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Native English Writer Please! I previously had paper written by someone who was obviously not an english speaker and Essay

Native English Writer Please! I previously had paper written by someone who was obviously not an english speaker and I had to re-write the whole thing.

You, an Employee Relations Consultant, have been asked by a large multinational organisation to prepare a report on the following:

“The strategic importance of having, and applying comprehensive grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures.

You have been asked to specifically address the following points in the context of grievance and disciplinary management:

– An explanation of what grievance and disciplinary procedures are, how they work, what their purpose is etc.
– The roles played by relevant parties, representatives and institutions, e.g. trade union, the employer.
– Legal issues which arise in the context of the procedures.
– Practical advice for the multinational.

N.B. To writer: Please refer to Irish Law.
Useful resources:

I have also attached slides along with other resources from books etc.

Please reference these and any other books used (preferably irish books mentioned in slides)

Explain the nature of ethical issues.

Explain the nature of ethical issues..

Write a 2–3-page essay on a selected issue related to the tension between individual freedom and social institutions. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies: Show Less Competency 1: Explain the nature of ethical issues. Explain the ethical basis for the relation of individuals to their government. Competency 2: Critically examine the contributions of key thinkers from the history of ethics. Describe the social contract theories of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Competency 3: Engage in ethical debate. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of these theories as they relate to a selected issue. Competency 4: Develop a position on a contemporary ethical issue. Apply traditional social contract theories to a selected contemporary issue. Competency 5: Communicate effectively in the context of personal and professional moral discourse. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of professional communities. Context Another dose of ethical theory, focused this time on social organization. Several political philosophers have explained the foundation of governmental authority in terms of a fictional social contract: Hobbes Individuals are purely selfish, so they naturally exist in a state of war with all In self-defense, we join together under the authority of a sovereign who rules Locke In nature, rational agents have equal right to enforce the natural law For protection of “life, liberty, and property” we consent to be governed (Notice the influence of this approach on founders of the United States.) Rousseau We are born free, so any agreement to join together is purely voluntary Each individual freely chooses to serve the “general will,” the welfare of all Show Less Present-day nations exhibit a variety of social organizations: Authoritarian: absolute power in a single dictator who imposes power over everyone Elitist: a small group rules for all, based on birth family, wealth, or merit Democratic: everyone participates in governance, usually by electing representatives Under any form of government, the fundamental question is how much freedom individual citizens retain in the face of legitimate authority. If we accept the need for some protection of the public good, we must submit in some circumstances, but each of us wishes to pursue our own choices within that broad framework. With respect for justice, we allow the law to prevent us from harming each other, but otherwise we like to be left alone. Assessment Overview Political philosophy concerns itself with the formation and maintenance of civil societies. Its central theme is the need to explain the relationship between individual human beings and their governments. You have been considering several specific examples of the tension between individual freedom and social institutions. From among those examples, you have chosen one as the focus for your own views on freedom and authority.

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popular portrayal of a biblical story/book, either literary or visual.

Native English Writer Please! I previously had paper written by someone who was obviously not an english speaker and Essay popular portrayal of a biblical story/book, either literary or visual..

 We are exposed to the Bible through the visual and print media. Your job is to analyze one of these presentations. PROCEDURES: (1) Choose one popular portrayal of a biblical story/book, either literary or visual. it should retell the story and not be a “documentary” examining the story. (2) Read or watch the selection and compare it to the biblical passage upon which it is based. What are the differences between the portrayal and the Bible? What is an explanation for those differences? (3) The question you should focus on in your paper is: “How do changes made to the presentation of the material significantly change the content, message, or understanding of the biblical story?” SECONDARY SOURCE ARE NOT NECESSARY, BUT DO GIVE PROPER CITATIONS FOR ANY BIBLICAL QUOTAIONS OR OTHER MATERIALS CITED.

