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Need a sentence usingparaphrasing

Need a sentence usingparaphrasing. I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Q. Review the selection of text below. In your response, write a sentence that uses a direct quotation from the original text. Be sure to include signaling language, a parenthetical/in-text citation, and proper format for the quotation.
Original text: “School shootings are a modern phenomenon. There were scattered instances of gunmen or bombers attacking schools in the years before Barry Loukaitis, but they were lower profile. School shootings mostly involve young white men. And, not surprisingly, given the ready availability of firearms in the United States, the phenomenon is overwhelmingly American. But, beyond those facts, the great puzzle is how little school shooters fit any kind of pattern.”
From Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Thresholds of Violence,” published in The New Yorker on October 19, 2015, p. 36.
Need a sentence usingparaphrasing

Violence and literacy are closely related. The current state of research suggests that violence, physical and cultural, often serves the primary obstacle to literacy in different population groups (Horsman, 2006). The ways in which violence affects literacy are numerous and varied. On the one hand, violence limits women’s access to literacy programs (Horsman, 2006). This is largely because injured women are denied and refused an opportunity to participate in such programs, because of their physical and emotional state (Horsman, 2006). On the other hand, women themselves perceive literacy courses as unnecessary and useless (Horsman, 2006). Surprisingly or not, the link between violence and literacy resembles a two-way street. Simply stated, violence bears serious consequences on female literacy, whereas literacy, in its turn, has a potential to empower women and support them in their struggle against violence. Literacy has significant implications for reducing violence against women, and this paper explores the reasons behind and solutions to continued illiteracy in adult women. That violence affects chances to enroll in literacy programs is a well-known fact. According to Horsman (2006), violence convinces women that they are stupid; as a result, they no longer want to attend literacy courses. What woman would want to attend literacy courses, knowing that any attempt to do so will inevitably lead to another episode of trauma and violence (Horsman, 2006)? Violence against women, who plan to enroll in academic programs, is easy to explain: literacy is a powerful source of empowerment for victimized women. This is one of the reasons why violent spouses are extremely reluctant to let their women get an education. However, how can literacy be empowering? Darville (1995) suggests that literacy gives way for releasing and exchanging human experiences. Literacy begins with the power of authorship, which transcends and reinforces the sense of self-competence through communication (Darville, 1995). Literacy is empowering in that it creates a sense of inclusion and undercuts a belief that education belongs to others (Darville, 1995). Take a look at women in the Somebody’s Daughter program: they were hit by violence and suffered isolation, but the messages of encouragement support their female writers in coping with the difficulties in their lives (UNESCO, 2007). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Does that mean that literacy can effectively reduce violence? If it can, why does violence in all parts of the globe continue to persist? The reasons behind the failure of literacy to reduce violence and victimization are varied. Horsman (2006) writes that women do not enroll in education courses, fearing further violence and abuse. However, the real problem is not in that women have a fear of violence. The problem is in that literacy programs for adults lack supportive elements, which could protect women from abuse. Collaboration and cooperation between literacy programs and social work professionals could improve women’s chances to become literate. Social workers could spread the message of adult literacy, its benefits, and its implications for female empowerment. Also, social workers could protect women from new acts of violence, if they plan to enroll in an educational program. Darville (1995) is correct in that learners do not need to acquire the language and literacy of lawyers or bureaucrats, but they need literacy to deal with these bureaucrats and lawyers. Unfortunately, literacy opportunities for victimized adults will be increasingly limited, until literacy programs can communicate the broad message of learning, protect women from further violence, diversify the learning and education opportunities for victimized women, and empower them to cope with their life difficulties. References Darville, R. (1995). Literacy, experience, power. In A, Manicom and M. Campbell (eds), Knowledge, experience and ruling relations: Studies in the social organization of knowledge, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 249-261. Horsman, J. (2006). Moving beyond ‘stupid’: Taking account of the impact of violence on women’s learning. International Journal of Educational Development, 26, 177-188. UNESCO. (2007). The alphabet of hope. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Retrieved from
Why do people resist change? As a healthcare manager, take lessons from the book and the TED TALK video to draft a one-page summary on how to motivate people to change and make sure your paper contain information about how to address resistance to  change.  1. This one-pager should be singled space, APA format, and contain at least one reference.  2. Watch the Ted Talk Video.  3. Read your text chapter on resistance to change. (Links to an external site.)

