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need help with a journal article review for my sociology course. It has to be a brief summary of the attached article. The response should contain the summary of the article in a minimum of 2 paragraphs, 1 paragraph describing the research method(s) used by the research investigator(s), 1 paragraph describing what the study found and what it contributed to the field of sociology, and the limitations of the study in 1 paragraph. For a total of a 5 paragraph journal article review. In APA/ ASA format.

Choose a peer-reviewed journal article (Will be attached) from the Social Problems journal in our library database. The article must have been published after 2010. For this assignment, you must: -Summarize the article -Evaluate the article to identify its strengths and weaknesses. -base your summary and evaluation from the discipline of sociology and its recognition of the relationship between human behavior, social systems, and social forces. -do not base your evaluation criteria on personal opinion or value judgments. In completing this article review assignment, you must: -identify the article’s main point (i.e. thesis) -summarize the literature review -describe the research method(s) used -describe the evidence/data presented (i.e. results) -explain the article’s contribution(s) to the field of sociology -evaluate the limitations of the study