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National Junior Honors Society is an organization of peace, integrity, and charity. To help one another and to give our best is our main purpose. Serving people, and to help each other out, whether it be at school, at home, and in our community, is such a great accomplishment. To be part of this organization is such a great opportunity because it teaches me how to be a better person, and makes me more aware of what is going on in our society.

Life as it is has a lot of problems, and I would love to give back. Even just to help a little bit, to make time for other people, and to serve is something that I would like to be part of. There are people who are homeless, and I want to provide for them. There are people who are starving, and I want to feed them. All of this gives me the feeling of fulfillment as a person, as a member of the community, and as a member of the National Junior Honors Society.

So, definitely, I would be more than proud to be part of this society. Overall, I believe that National Junior Honor Society is an honorable organization that should never be overlooked. For me, to be able to contribute to the club is pure dedication, and I believe that I could do just so whether it is to try my best to clear my schedule for upcoming events or completing my service hours for the community.


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