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Need help comparing probability

Need help comparing probability.

Of the 35 students in a class, 22 are taking the class because it is a requirement, and the other 13 because it is an elective. If 2 students are selected at random from this class, what is the probability that the first student is taking the class as an elective and the second student is taking it because it is a requirement? How does the probability compare to the probability that the first student is taking the class because it is a requirement and the second is taking it as an elective? 
Need help comparing probability

University of California Berkeley Letters to Artists Exercise.

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Letter 4 // Letters to Artists: Attendance of Artist Talk Attendance of Artist Talk GuidelinesNOTE: FOR LETTERS 3 + 4 you are required to make a connection to one of the readings in class. If you have difficulty in doing this, just contact me! You are required to attend 4 artist talks + lectures throughout the semester and write a 200 word letter to them. The eligible talks are listed in the syllabus. The future in class artists talks, 2 (TBA), are also eligible. These letters may be submitted here, and are due the following week, or, within a week of the talk you attended. TIPS:Speak “nearby,” literally!List any questions, concerns, things that their presentation brought up for you, anything that it connected to in class, your reflections, etc.You are welcome to be critical, in fact, you are encouraged to think critically about their work. Being critical has nothing to do with whether you like their work or not, it is about situating the presentation within an identified context or framework and in service to furthering a dialogue, rather than judging the individual. This framework will likely be the overlap or blindspot between something the artist identifies and something you identify or see inside or outside of the work. You can focus on a specific work that they shared, the overall presentation, or the conversation as many of the presentations are panel discussions. Spend time with their work before and after the presentation! It is ok to bring up works not presented, if you are making a connection to the presentation. If none of the listed artist talks work with your schedule, please send me a note. I will be adding some additional options. Letters to Artists / Attendance of Artist Talk is worth a total of 200 points. Each is worth 50 points.
RubricLetters to ArtistsLetters to ArtistsCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome200 word minimum25 ptsFull Marks0 ptsNo Marks25 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEngagement with topic/presentation25 ptsFull Marks12.5 ptsPartial Marks0 ptsNo Marks25 ptsTotal Points: 50Previous
University of California Berkeley Letters to Artists Exercise

Cumberlands Enterprise Risk Management and Investigative Forensics Discussion.

The readings this week discusses broad context of risk and investigative forensics. Part of risk management is to understand when things go wrong, we need to be able to investigate and report our findings to management. Using this research, or other research you have uncovered discuss in detail how risk and investigate techniques could work to help the organization. ERM helps to protect an organization before an attack, where as forensics investigate technique will help us after an attack – so lets discus both this week.At least one scholarly source should be used in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use proper citations and references in your post.
Cumberlands Enterprise Risk Management and Investigative Forensics Discussion

Interprofessional Working As Central To Healthcare Management Nursing Essay

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Fast-Track Discharge is a service available to in-patients who wish to leave hospital at the end of their lives and to die in a place of their choosing (REF). In practice, this requires the use of Fast-Track Pathway Tool for NHS Continuing Healthcare (July 2009) which aids healthcare practioners in ensuring support for individuals with a rapidly deteriorating condition entering the terminal phase in their preferred place of care (REF). This process is designed to bypass potential delays associated with the completion of the full NHS continuing healthcare eligibility process; meaning responsibility for care packages lies with the PCT in order to move the individual to their preferred place in a timely fashion (REF). This innovation has been introduced to combat the issue that the majority of people who would choose to die at home ultimately end their lives in hospital (Gomes

Southern New Hampshire University Wk 14 Investing in The Global Market Discussion

assignment writing services Southern New Hampshire University Wk 14 Investing in The Global Market Discussion.

A U.S. corporation has decided to move
operations to a foreign country in an attempt to expand its reach globally.
Please discuss the potential compliance issues with respect to aspects of law
and ethics the company should consider. Specifically, in your post
discuss what pertinent aspects of U.S. law should the company be aware of in
its goal to do business internationally. Assess the legal implications of
moving business abroad. What are the ethical implications involved in this
business decision. Explain how other domestic companies have managed to comply
with the U.S. laws related to this business decision in the past and How did
these companies address potential compliance issues.600 words or more.
Southern New Hampshire University Wk 14 Investing in The Global Market Discussion

CJ 310 San Diego State University Process of Fearless Leadership Discussion

CJ 310 San Diego State University Process of Fearless Leadership Discussion.

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BOOK REQUIRED: Norm Stamper. Breaking Rank (Vintage Books 2012).This assignment requires students to write a one-page reflection paper. Norm Stamper writes that police departments should cultivate “fearless leadership.” Explain how a chief’s leadership style can foster “fearless leadership” among a department’s rank-and-file officers.When answering the question, be sure to draw clear connections a specific idea/concept from the the course’s reading material.Technical Requirements:Page Limit: 1 page (strictly enforced)Body of Paper: Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch marginsHeader: Student’s name, Course title, Date
CJ 310 San Diego State University Process of Fearless Leadership Discussion

Evidence Based Management Expository Essay

Evidence Based Management Expository Essay. Evidence-based management entails the use of scientific facts, experiments, or research works that are relevant and current in the decision making process. It has been used in the medical fields to come up with remedies for various chronic illnesses, but unfortunately very few percentages of doctors and physicians utilize this in their decision-making process which encourages intensive scientific research and innovations. This behavior is also exemplified by many business personnels and managers in their business fields. They tend to cling onto their normal routine, tradition and old practices instead of venturing more in innovation and incorporating new insights and technology from other sectors that will boost the company’s productivity. Importing of new ideas also requires thorough analysis and professionalism as it may backfire if not properly implemented and managed. The implementation and actualization of the evidence-based management in an organization always proves to be a tall order because first, there is too much information from publications, newspapers and internet about business management and other related issues that may end up confusing the managers all the more, the information provided mostly contain a lot of theories with very little vital business concepts being addressed. Some provide vague information which does not apply in the ideal business situation, the person offering the data may also be an unqualified business adviser or consultant who is out to make money hence misleading the managers. Both physicians and business personnel tend to follow trends in the market and try to emulate or copy business strategies of the leading firms in the market. They use them as their benchmark and try to align their businesses to the top performers in the market. This limits their growth and innovation potential as they are entirely relying on other companies’ creations and innovations, another concern is that the business strategy used by one company may not have the same impact on another because of difference in organizational structures and general management system. In the course of imitating the big firms, they will also be moving on with other innovations and technological changes hence they will never catch up with them. In the process of implementing good decision making, some managers opted to use forced ranking of their employees as a way of encouraging them to increase their performance at work. They grouped them into top, middle and low performers with top performers being rewarded awesomely while low performers encouraged to work harder or discontinued from work. This system did not produce the expected results hence evidence-based management remained to be the most reliable approach. In my opinion, a leader in an organization ought to be very proactive and act as the driving force towards the implementation of evidence-based management approach. It takes commitment and hard work to change the tradition and the standard working approach in an organization. One will have to motivate his or her employees and instill in them the new cultural norm of using facts from literature and other relevant sources to carry out new research works and experiments. Employees need to be creative and curious to discover new business models that will enable the company to thrive and be ahead of the pack. For all business managers who wish to impact on their company’s productivity ought to be ready to step out of the normal company tradition and venture more into the unexploited fields to come up with better ways of solving problems in the firm and be established in the market and these are some of the lessons that future managers must learn and implement to realize more returns and high productivity. Evidence Based Management Expository Essay