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With my career and academic goals coming to a nearing sight. Am honored t o write about why I want to take the steps into attending a military academy From first learning about the military academies through a close friend that m Ovid from Florida to Vandenberg air force base and later became friends through lampoon high s school. I realized that key terms such as leadership, academics, and diversity: all things that the academies are looking for in students, apply to me.From a young age my teachers have law hairdresser me as a leader.

The most memorable quote can remember d airing parent teacher conference with my 6th grade teacher is her saying how amazed she is that could mingle with many different groups with many interest and still maintain a high h academic academic statue. This has been true all through high school with being part o f many sports teams such as basketball, baseball, wrestling, and the captain of the football t am. Socially I have been part of chess tournaments with the chess club, treasure of my class , nominated for student of the quarter, admitted into youth leadership of lampoon valley, youth h scoff of colas kids non profit organization, and the list goes on. Many ask why a military academy, why not a college or university not related to the military. One of my reasons definitely not my biggest is financially would ‘t be able to pay for college.Living with my mother, living with my grandparents, living with the my dad in government housing, living alone, and currently living in section 8 housing with father and tepee mother. Financially college is a goal achievable through academics and diversity , but will always have the restrain financially to pay for tuition.

Being admitted and attending an academy will not only help me along with m y family financially but u will have a chance to serve my country’ with the utmost gratin due. My parents have never pushed me to apply at a military academy, the goal of admission h as solely been through self motivation.With my career goals being in the field of engineering (mechanical in reference) I have researched the naval academy and earning bachelors in SC mince at the academy would kick start my future with opportunities that other universities can’t offer. Knowing that you must complete a term in the military after the academy has no change to my decision. From meeting first sort. Eric Simon on the Air Force base, he has beck name an inspiration to become a man of respect. I first met him through my best friend d, sort.

Simon being his father.When first met him my first impression was this man is some none to respect ND honor with gratitude for protecting and serving our country. Later learner d through experience that sort. Simon is a great father and man all around. Coming fro m an unhealthy family in Maryland I have been able to relate and look up to him as a father if guru. The experience of meeting sort. Simon has made me more than ready to serve in the armed services.

I want to show my four younger brothers that If I can do it they can d o it , while establishing a role model position for them.Being admitted to the naval academy or another military academy has been y goal from the beginning Of high school. Aiming everything I do. And pushing myself to be a s tank out candidate. I am more than willing to serve my term of service with the utmost gratitude and respect for my country. The reason I feel that i standout among the other can dates is how diverse I am in all the aspects the academies are looking for. Being a leader in sports activities, through team voting I became the football captain, having four little brothers lead them everyday as a role model.

Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) by Henry David Thoreau

Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) by Henry David Thoreau.

Description 1. Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) by Henry David Thoreau: I. Background of Thoreau and why he wrote Civil Disobedience. II. Summary of Civil Disobedience. III. Write on the civil rights movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. IV. Take a position, for, against, or hybrid of the use of civil disobedience and research individuals or groups who support your views with a discussion of their movements.

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