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No Title Essay

No Title Essay. No format needed. You can just number the answers according to the number of the question (example: 1. 2. 3. ). Also, there is no need to copy and paste the question on the page… I just want the answers to be provided in short sentences. To answer the questions, you will need to read “Babylon Revisited” ( using the link provided… no outside sources! Also, please use examples from the text to back up your points. (Question 1.) Explain Charlie’s view of his own actions, his return to Paris, and his alcoholism. (Question 2.) As readers, are we supposed to be on Marion’s side, or on Charlie’s side? Pick a side and explain. (Question 3.) Explain the following quotes: “I heard that you lost a lot in the crash.” “I did,” and he added grimly, “but I lost everything I wanted in the boom” (18). “He would come back some day; they couldn’t make him pay forever. But he wanted his child, and nothing was much good now, beside that fact. He wasn’t young any more, with a lot of nice thoughts and dreams to have by himself. He was absolutely sure Helen wouldn’t have wanted him to be so alone” (19). (Question 4.) Symbolism is important in literature; what is symbolic about Helen’s death? Lorraine and Duncan?No Title Essay

AU Week 2 Care Delivery System Integrated And Collaborative Care Discussion

AU Week 2 Care Delivery System Integrated And Collaborative Care Discussion.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, be certain to have read all the required resources for this week.The collaborative practice of clinicians across disciplines requires a shared language, appreciation of diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms, and recognition of appropriate roles within the health care team. This collaborative environment is at the heart of a health care system that utilizes the skills and expertise of all its team members in appropriate and extended roles. This model of care delivery is often called integrated care (IC) or collaborative care (CC). Although this model is endorsed by many professional societies and agencies, the CC/IC care delivery model can fail due to multiple factors. In your initial post, consider the clinical partnerships that result within the CC/IC delivery model. Integrating concepts developed from different content domains in psychology, address the following questions.How might health care teams achieve therapeutic goals for individual clients?How does this support health literacy?What factors might lead to the failure of the CC/IC delivery model?How might lack of acceptance of the value or viability of the CC/IC model by stakeholders, lack of awareness of the clinical competencies of various members of the team, barriers to financial reimbursement for services, and lack of integration of support services within the practice cause a breakdown in efficacy?What supportive interventions within the CC/IC model address such issues? In addition, consider how successful health care models assume an understanding of each profession’s competencies and responsibilities. For example, primary care providers (PCPs) are sometimes unaware of the abilities and practice scope of psychology professionals.Identify methods of targeted intervention and education for PCPs that might alleviate potential issues for the CC/IC model.Explain how the APA Ethical Code of Conduct can be used to guide decisions in these complex situations.Evaluate and comment on the potential work settings where you might find the CC/IC model. In what ways might this model provide more job satisfaction?
AU Week 2 Care Delivery System Integrated And Collaborative Care Discussion

Examination of Information Systems and Technology in Tesco

order essay cheap Tesco PLC is one of the world’s leading retailers. Tesco started by one businessman name Jack Cohen on 1919. Tesco brand first appeared in 1924. The core of the business is in the UK. Tesco had branched into numerous nations: Czech Republic 1996, Hungary 1994 Poland 1995, Rep. of Ireland 1997, China 2004, Japan 2003, Malaysia 2001, South Korea 1999, Taiwan 2000, and Thailand 1998.It has now more than 2,318 stores and over 326,000 employees. Tesco provides online service trough .This Company sells almost 40,000 foods, including Tesco clothing and other non-food items. This company also have its own product, gas station, Tesco finance. Mission statement: Mission statement is the very fast step for any organization. This statement makes one company apart from other companies or competitors. Mission statement defines the basic role of the company, and their main motto. Researcher Christopher Bart sys , “A good mission statement captures an organization’s unique and enduring reason for being, and energizes stakeholders to pursue common goals. It also enables a focused allocation of organizational resources because it compels a firm to address some tough questions: What is our business? Why do we exist? What are we trying to accomplish?” (Bart, 1998). Mission statement helps everyone understand the nature of the organization. “Every company no matter how big or small, needs a mission statement as a source of direction, a kind of compass, that lets its employees, its customer, and even its stockholders know what it stands for and where its headed,” (Abrahams, 1995). Tesco mission statement “To create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty” Goal: Offer customer best product in competitive lowest price as possible. Cost leadership. Gain the trust of the shareholder and customer and shareholders. Believe in customer satisfaction. Become a successful international retailer. Objective: Increase sales activity by understanding the customer’s needs. Choose Strong suppliers and qualified partners. Keep up-to-date the business strategy, structure and quality than competitor. Product qualities maintain and update according to customer survey. Derive growth in the developing market. Give importance and earn trust of shareholders. Provide best customer service that available .Growing the market and maintain number one position Retailer in the UK. Become stronger in food like non-food. Environmental analysis: Environmental analysis has significance influence on strategic planning of the organization. This factor could be a barrier between goals and objective. Environmental factors could affect the strategic development for Tesco in political, economic, social, technological way its acronym is PEST. (i). Political factor: It has deep impact on any business such as taxation that may increase product price and material cost so customer will be unhappy. Environmental regulation such need to use 100% recyclable packaging or if the material that use is it harmful for environment or protected. International trade regulation, consumer protection, government regulation etc. can have deep impact on Tesco and it can stop the growth of the organization. (ii).Economical factor: Economical factor could affect Tesco in many ways such as economic growth means industries sector ,government spending or specific spending priorities, unemployment , minimum wage , benefit , taxation has impact on companies profit margin ,exchange rate has impact on imported materials, inflation means cost and selling price. (iv).Social factor: On international market, product needs to be appropriate. different kind of people and religion, education, living style attitude to work like if it’s not a western country people food choice will be very on the daily needs and if its Asian country than food style or health

