of business to analyze and you’ll explain in your presentation why the option you chose is the best for your new venture.Step 3: Determine Your Organization’s Structure: Gather and Analyze InformationAfter selecting the most appropriate legal form of business, you’re messaged by one of your colleagues in the collaboration, Roza Worrell:INBOX (1 NEW EMAIL)From: Roza WorrellTo: YouI’m glad you finalized your decisions on the legal form for the new business. Now we need to decide on the organization structure and design that would work best for our goals. We need to determine what departments the organization will need, who will report to whom, how many levels we will have in our organization’s hierarchy, and how many individuals will report to each manager (span of control).We really need a structure that will promote communication and coordination of efforts across the entire organization. We also need to consider whether or not we should be outsourcing the HR function.After formulating your thoughts, you may also need to do some additional research on the web and in the library to enhance your knowledge for this presentation.Thanks for all you’re doing to make this business a reality. Good luck in your final prep for the presentation.Sincerely,RozaThe rest of the project will be me creating the powerpoint with what you provided.
MBA 630 University of Maryland Structuring a New Business Venture Discussion

Los Angeles Pierce College Feminist Criticism Question

Los Angeles Pierce College Feminist Criticism Question.

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Choose one of the works from the syllabus and write an 8-10 page essay, supported by research, that presents an interpretation of the work from one of the critical perspectives discussed in this class. Your paper should use literary terms to isolate specific aspects of the form that you wish to examine, and you should offer plenty of evidence from the text to support your interpretation. Design your paper as a contribution to the various other readings of the text to be found in your research. Be sure to have a clear, focused thesis, which you develop through a series of paragraphs that advance your supporting ideas.Research is required. Visit the Pierce library’s website to find the collection of databases devoted to literature, and search for essays about the work you choose. You will be completing an annotated bibliography of sources that you consult (see the assignment page for the bibliography in Canvas). Your final paper does not need to refer to every source in your bibliography but should contain enough references to demonstrate your familiarity with other readings of the text.The paper should be typed in a 12pt. font, double-spaced throughout, with a one-inch margin. Follow the MLA guidelines for formatting a research paper. The Pierce library also offers many online resources for MLA format and bibliographies. Submit the paper through Canvas on the designated due date.The essay will be graded on content (unity, clarity, originality, and accuracy), support (use of evidence, use of research, development with commentary), organization (order of ideas, logic, structure), and style (sentence skills). If necessary, be sure to review the basic structure of both paragraphs and essays.The work story that you will be writing on is “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I will attach pictures of the story. (I have to send the rest of the attachments in another file.These are the point-of-views that you can write from: (Pick one)Moral Criticism, Dramatic Construction (~360 BC-present)Formalism, New Criticism, Neo-Aristotelian Criticism (1930s-present)Psychoanalytic Criticism, Jungian Criticism(1930s-present)Marxist Criticism (1930s-present)Reader-Response Criticism (1960s-present)Structuralism/Semiotics (1920s-present)Post-Structuralism/Deconstruction (1966-present)New Historicism/Cultural Studies (1980s-present)Post-Colonial Criticism (1990s-present)Feminist Criticism (1960s-present)Gender/Queer Studies (1970s-present)Critical Race Theory (1970s-present)Critical Disability Studies (1990s-present)All the resources should be found from the Pierce College library. I will give you the info when needed.If you have any questions or are unsure of anything please feel free to ask.
Los Angeles Pierce College Feminist Criticism Question

SPED 540 JSU Adolescents with Visual Impairments Child Development Theory Essay

essay help online SPED 540 JSU Adolescents with Visual Impairments Child Development Theory Essay.

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Your second writing assignment is to focus on the information from Chapter 5 in the Foundations of Education text on the topic of child development in pre-adolescence and adolescence in relation to visual impairment. We have all experienced the changes that adolescence brings to children-either first hand (us, our kids, etc) or through media or children in schools. Now we need to infuse visual impairment into what we already know in order to best serve our students and help them become functional and independent adults. Please pick one issue or experience that you have that relates to adolescence. Read the chapter in the text and use your own experiences to describe the significance of visual impairment may have on this issue. Relate it to one of the learning theories introduced in your text. Please follow the assignment description in the syllabus-3-5 pages, double spaced, APA, etc.My example: Things that make the child with a visual impairment different really affect this social and emotional development. Most kids in adolescence just want to fit in. We typically downplay the impact of VI related aspects such as not being able to drive, using a cane, low vision aids, etc. We tell kids to use these devices so they can be successful in learning. They agree and then put the device away without using it until we show up the next time. While I understand this, I struggle with figuring out what my role is in pushing the student. I might explore the behavioral model here to see if I can develop a natural consequences approach. Teach them the tools they need to be successful, then if they choose not to use them and fail, they truly earned the grade they got. However, teachers need to agree to grade accordingly and many times they go easy on our kids. Parents may also intervene. For this behavioral approach to work, students have to be motivated by grades and some are not. Maybe I should view this using a more psychoanalytic mind-frame as described on pages 149 and 150…
SPED 540 JSU Adolescents with Visual Impairments Child Development Theory Essay

