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1. If a person is selected at random, what is the probability that the person is a female or favors the issue.2. If a person is selected at random, what is the probability the person is a male or is against the issue.GenderYesNoNo OpinionMales72815Females103687

History homework help. Discuss in detail all of the types of fractures that can occur in bones as well as the treatment (if any) for each. Use the Internet as a resource.,Types of fractures that can occur in bones as well as the treatment,Answer the following critical thinking questions. Use the Internet as a resource.,Chapter 15:,1. Discuss in detail all of the types of fractures that can occur in bones as well as the treatment (if any) for each. Use the Internet as a resource.,2. Many of the bones of the body have an English name as well as a medical name, i.e., skull (cranium). List as many of these as you can.,3. Sarah is a freshman high school student who is also holding down a 20-hour-a-week job. She drinks diet cola several times a day to keep her energized without adding calories, and she has given up all dairy products as part of her newly embraced vegan diet. At a routine checkup, her physician warned against excessive soda consumption and recommended that she add more sources of calcium to her diet. Why?,4. Research the current choices of therapy for ,herniation, of intervertebral disk. How have these treatments progressed over time? Determine which treatments are invasive versus those that are not.,Chapter 16:,Answer the following critical thinking questions. Use the Internet as a resource.,1. Discuss the structures in the skin as well as the accessory organs and explain the functions of each.,2. What types of glands in the skin are responsible for the condition acne? Where are these glands located, and how do they produce acne?,3. Which component of the skin is responsible for the stretch marks that pregnant women get when their bellies become very large?,4. How does the function of melanin explain not only the variety of skin color but susceptibility to skin cancer?,5. Define and discuss 8 skin disorders and explain the treatments for each.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,History homework help
Pop Culture Comparative Analysis Presentation.

For this presentation, I want you to pick one of the science fiction/fantasy concepts we’ve covered this session and then explore how that idea is represented in at least two different pop culture sources (movies, television, comic books, young adult fiction, etc.) and compare/contrast that representation to what we see in a novel or novels we’ve read this session. Your goal is not only to explain the different ways that science fiction concept is depicted in different kinds of story-telling but also to use these three (or more) cultural texts to:analyze the larger significancecultural fascinationmoral/religious lessons that can be contained within that concept. Your thesis should present what you see as the big ideas/arguments/values that can be gleaned from your analysis of this science fiction concept and give some prediction of the way you’re comparing and contrasting the three things you’re analyzing. The body of the presentation should analyze the unique presentation and significance of the concept in each individual text and also explain meaningful basis for comparison and contrast to the other analyzed texts. You may conduct outside scholarly research for this (especially for exploring the cultural or moral significance of the concept), but that is not required. Presentation: You will need to prepare a four to six minute presentation sharing what you found out about your topic.Most people like to use PowerPoint or Google Slides; if you do, here’s some guidelines:Have a few slides introducing your topicThen dedicate slides to the unique presentation and significance of the concept in each individual text and explaining meaningful basis for comparison and contrast to the other analyzed texts. Include both a title slide and a reference slideYou will use the 7×7 rule to create your presentation. The 7×7 rule states that you use no more than seven bullet points per slide and no more than seven words per bullet point. This way your visual presentation will only show the main points on each slide without overwhelming your viewers without too many words. You still need to make your slides attractive by adding images and colors to make it attractive.1 day ago
Pop Culture Comparative Analysis Presentation

Reply to another students discussion Board Post

Reply to another students discussion Board Post. I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

