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need someone who have read “Why College Matters to God, Your Mind Matters and/or The Other Worldview.”

Help me to rewrite this interview. Professor comment “Your paper needs to discuss how your interviewee’s worldview compares and contrasts with the biblical worldview. You should be citing Transforming Vision, Why College Matters to God, Your Mind Matters and/or The Other Worldview. You should be discussing the terms and concepts we’ve been working with all semester”(review my study guides in the attachment).
Assignment Overview: Each student will select an individual to interview who has a different faith commitment than the student (if the student is a Christian, interview a non-Christian. If the student is not a Christian, interview a Christian). The student will interview the individual using the provided question bank as a basis for the content to be discussed. The student will type up a transcript of the interview and also synthesize the material with DCM concepts in a 5-7 page typed paper. Students are expected to include content from the interview (views of the individual interviewed), DCM material, and specific textual AND biblical reference to the topics covered in the interview. Students will submit both the typed transcript and paper during Session 8 to the assignment link provided in blackboard.
Assignment Rationale: The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of differing worldviews and their impact on things such as cultural engagement, education, and one’s life commitments (such as work, finances, and family, etc.).
The purpose of this assignment is NOT to practice sharing your belief systems or debate with the interviewee. Be a learner. Seek to understand the other person and their belief system and life commitments. Listen to what they are saying and provide an appropriate follow-up question. Don’t machine gun your questions at them without regard to their opinion or what they have just said. Be willing to adjust the way you phrase questions such that you are still gathering the content required by the assignment but not disregarding the flow of the conversation.
Your conversation should be face-to-face (in person, over zoom, etc.) and it is strongly suggested you record the conversation to assist in typing up the transcript. Remember to get permission prior to recording your interview. It is unethical to record a conversation without making all participants aware of the recording. If it is more meaningful or comfortable to conduct this conversation in a small group, that is acceptable. But please focus your attention on the answers provided by only one individual in that group.
Assignment Process: First, if you are interviewing someone who is not already well known, introduce yourself. Tell them about your interests, family, education, work experience, etc. Try to build some common ground around a shared interest. If you already know this person, you can skip this step.
Second, ask some of the following questions regarding worldview and its impact on politics, social issues, cultural engagement, educational commitments, and life commitments such as work and family. See question bank in the appendix for ideas to guide your conversation.
Third, type up the interview transcript (or use dictation software) to consult as you write your paper.
Fourth, write a 5-7 page paper to express your findings. Your paper is to be typed, double spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, organization and syntax. Use the following as guidance for the structure of your paper. The following are the four major sections to be covered in your paper. Sections II and III will require several paragraphs. ***Make sure you use Course Terms in your paper. You are evaluating your interviewee’s worldview as you compare it to your own and the worldview paradigms studied in class (biblical, dualistic, secular, oneist).
Introduction—Describe the purpose of this project and include the name of the person you interviewed along with how you know the person.
Worldview Description—Reflect on the answers given regarding worldview and belief questions. In what ways do you agree with the interviewee’s worldview? In what ways do you disagree? Compare and contrast your worldview with the one presented by your interviewee. Also compare and contrast your interviewee’s worldview with the biblical worldview we have learned in class. Remember to reference specific material from the interview, from DCM texts, and Scripture.
Implications of Worldview on Life—Reflect on the answers given regarding social and cultural questions, family and work questions, and education questions. Do you see ways in which the person’s worldview influences their life goals and decisions? Do you agree/disagree with the answers given to these questions? Do you see how your worldview might lead you to set different goals or make different decisions? If you find you have different worldview commitments but similar life goals, why do you think that is? Again, remember to reference specific material from the interview, from DCM texts, and Scripture.
Conclusion—What about this assignment surprised you or challenged you? Do you have any significant insights after engaging with your interviewee?