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It has been almost 17 years since Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young came together to form No Doubt. Back then, they were four ambitious teenagers from Anaheim, California who enjoyed music and wanted to make it big.

They finally got their music deal in 1991. The band held on and in 1995 they went to the top of the charts with their break-through album, “Tragic Kingdom” featuring the big hits “Just a Girl,” “Sunday Morning,” “Excuse Me Mr.,” “Spiderwebs” and “Don’t Speak.”

People started to take notice of them and they went on to record three more albums. Their latest album was released in November, “The Singles 1992-2003” which contains 15 of their biggest songs as well as a brand-new one, “It’s My Life.” Since the band needed to come out with a new song for their greatest hits album, they thought why not cover a song they were influenced by when they were growing up. They thought it was the perfect ?s song.

The album has a California sound mixed with a Jamaican beat (it was actually recorded on the island). It has every big hit that No Doubt has ever had, even their oldest from their first album, “Trapped in a Box.”

Each track is a little different and reminds me of the early works of Sublime, which happens to be one of No Doubt’s influences. Both grew up in Orange County, California and have similar sounding music.

I would recommend No Doubt to anyone who enjoys Sublime and California-sounding bands. Each has a message: “Simple Kind of Life” describes someone who wishes for the simple life but finds that nothing is simple and life is filled with challenges.

This album captures the variety of emotions that the band has experienced during its 17 years. They say this will be their last release for a while because they want to go solo and then get back together.

I really enjoyed this CD because it shows you everything the band has been through. I like that you can see how the band has matured over the years. They have only gotten better as they have gotten older. The CD shows you the true roots and the background of the band and how they got started. Two thumbs up!

ANNUAL REPORT 5 Running head: ANNUAL REPORT 1 Annual Report Name Institutional


Running head: ANNUAL REPORT 1

Annual Report


Institutional Affiliation


Date Submitted

Annual Report

Part One – Annual Report Goals

As a big, internationally recognized company, McDonalds operates under the idea that goal setting paves way for development. For its 2017 financial year, the company had set aside a plan which had detailed its targets for the year. .The goals set aside includes the continuation of some initiatives which had been launched or suggested in the past. Some of those plans continue into and well past the 2017 financial year. As such, the breakdown of the longevity of the goals can only be determined by the timeline each one has.

In the offset of the 2017 financial year, the company laid down the following targets as part of its plans. First, a plan by the company to use delivery to redefine its customer convenience became a necessity. In that essence, the company reviewed the plans t had on customer convenience and make sure that such plans had been worked on. Based on current trends, there was a need to go through them to make sure that customer expectations were met. Secondly, the company sought to enhance its technology blueprint in order to have an elevation in the general experience of the customer calling for the introduction of new digital capabilities.

Thirdly, the plan to initiate a new three-year long-term cash targets ending in 2019 with an aim of hitting 22-24 billion dollars as shareholder returns in the company to continue. Fourth, new performance targets established beginning in 2019.

Part Two – Income Statement Summary

Company name: McDonald’s Corporation

Financial income statement range: 2015 – 2017

Income statement title: Consolidated Statement of Income

The year 2016 had a higher revenue accrues as compared to the year 2017.

Consolidated Statement of Income

In millions, except per share data

Years ended December 31, 2017


Total revenues






Payroll & employee benefits



Total operating costs and expenses



Operating income



The revenue is coming mostly from sales made by the outlets owned by the company and the ones which the company has franchised. According to the data, revenues for the year ended December 31, 2016 were much higher at 24,621.9 million dollars than those of the year ended December 31, 2017 at 22,820.4 million dollars.

Absolute dollars variance = Revenue 2017 – Revenue 2016

=$22,820.4 – $24,621.9

= ($1,801.5)

(The figure in this case is negative indicating a negative change in revenue)

Percentage dollar change = *100

= *100

= 7.3167

The revenue change between the two years can be attributed to the decrease in the number of sales from the subsequent year. As such, the figures show a negative trend in the change.

Identify the cost of sales and labor cost percentages per year and discuss.

Food and paper costs percentages for the year ended December 31, 2016 = = *100 = 29.01

High costs which can be attributed on the need to have higher revenues.

Food and paper costs percentages for the year ended December 31, 2017 = = *100 = 30.4

Low costs which can be justified by the decrease in revenues

Selling, general & administrative expenses for the year ended December 31, 2016 = = *100 = 14.128

Expenses increased for the year as demand to produce more increased

Selling, general & administrative expenses for the year ended December 31, 2017 =

= *100 = 16.818

There is a decrease from the previous year’s expenses as the company had more cash outflows according to its goals

The negative change in revenue shows that the company had few expenses. The company had a plan to have more financial outflows than subsequent years as it sought to enhance its technology. Again, there was the need to give out more money to shareholders in form of dividends. With the two outflows accounted for, there was a general decrease in the revenue as the company tried to adjust to the effects of enacting its plans.

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