Draft a reply to another students discussion Board. This should be a detailed review of the students post. Here is the students original post you are responding too:
Discussion Board Forum #1
Corporations are constantly looking for a competitive advantage and one available course is incorporating a Lean methodology within the corporate initiatives. The Lean practice originated in Japan and is a broad concept that utilizes a plethora of tools including Just in Time (JIT) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in an effort to increase process speeds, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce waste (Plenert, 2012,). One of the Lean “tools which has already proven theoretically and empirically successful for mid-scale production process is Value Stream Mapping (VSM)” (Rizky Wicaksono, Setiawan, & Purnomo, 2019, p. 2). VSM is a key Lean tool used by companies to fully understand a process and identify opportunities for improvement by recognizing non-value-added activities within that process (Plenert, 2012). Garza-Reyes, Kumar, Chaikittisilp, and Tan (2018) describe VSM as “a lean and visual-based method, which illustrates, identifies and measures waste that results from the incapability, inefficiencies and unreliability of money, machines, people, information, space, time, tools and material during a production process” supported by “flow diagrams and current and future state maps” (p. 171). The flow diagrams and mappings provide the visual identification of productive resources and activities, how they are utilized, and any wastes associated allowing quantification of process times, quick assessment of process state, and identification of improvement opportunities (Dinis-Carvalho, Guimaraes, Sousa, & Leao, 2019). Shou, Wang, Wu, Wang, and Chong (2017) describe the steps of the VSM as: 1) selecting a product family, (2) drawing the current state map, (3) drawing the future state map, and (4) achieving the future state (p. 3907). Rizky Wicaksono et al. (2019) further states that each process in the VSM should be extensively evaluated to be: “(1) valuable, (2) capable, (3) available, (4) adequate and (5) flexible in order to create lean thinking” (p. 2).
Due to the fact that VSM can provide the opportunity for organizations to minimize waste and improve overall efficiency, the implementation of VSM during the last few years has dramatically increased not only within manufacturing organizations but also in service and process industries (Andreadis, Garza-Reyes, & Kumar, 2017). A study by Garza-Reyes et al. (2018) indicated the VSM was the most extensively utilized lean method by companies with 75% of 250 global survey responders applying this tool to their processes. One of the most recent adaptions of VSM is to improve environmental performance through a focus in the reduction of energy consumption and environmental waste (Garza-Reyes et al., 2018). Other recent unconventional applications of VSM include streamlining construction supply chains, improving construction sustainability, and increased productivity in residential house construction (Shou et al., 2017). VSM has also been successfully implemented to improve heath care efficiency and customer care levels (Shou et al., 2017). As VSM can effectively applied in almost any process, Dinis-Carvalho et al. (2019) does however mention that VSM has some limitations that should be considered that include the “inability to represent different production flows, difficulty of being used by those who are not familiar with the tool, absence of graphical indicators for transport, queues and movements due to the layout, absence economic indicators, absence of layout representation, and not reflecting the bill-of-materials of the product” (p. 770). It is interesting to summarize and note that VSM is a great tool to identify waste and opportunities for improvement but it isn’t the tool to reduce that waste and other lean tools like JIT and TPS must be employed to achieve a decrease in waste and the desired process state (Andreadis et al., 2017).

Andreadis, E., Garza-Reyes, J. A., & Kumar, V. (2017). Towards a conceptual framework for value stream mapping (VSM) implementation: An investigation of managerial factors. International Journal of Production Research, 55(23), 7073-7095. doi:10.1080/00207543.2017.1347302

Dinis-Carvalho, J., Guimaraes, L., Sousa, R. M., & Leao, C. P. (2019). Waste identification diagram and value stream mapping. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, 10(3), 767-783. doi:10.1108/IJLSS-04-2017-0030

Garza-Reyes, J. A., Kumar, V., Chaikittisilp, S., & Tan, K. H. (2018). The effect of lean methods and tools on the environmental performance of manufacturing organisations. International Journal of Production Economics, 200, 170-180. doi:10.1016/j.ijpe.2018.03.030

Plenert, G. (2012). Strategic continuous process improvement: Which quality tools to use, and when to use them. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Rizky Wicaksono, S., Setiawan, R., & Purnomo. (2019). Lean manufacturing machine using value stream mapping. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1175, 12118. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1175/1/012118

Shou, W., Wang, J., Wu, P., Wang, X., & Chong, H. (2017). A cross-sector review on the use of value stream mapping. International Journal of Production Research, 55(13), 3906-3928. doi:10.1080/00207543.2017.1311031

Reply to another students discussion Board Post

ASU Biggest Container Ships a National Geographic Video Summary Discussion

order essay cheap ASU Biggest Container Ships a National Geographic Video Summary Discussion.

Here is one video that is about an hour long. It’s called National Geographic Megastructures – Biggest Container Ships (Links to an external site.).Here is a shorter video that is about 4 minutes long and is a traveler’s personal experience viewing the busiest port in the world: Shanghai (Links to an external site.).Please view each of these videos and then do the following:1) Summarize each video, including what *you* found interesting2) Find your own international shipping video or other material (article, presentation, etc.) online and include the link and summarize it
ASU Biggest Container Ships a National Geographic Video Summary Discussion

WLAC Humanities Protestant Reformation and Renaissance Humanism Essay

WLAC Humanities Protestant Reformation and Renaissance Humanism Essay.

Please write two double space, 1″ margin, 12 points pages, one page for each of the questions bellow. Research your answer from chapters 7 in your book. Your answer should be in your own writing. Any copy and pasting (in any amount) will result in an F for the assignment. If repeated, it will result in an F for the course.SO NO DIRECT QUOTES PLEASE! 1-Discuss the reasons for Protestant Reformation. Why did it starts in Germany? What were the religious, political, and economic causes How did the Reformation affect women? Name and briefly discuss the three religious movements that appeared in 16th century after LutherWhat is Renaissance humanism? 2-What are the three important aspect of Renaissance humanism? Which three writers represent this new beginning? Name their works and the significance of their content. Describe Renaissance art. Compare the Italian Renaissance with the Northern Renaissance.This link contains all the book pages from chapter 7.…
WLAC Humanities Protestant Reformation and Renaissance Humanism Essay

Research Topic

Research Topic. I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.

Select a research topic related to below mentioned topics. This paper should have
Minimum of three pages of literature in APA format.

Research topics:
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Public administration or business
Military or government
Issues on ongoing newsworthy areas in information technology and informatics and their application,
Innovative theories and technologies related to data and information processing.
Sources for Research topics:
Research Topic