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Art & architecture (Edward Said’s discourse surrounding Orientalism)

Art & architecture (Edward Said’s discourse surrounding Orientalism).

 details Ch6: Please add outside sources and email me if you need any additional info. Read Chapter 6 of our text and do outside research regarding Edward Said’s discourse surrounding Orientalism. Summarize 2 of Said’s main points IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Next, use Said’s critical perspective to discuss 2 Orientalist paintings by Gerome and Ingres reproduced in Chapter 6 of our text or 2 others by Gerome and Ingres. Identify each painting with the artist, title, and date. Describe each painting carefully. What aspects of each painting is Orientalist? How do the paintings illustrate Said’s argument? Conclude your essay with a discussion of how you see Orientalism operating in our country today. Identify at least 2 film or television images that embody Orientalist perspectives. Essays should be a minimum of 2 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, free of all spelling and grammatical errors, no plagiarism, Chicago Style formatting with footnotes and bibliography. Be sure that you answer the question asked in its entirety and be sure to proofread your answer.

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Rhetorical concept of audience

Rhetorical concept of audience.

Description For this assignment, we will be considering the rhetorical concept of audience in two narratives below. The following questions should help in formulating a final thesis and composing a brief essay: It’s true an author may write entirely for his or her own pleasure and personal fulfillment, but if the story is to be shared with any modicum of success, the concept of audience must be considered. Moreover, the majority of authors aspire to publication not only to see their work in print but also to earn a living—hopefully a lucrative one. Keeping this mind, Identify the audiences being addressed and draw conclusions from each author’s decision to write his story and treat his subject: How do elements such as the point of view, main character, and dialogue complement the preceding queries? Do you discern any assumptions that might be perceived as overgeneralizations? Do the publication dates have any bearing on how each story should be read? (The answers may appear rather simple and direct at first—but I want an essay that digs a little deeper and explores the less than obvious.) Background: “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin was originally written for the periodical Partisan Review and published in 1957. Baldwin later included it in his 1965 short story collection Going To Meet The Man. The copy in your possession is taken from a published anthology by editor, Robert DiYanni. “Don’t Mess With Tanya!” by Ken Tangvik is the title short story from his collection Don’t Mess With Tanya: Stories Emerging From Boston’s Barrios which, as Tangvik relates, was composed to “engage and provoke our diverse community college students” (11/11/14). Tangvik further describes “this collection of loosely-linked short fiction” as “explor[ing] themes deeply connected to the lives of our community college students: culture, race, immigration, violence, sexuality, relationships and spirituality’’ (11/11/14). Tangvik’s story was published in 2011. The publishing data below is taken from the author’s own reprinted email handout. Requirements: 1. Your response must take the form of a multi-paragraph essay with a thesis or controlling point and introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs, all totaling at least 600 words. Be sure to identify the word count at the end. (There are sample essays listed under the Course Documents heading of the Course Menu for your perusal.) 2. Quote and/or paraphrase at least twice from each short story and cite in text—as learned in ENG101. (I’m referring to parenthetical documentation or in text citation. In other words, that’s two citations, either quotation or paraphrase, any combination, from each.) 3. You already have the page numbers for citation. Also include a Works Cited with entries: the source information is provided below, and Penta’s entry may be found in your Announcements/emails. Print sources NEED page numbes. 4. Note my recommendations in item one and feel free to consult material identified under the Course Documents heading identified above. I particularly recommend the pages on “Summarizing, Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Synthesizing.” (CCAC library web pages may also be helpful.) 5. DO NOT CONSULT outside sources, please. I simply want a response based on close reading. If for some reason you decide to do this, then you MUST use quotation marks for all verbatim material, cite all verbatim and not common knowledge paraphrases, and include an additional Works Cited entry. 6. Please send your completed writing prompt to Blackboard Assignments or—if there is a “glitch, to my CCAC email as a Word attachment—which is necessary in order to provide correction. Your return prompt will also be accompanied by a rubric. (Do not send this to my acd email account.) Baldwin, James. “Sonny’s Blues.” Literature. Sixth Edition. Ed. Robert DiYanni. McGraw-Hill, 2007, pp. 122-148. Tangvik, Ken. “Don’t Mess With Tanya!” Don’t Mess With Tanya: Stories Emerging From Boston’s Barrios. Aberdeen Bay, 2011, pp.1-28. There is no correct or incorrect answer—just support your thesis with specific details and examples. Moreover, this is NOT a test but merely the department required writing sample.

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literary analysis,Death of a Salesman (Miller, 1949);

literary analysis,Death of a Salesman (Miller, 1949);.