Columbia College Report on Case Study of The Ricci vs Destefano Article Essay

Columbia College Report on Case Study of The Ricci vs Destefano Article Essay.

Title VII and Ricci v. DeStefanoReview Title VII (the Civil Rights Act) and the following case article: Ricci v. DeStefano, 557 U.S. 557 docket numbers 07-1428 and 08-328 found in your required reading section. From your review, you will analyze the case and report on its findings/outcome to your fire station.You will construct a three- to five-page (not including title page and reference page) APA formatted essay on the following:Identify question(s) that were presented in the case.Identify issue(s) of the case.Identify facts that were presented by both sides.Discuss the implications of the ruling.Articulate the necessity of communication among members of the fire service based on your review of the case.Compare and contrast methods used in the case to that of your fire department.Apply an analysis of the case to the need for awareness within your fire station.3 pages
Columbia College Report on Case Study of The Ricci vs Destefano Article Essay

Adequacy Of Crime Control In The Uk Criminology Essay

Analyse the adequacy(sufficient to satisfied or meet a need) and relevance(relation of something) of the crime control and due process models for understanding criminal justice, with reference to the jurisdiction you are in and/or England and Wales. For discussing this question we should first tell what criminal justice system is and how it does works. A Criminal Justice system is a set of legal and social institutions to ensure the implementation of criminal law with a set course of rules and regulations . The system of criminal justice is directed at controlling and mitigating crimes, punishing the offender and providing safety to the society by the help of the government. Today its one of the major concerns of the general public. Fruitfully criminal justice is a behavior that changes with the change in different aspects of the society and varies with space and time(Black, 1976). A lot of agencies namely the Police, the Crown Prosecution service,judges,juries,lawyers. courts etc. are working together to reform and improve the Criminal Justice System (CJS). The main challenge was that of making the prisons system and the processes of dealing with prisoners more better and efficient .Only to criminal justice process a number of government department’s agencies and other departments make contributions which sometimes can be conflicting. Maintaining a level of deterrence in the society that can stop the violation of law by punishing and convicting those who are guilty and deliver justice to the society is the sole purpose of Criminal Justice System. One of the reasons which has made this system more prone to criticism is due to the recent modifications made to it with the amendments made to the areas that are more concerned with the proceedings of these crimes.Every citizen has the right to be safe and is always eager to know that whether the criminal will be brought to justice or not.punishing the offender can increase public faith.CJS also aims at practicing fairness in the system fair treatment to everyone. A few societies have been able to setup criminal justice institutions that practice equality,fairness and openness (Prillaman 2000; Solomon and Foglesong 2000; Ungar 2002). The local criminal justice board led on reducing crime and administering justice on local basis. The crime levels have been increasing, which leaves the subject even more criticized however there exists a mistrust of justice for those who believe that the innocent people are being punished and the guilty people escape. Mostly justice systems that practice secrarcy, brutality and arbitrariness are in a society that is under authoritarian regime (Smykla 1989; McElligott 1994; Shelley 1994; Trevaskes 2004). We will examine how the CJS works and focus on the crime control model and due process model. Its theories and models are are identified following. Due process model: it can be said that the current system in UK is a element of the Due Process Model. The Model looks very much like an obstruction route. Each of its succeeding stages is planned to present frightening impediments to carrying the accused any further along in the course. this was created by the American Commentator Herbert Packer in 1968.the primary social goal of the model is ‘Justice’ and there is an emphasis on fairness and procedural due Process. Basically the model insists on the avoidance and removal of mistakes to the level possible, a process of evidence gathering and dealing with suspects that are needed to protect the accused. The crime control model’s primary goal is to control crime and punishment of offenders, focuses on ensuring that the police get the convictions in courts. It emphesises on the responsibility of an individual to protect the citizens of the society that abide by the law by apprehending and punishing the criminals (Pecker,1968), David Bunkett was responding to a journalists question concerning the Prime Minister’s speech regarding a move towards “Crime Control Centered Criminal Justice System”, on BBC News. One of the major and most disturbing problems of the Crime Control Model is the miscarriages of justice The rest of models like the The restorative justice mode, bureaucratic model ,A medical model, social integration and exclusion model and status passage model requires no discussion yet. Here the main models of crime control and due process will be discussed