Develop a paper in which you present this similarity. The similarity could be a common image, a theme, a particular

Develop a paper in which you present this similarity. The similarity could be a common image, a theme, a particular characterization, or something in the piece’s structure or form. You do not need any secondary sources for this paper, but do cite from the primary sources frequently to back up your point. Rhetorical Situation: This essay is written for you to show a connection between five short pieces ( I will attach the short stories ). Your assumed audience is a random group of your academic peers. Their beliefs are varied. Your diction should be higher than if you were simply talking to your friends, but not overly academic. It should still feel natural. PAPER HAS TO BE 3-5 PAGES There is a strong, NARROW thesis, and it is backed up in the paper’s argument Paper’s argument follows a logical order Offers readers a fresh and interesting perspective Organization and Support The connectivity of the pieces is presented in a clear, straightforward manner. The texts are frequently cited, and the citations are relevant to the argument. There is a deep level of thought evident in the argument. That is, the paper goes beyond a simple summary of the pieces Proper MLA citation is used as needed

University of North Dakota Company Culture from The Clash of Generations Discussion

essay writer University of North Dakota Company Culture from The Clash of Generations Discussion.

Directions: After reading Clash of the Generations Chapter 3; write a well-thought out response which is both written and sourced at a collegiate senior level based on the chapter readings/lectures and your life and work experiences to date. Make sure to proof-read your work, so that it meets the criteria of “advanced communication”. Grading will be determined as follows:1) fully answering the question that is posed2) sufficient depth of the answer3) grammar and writing is at an advanced level and in paragraph form4) minimum 300 words (no title page required)5) be sure to cite any references. No references required but….your text is an excellent referenceAssignment 2 – Chapter 3What does Inclusion mean to you? (Explain in your own words)What does Diversity mean to you? (Explain in your own words)How do you see Diversity and Inclusion affecting an organization? (positive & negative)Should workplace culture evolve or stay the same (preserve history or change?)
University of North Dakota Company Culture from The Clash of Generations Discussion

Aberystwyth University Marketing Healthcare Services Discussion

Aberystwyth University Marketing Healthcare Services Discussion.

Strategies used to market health care services are typically different than strategies used to market health care products. From intangibility to the natural inconsistencies in the delivery of services, traditional marketing strategies must be modified so that there is a greater focus on marketing relationships and quality care. Therefore, when developing marketing plans, it is important for organizations to consider the 5 I’s of marketing health services: inconsistency, inseparability, intangibility, interaction, and inventory. For this Assignment, use the 5 I’s to examine the health care service in the Aravind Eye Care System: Providing Total Eye Care to the Rural Population case study provided in the Learning Resources. Then provide recommendations for marketing the service.To prepare:Review the Aravind case study in the Learning Resources.With the 5 I’s of marketing in mind, reflect on the health care service provided by the organization and its personnel.The AssignmentIn a 4- to 5-page paper, address the following:Using the 5 I’s of marketing, analyze the health care service provided by the organization in the scenario.Inconsistency: Is there consistency in the quality of care?Inseparability: When providing the service, do providers demonstrate biases toward or against patients and their families (i.e., racial biases, age biases, gender biases, etc.)?Intangibility: What are the intangible characteristics of providers (i.e., demeanor, posture, etc.)? How do providers behave toward patients?Interaction with consumers: Is the organization patient-centered or physician-centered?Inventory: How much time is spent on providing the service and how much time is spent on non-service-related activities?Recommend strategies to market this service to health care consumers. Include how these strategies might improve operations.
Aberystwyth University Marketing Healthcare Services Discussion

Differences Between Left Realism And Right Realism Criminology Essay

Right realism first materialized in both America and the UK during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The philosophies behind right realism were influenced strongly by the political stance at the time – what is known as Thatcherism. During this time period, the UK was run by a Conservative Government, and experienced a major shift in economical and political debate, which was arguably symptomatic of the change in the global economic climate. As a result of this detrimental shift, the Government chose to make public expenditure cuts, consequently placing public services in the spotlight (Walklate, 2007). This change transformed the way in which social problems were dealt with, and thus, had an impact on crime control strategies. Social problems, such as unemployment, had conventionally been dealt with through Government investment in the social welfare system, by addressing issues of poverty, which should, in turn, have reduced the crime rates. However, these rates still appeared to be rising, creating an aetiological crisis. Right realists began to argue that crime is an act of free will and therefore individual offenders should receive harsher punishments for their actions rather than being offered forms of rehabilitation (Wilson

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