 In APA format, draft a literary analysis examining a play. The analysis should examine the question, “What does (insert character) want?” Students may choose from the following: Pygmalion (Shaw, 1913); Death of a Salesman (Miller, 1949); A Raisin in the Sun (Hansberry, 1959).

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Paper details Prior to working on this assignment, you need to choose an industry and select a brand in that industry. This brand will be your focus for much of the remaining work in this class. I recommend you choose a brand for which you are NOT the target. The SWOT analysis you will find in week 3 is the first step in this project. If at any point you want support with your paper or with your writing, please reach out to set up a time for us to talk. Preamble to Project: In its simplest form, the strategic function of marketing is to create, communicate, and deliver a message of value to a target marketvia the marketing mix of: price,product, promotion, and place (how it is distributed). This strategic function (Marketing) works in concert with the other functional areas of an organization to develop synergies that align with mission. Understanding that competition exists in the marketplace, effective strategic marketing recognizes both the internaland externalforces that require sound decision-making in the face of this changing climate. Ultimately, sound strategic marketing requires: the understanding of what the organization’s sustainable competitive advantage is then creating tactics based on that knowledge to: position BRAND in a way that it competes to be unique in a way that is meaningful to its target consumers. A brand offeringis the perception the market has of the brand, based on many sources of stimuli in the communication model. This brand offering is both functional(utilitarian) and psychological(hedonic) in how the market perceives it. The consumer will consider what they will give up (money) versus to what they will get (utilitarian and psychological benefits). Strong brands have superior financial performance because they manage their brand in such a way that they optimize this simple formula within the category (among competitors). Project Purpose:is to use the developed competencies of the course in an applied format that leverages the theories, concepts, and insights to demonstrate your mastery of strategic level thinking when it comes to accessing a brand…i.e. MBA strategy vs. undergraduate tactics. In order to provide a comprehensive synthesis of the material covered over a 5 week period, certain milestones will be created each week so the final product will largely be completed by term end

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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology.

Medical Terminology Story Discussion Board Create a story using medical terminology from your textbook. Create a 275 word story consisting of 15 medical terms. Please signify the medical terms you are using by underlining or using bold. Follow each term with its definition in parentheses. Do not use basic terminology throughout paper and I would like the story to involve the digestive system. you must use my source Medical Terminology in a Flash volume 3 Be creative!

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Research on health risk

Research on health risk.

Identify a health risk topic, research the way to reduce risk, develop an educational plan to reduce the risk, and describe the plan.

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write a brief description of the customer and make a list of 10 questions

One of the best ways for marketers to help their potential customers is by answering questions they may have about the business or service they provide. In this activity, you will write a brief description of the customer and make a list of 10 questions that a potential customer may have for a business.

Business Question

Read the first two cases in the Tanglewood Case Book PDF. Using Chapter 3 – Planning in the textbook as a reference, create an HR planning analysis for the Tanglewood stores in Washington (more details on page 13 of the PDF). Utilize the information given to you in the case study to create a report with each of the following 5 components: 1. Labor requirements forecasting 2. Labor availabilities forecasting 3. Environmental scan 4. Gap identification 5. Action plan development. Your analysis should be in the format of a business report with a cover sheet, an executive summary, a background of the report explaining any techniques you used to gain insight, the main body of the report with a subheading for each of the 5 components, and a conclusion section with your recommendations for the Staffing Services Director of Tanglewood, Daryl Perrone. Include at least one tool or procedure that was covered in class based on the data presented in the case study in your analysis (ratio analysis, trend analysis, Markov analysis, succession planning, replacement chart, or adverse impact analysis using the 80% rule). (2 cases pdf and chapter slides are attached)
Format : Title page, logo, headings are included. Formatting is consistent with a business report. Body of report is 3-5 pages long.
Analysis of 5 Components: Report includes references to the information provided in the case study for your analysis of the 5 components (Requirements, availabilities, environment, gap identification, and action plan). Data points and trends are utilized in your recommendations.
Use of Data Analytics Process: Your report includes the explanation and use of one of the following procedures: ratio analysis, trend analysis, succession plan, replacement chart, or adverse impact analysis using the 80% rule. The results are used in making your recommendations for the action plan.