that are considered as two different ideal types of criminal justice.Protection of the innocence and elimination of crimes from the street is the main role of crime control.While comparing both models it should be borne in mind that “proponents of both models embrace constitutional values”. According to the crime control model “repression of criminal conduct” should be the vital purpose of the criminal process and that justice should focus on upholding the rights of victims rather than those of the accused. Based on the concept of police fact-finding it treats the ‘alleged criminal’ as guilty. This therefore, shows a negative mannerism of the crime control model. Now coming towards the latter goal, in the due process model the focal point is the assumption that a person cannot be deprived of his liberty or rights unless the relevant legal procedures and safeguards are adhered to. Those who believe in harsh approaches towards criminal activity may be classed in favor of crime control whereas those against the notion of state intrusions and harassment of the accused tend to value the due process model. There seems erratic swings in crime control in some societies (Rose,2000). On the other hand, the due process model rests upon the principle of legal guilt and the presumption of innocence. After scrutinizing both the models it appears that much depends on the political climate of a country on what model to adopt. It follows that the crime control model mirrors the conservative ideals while the due process thereby reflecting liberal views. During the 1960’s the system was manipulated by the policies of the due process. However, when conservatism dominated from the mid 1970’s to the early twenty-first century the criminal justice system took the shape of the crime control model.The most important breakdown that is also considered as the failure of law enforcement is bringing criminal conduct under strict control that vanishes an important condition of human freedom. Successful operation of this model must result into a strong rate of apprehension and conviction. Secondly it has to be done in a manner that although the resources are limited still a very large magnitude can be dealt with.According to Paul Roberts by far the most important function that has to be performed by the criminal process is based on the proposal of forcibly subjugating crime conduct which is the basic of crime control model. A properly criminalized conduct is the dependency of this model. ‘Punishing the guilty and freedom of the innocenct’ is the aim of both of these models. Here it should also be mentioned as Zander points out that ‘ there are so many important current developments affecting criminal justice that it is difficult to keep abreast of them and even more difficult sometimes to be sure whether they are to be welcomed or deplored’ .A number of miscarriages can be seen in justice that are rapidly increasing. The three great IRA cases are have gathered a lot of interest and highlighted problem of miscarriage of justice. The Guildford four, Derek Bentley, Birmingham six , the Maguire seven, Judith ward and Bridgewater four. In all these cases later Royal commission found them innocent and before that people served long time in prison for wrongly being accused.. The defendants had their convictions quashed by the court of appeal. The structural reforms purposed and accepted by both the May inquiry into the Guildford four and the Runciman commission, which reported in 1993. In case of Birmingham six, where Defendant was beaten up after arrest and forced to confess. Lord Denning held “that the police were guilty of perjury; that they were guilty of violence and threats; that the confession was involuntary and improperly admitted in evidence; and that the convictions were erroneous” ,Lord Denning held “…that the police were guilty of perjury; that they were guilty of violence and threats; that the confessions were involuntary and improperly admitted in evidence; and that the convictions were erroneous…” in the case of Cardiff three, where d was held for murder of a Cardiff prostitute and later the convictions were quashed on the basis of the fact. The Lord Chief justice held that the techniques of interrogation used by the police amounted to an oppression of s.76 of PACE. Case of M62 bombing, where d was convicted of murder and causing an explosion. She did not appeal. Her convictions were quashed. Her personality disorder which rendered her confession unreliable. Tottenham three, d was convicted of murder of a police officer. their appeal was unsuccessful. However Home Secretary referred their case back to CA and their convictions were quashed. And Confait, (which resulted in the royal commission on criminal procedure)the d confessed to a crime that they had actually not committed ,similar problems with confession evidence occurred. the common element which was found in these cases was ‘confession’ from the suspect and its clearly seen how the police has abuse their powers to arrest the victim bringing them to justice thus taking away the rights of innocent party .one thing we should mention is the Royal commission on criminal justice which was set up by the Home Secretary on the day when Birmingham six was released. It was served by the Lord Runciman and its report was published in 1993.the reason was to examine the reality of the criminal justice system. The report was for securing the convictions of the guilty, which contained disclose of evidence by prosecution and defense and unsupported confession evidence.