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The National Foods: National Foods is a well-known name in market. It was founded in 1970 and started out as a Spice company. 3 decades later it has diversified into a versatile Food Company with over 150 and above products and 100 and above SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for the domestic market and over 100 different products for the international markets. The vision to see National Foods as a professionally managed Human Resource company, set more then 7 years ago, was realized by transforming a local company into Avery dynamic and progressive management structure in line with industry practices.

Competent Human Resources from within the company have fuelled tremendous growth by excelling in Functional Management. Even after 3 decades the company’s focal point still remains on. Customer’s needs through: Product Development in line with the changing market trends . In this innovative age of ever changing lifestyles, fuelled by the rampant development of technology; consumers have been compelled to change their eating habits.

NationalFoods responds to this challenge of developing innovative food  Products based on convenience and fast preparation in line with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional values through its impressive collection of food products. The brand delivers its ultimate promise by consistently delivering value to its consumers. National Foods enriches family relationships by bringing people together for family traditions, feasts, and seasonal holidays and of course – everyday life .

As National food is a known name in market, it has already different brands in market like  * Jams * Ketchup * Achar * Kheer mix * Custard powder etc. Now National food is introducing a new brand named Rivaaj. National food is introducing the six different Rivaaj pastes. * Biryani Paste * Bombay Biryani Paste * Karahi Paste * Quorma Paste * Shahi Curry Paste * Chicken Jalfrezi Paste National Food Marketing mix Four Ps are the most important factors for any company in making the marketing plan. To be specific, these 4 Ps are 1) Product – your product(s)and services 2) Price – what you’ll charge customers for products and services ) Place (distribution) – how you will bring your product(s) together with your customers 4) Promotion – how you will promote or create awareness of your product in the marketplace SUPPLY CHAIN OF NATIONAL FOOD * Distribution Channel Role of Distribution Channel: Middleman is of lot of concern for the distribution of our product. Middle man involvement is necessary for our product because our product is not that kind of in which we direct contact with end user, so that’s why we need the role of middle man which specifies the role of our distribution channel. Type of Distribution Channel: Our product is a consumer good.

So our distribution chain is: This distribution chain will be for Karachi. In Karachi those wholesalers will be selected who deal with the major markets and big stores of all the parts of Karachi. ’ This distribution chain will be used outside Karachi for different other cities. From where agents will be used to distribute our product in different other cities Intensity of Distribution Channel: We can say that intensity of our distribution channel will be selective, so that we can spread our product throughout Karachi. Because our goal is to capture the maximum share of market. But after graet success we started our

Write a command-line program to determine file type under Unix

Write a command-line program to determine file type under Unix
When running your program with a file name as the input parameter, it should return the type of the file, such as ‘text file’, ‘executable file’, ‘C source code’, etc.
There are four possible ways to determine the type of a file:
Comparing the file extension to a list of known extensions;
By reading the first byte of the file and comparing it to a list of existing magic code;
Examining the return from a stat() system call;
For text files, read the contents of the file and try to figure it out;
For the purpose of this homework, you don’t have to implement all of the above four. Two will suffice. Any file that can’t be recognized should show ‘unknown type’.
Submit your source code and a test run result (either a ‘script’ file, or a screenshot).