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New York City and permanent housing as a policy solution

This has been written very poorly by another writer online. I desperately need this to read like an adult who speaks English wrote it by the deadline. There are already references at the bottom of each paper

Please ask if any details are necessary, I know this is a very specific assignment.

The first written assignment will discuss a population of interest to you and the primary issue that necessitates care coordination. The second written assignment will identify the policy most relevant to the wellbeing of your population and the advocacy efforts that created the policy.

The population I have chosen is unhoused people in NYC and the policy is permanent housing solutions. I am fervently supportive of this policy goal and think the city should have gone much further to enact it. I wish I had time to write this myself. Here is one source:

I. Population (3 pages, including references) This will be your population for the semester.

To be an effective care coordinator, it is critical to understand the issues, trends, and scope of need within identified populations.

For this assignment:

1) Identify and briefly describe the population of your choice. Think demographics.

2) Describe the primary concern for this population and scope of need that makes care coordination necessary.

3) Discuss any obstacles that may interfere with accessing needed services.

4) Explore approaches unique to your population that may be necessary before care coordination will or can be accepted.

II. Policy (4 pages, including references)

This assignment will demonstrate awareness of relevant social policies for your identified population, the strengths and limitations of the policy as enacted, and the impact on your population.

1) Provide a summary of your population and their primary need (from Assignment I).

2) Identify the policy (federal, state, or local) that is relevant to the identified need.

3) Discuss the historical background that led to this policy.

4) What does the policy provide that addresses the concerns of your population?

5) Do you view the policy as adequate in meeting the needs of your population? If not, what are your recommendations to improve the policy?