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Discussion Reply: Reply to Each Peer

Discussion 1 Reply to Cherish #1
After reviewing repressed memories as well as the psychoanlalytic view, I do believe that repressed memories are real. I say this because I myself have memories that I try to push back at times. In April I was in a bad car accident where a large Silverado ran a red light and T-boned me while I was getting off of the freeway. At first I thought I was ok mentally and only had some physical injuries. However as I bought another car, since mine was totaled out by insurance, I found that I would remember the accident but only in snippets. The moment I realized I was about to be hit, the moment after I was hit and a woman came to check if I was OK as well as send a quick prayer my way (while I was still in the car and my left arm feeling numb), and one more piece that haunts me to this day is the impact itself, and I remember as if it were a movie playing in my head in slow motion.
This is a great example that shows that not only can repressed memories are stored in our unconcious minds but that our unconcious can remind us of traumatizing moments. The Association for Psychcological Science states that “Roughly 60-80% of clinicians, psychoanalysts, and therapists surveyed agreed to some extent that traumatic memories are often repressed and can be retrieved in therapy, compared to less than 30% of research-oriented psychologists. Additional data revealed that belief in repressed memory is still prevalent among the general public,” and this statement shows that repressed memories are typically able to be retrieved from our unconcious minds.
Scientists and Practitioners Don’t See Eye to Eye on Repressed Memory. (n.d.). Retrieved from…
Discussion 1 Reply to Elizabeth #2
Psychoanalysis offers significance to occasions and sentiments that are gathered in the unconscious mind. Repression is a procedure that moves inadmissible and troubling inclination and recollections to the unconscious mind. Psychologist and therapist accept that these quelled musings are genuine yet contain less validity.
The psychoanalytic way of thinking propounded by Sigmund Freud clarifies human typical and irregular conduct comparable to the communication between oblivious drives and powers. It epitomizes sentiments, inclinations, and feelings. It is accepted that if the oblivious comprehension is an aftereffect of silly and uncertain distresses than it would prompt indignation which thus causes wretchedness and disappointment. As it were, it expresses that conduct is an aftereffect of inborn drives and early encounters.
Repression is one of safeguard component that includes the avoidance of destressing or unsuitable wants, musings, sentiments, and feelings from the cognizant personality to the oblivious personality. It happens to keep self from tension. As indicated by specialists, sexual injury is one of the most vulnerable occasions seen in repressed memories. A clinical psychologist has discovered that clients who remember memories of youth maltreatment during sessions are genuine, point by point, clear, and dependable. As indicated by Association of Psychological Science (2013), repressed memories are less worthy because of lacking logical proof.
An online investigation directed by Patihis and partners that typified clinicians, analysts, and psychotherapists found that repressed memories are real. Therefore, we can presume that repressed memories are genuine however comprise of low legitimacy.
Association for Psychological Science. (2013, December 13). Scientists and practitioners don’t see eye to eye on repressed memory. [Press Release]. Retrieved from…
Miller, J. (2013, October 13). SEX ABUSE: Governor vetoes bill to allow more victims. The Press-Enterprise. Retrieved from…
Loftus, E. (1993). The reality of repressed memories. American Psychologist, 48, 518-537. Retrieved from…
Discussion 2 Reply to Tholair #1
According to (Feldman 2017), familiarity heuristic leads us to believe that items are superior to those that are unfamiliar. We create a certain habit that is familiar to us so we can reduce errors from happening. For example, I take the same route when I go to work, but if a street is closed while I am headed to work, I would have to use a GPS to guide me to my location. Another example, when I go to the grocery store, I go to a specific store because I know where all the items are located. I reduce errors by going places I am familiar with and know exactly how to get there.
Feldman, R. S. (2017). Understanding Psychology (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.
Discussion 2 Reply to Jacqueline #2
A heuristic thinking strategy is a shortcut to a solution to a problem or decision that is not error-free (Feldman, 2017). The familiarity heuristic thought process chooses places, people and things that are more familiar to them than not, which can save a lot of time when making a decision. The mental set is a framework for thinking about a problem based on prior experience with similar problems, but just because it was an effective approach before, does not mean that mental set will always be effective (Feldman, 2017).Maintaining a mental set for all similar experiences alters one’s perception and can not be applied to solve all problems, especially social conflicts.Familiarity heuristic and the mental set is not a good combination to evaluate problems because it will lead to jumping to conclusions.This practice of problem-solving will cause acts of stereotyping, racism and discrimination, which is something our nation has been working to improve for a long time.This method of problem-solving is prevalent in politics and has not been effective.Unfamiliarity and open-mindedness are two paths to a vulnerability that many humans are not comfortable with, but if these inappropriate thought processes are mot made aware of, then how will anyone know there are other methods to solve problems.
Feldman, R. (2017). Understanding Psychology. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from
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Pick a topic that interests you related to the nursing profession and relevant to the subject matter addressed in

Pick a topic that interests you related to the nursing profession and relevant to the subject matter addressed in this course: Psy 100 Introduction to Psychology. Your topic can be related to a specific nursing specialization, a clinical problem, patient issue, etc. but must be related to the concepts addressed in this course Consider the availability peer review articles to make sure you can develop sufficient details on the topic. Identify at least 2 relevant peer reviewed articles published within 5 years. Your topic submission should be in a word document and include the following: Title page Specific topic of interest (beginning content after Title page) How the topic relates to this course and nursing practice Your rationale for choosing the topic How the articles support your topic References (on separate page after content to align with your selected articles)