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Nike Management Report history essay help Linear Algebra

It also explains the ideas that help managers of Nike to achieve its goals in both profit and sustainability, although different people may have different point of views about this, it is still very important to manager of a big company like Nike, it is one of the leaders in the footwear ndustry, what they did may affect other shoes companies.

The managers in Nike should know the needs and wants of the target customers, while they needs to thinking about the environment, globe economic trend and the ethics. The economy is reviving since the globe financial crisis, the managers to carry out some new plan to fit the changing environment. What is more, the social responsibility should be considerate in order to achieve the goals and run business sustainable.

This report will only focus on two management functions, planning and leading, what is more, ecause of the limit of information, lack of primary data, and the methodology, the report may have some errors which can be improve by doing some specific research about this topic. 1. Introduction This report is aimed to indicate how the planning and leading management function can help Nike maximize the financial profit and at the same time, remaining sustainability. Nike, the world’s No. l shoemaker, does more dominating than assisting, to capture a hefty share of the US athletic shoe market.

It designs and sells shoes for a variety of sports, including baseball, cheerleading, golf, volleyball, hiking, ennis, and football. Nike also sells Cole Haan dress and casual shoes, as well as athletic apparel and equipment (www. yahoo. com). In the past, most of the organizations were Just cared about their profit, while since the enormous changes cause by the environment, such as climate, pollutions, water and nature resource scarcity, people begin to aware of the sustainable management. It is not only a way to save money or reduce the cost, in the coming future, it may bring more benefit too.

Sustainable management is “the responsibility of all organizations to ensure that heir operations use all forms of capital – human, natural and financial – in such a way that all stakeholders receive value, and that the capital required by future generation is maintained” (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2 Despite from these direct influences, sustainability also has some potential impact on organizations. It may become a measure of success by using new ways of management or technology.

This report will focus on two of the management functions: leading and planning to fgure out if there is the relationship between sustainable management and these two functions, if so, how they affect each other ill be covered too. The first part will mainly explain leading function, how the managers of Nike leading their team by using related theories and concepts to achieve the organization goals. While the planning function will be covered in the second part, because without a good plan, Nike cannot meet the success like today.

After that, there comes a brief conclusion and five recommendations which need to be improved. The main sources of this report is Journal articles and the text books, all of these are secondary data, considerate about this situation, it is reasonable that some small errors occurred although it should be avoid. 2. Leading A good leader should know how to motivate, influence, select the most effective way to communicate and dealing behavior issues of employees (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2008). From this definition, it is indicated that the importance of a good leader.

Consequently, to maximize the profit cannot be done without leading, especially when sustainability is required, because it is a kind of ability to ensure that it meets the present needs and do not compromise the future generations’ ability to meet their needs (Robbins et. al, 2008). According to charismatic theory, environment sensitive is one of the key characteristics. If a leader did not keep sustainability in mind, his or her team cannot do their Job in a sustainable way. Not only the human resource, but al

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