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Narractives and Structures of Feminism

Narractives and Structures of Feminism. ‘It is no longer possible to talk about feminism – one should really speak of feminisms.’ Discuss with reference the feminist approaches to narrative. Introduction – 250 Feminisms is a founded organisation by Wilhelmina Drucker who was born in 1847, she not only advoked equal suffrage for men and women, but equal rights in every social domain (2016.) The meaning behind feminism is the belief that we all deserve equal rights to respect, social rights and all opportunities (Eric. P, 2018) in today’s society. Drucker was a Politian who died in the 1900s as a writer and peace activists who fought for the equal rights of women through politics and feminist organisations. Throughout this essay I am going to be discussing the feminism approaches to narrative through the use of theories and research. I am going to be comparing my research to the film Clueless (1995,) which is a romantic comedy about females’ friendships, sexuality and it puts woman’s self – fulfilment above finding a man (Janes, 2018.) ‘It is no longer possible to talk about feminism – one should really speak of feminism’ is a quote founded by the #MeToo campaign, which is an organisation that began October 2017, that listens to stories about abuse and harassment in the media. Throughout the growth of media, women are shown to be seen as objects as a women’s desire is subjected her image (Mulvey, p.7.) Feminists criticise a patriarchal society – which means a society created by men. It is a system where men are in authority over women in all aspects of society. In modern day society it is not as accepted as it once was, due to women fighting for equal rights since the 1700s. Verse 1 – The history of feminism – 250 First wave feminism is known as The Suffrage Movement which was labelled in the 1800s where women were controlled over every aspect of their lives. Emily Davison (1872 – 1913) is a woman suffragette who fought for the women’s rights in Britain by joining the Women’s Social and Political Union formed by Emmeline Pankhurst in 1903. Throughout Davidsons lifetime she was arrested over five times for fighting against the law for women’s rights and being arrested never stop her from trying. This continued for over 10 years before a fatal injury at the Derby in 1913, where Davison ran on to the race course at the last bend to take down King Georges horse. Davidson was taken straight to hospital where they operated on her two days later, unfortunately she never gained consciousness. Emily is just one of females who have fought for the rights of women over the last few centuries and has helped to create the society we live in today. In a TED TALK called ‘Everybody should be a feminist they talk about post feminism and how quality has been achieved. Through the hard work of the young women, working towards an equal future, the society we now live in believes that we live in a near to equal society. TED TALKS argue that the only difference is the pay gap. For many actors and directors, the pay difference between men has been a problem. Jennifer Lawrence stated that as a result of the Sony hack, she made less money than male co-stars. The second wave happened between 1960s-1980s, this movements was called Broadening the Debate – this is after the devastation of World War 2 where feminists concentrated on equality in the workplace, sexuality and reproduction rights (D. Stein, 2018). Through these years’ women did not see their voices as important and the second wave movement was to address these concerns to strengthen their voices. In the 1965, the musical ‘The Sound of Music’ has a strong female, leading role that contained many feminist messages. Maria, throughout the movie, breaks her rules as she wants to have fun with the children and teach them her own ways (Koerner, 2015.) Throughout the 60s, more women than ever were joining a paid workforce, disregarding harassment at the workplace (Walsh, 2010.) So, when Maria sings ‘I have confidence,’ it says a lot as she has a passion to challenge the social ‘norms’ and be who she wants to be. In comparison, West Side Story (1961) is a musical where women were fought over by men. Although it involves two strong women who were not afraid to speak their minds (Kearns, 2012) the men are dominant and forceful, using sexual assault as an act of power. These are examples of how women are betrayed in the 1960s, both films showing women as being independent, but men are over powering in the society. Both movies are shown as liberal feminism as they show their ability to stick up for themselves and what they believe in, as liberal feminist argue how society holds false norms of women being physically uncapable of living up to men. Verse 2 – CluelessNarractives and Structures of Feminism
HIST 100 George Mason University Reforms in Roman Catholic Church Essay.

The length of each essay should be roughly two and a half pages (about 650 words). How well you organize your response—think 5-paragraph essay format, with an introduction, body of evidence, and conclusion—and argue your point(s) are two important criteri1. Ancient Greece underwent tremendous change. In a well-organized essay, discuss the ways in which ancient Greece was transformed politically, socially, and culturally between the 5th century BCE and the death of Alexander the Great2. Hundred Years’ War shaped and reflected European history more than any other event between 1066 and the reign of Henry VIII. Would you agree or disagree with the statement? Why? Be sure you use examples and evidence to support your argument.3. Why did Europeans begin to explore overseas in greater numbers during the 15th and 16th centuries? How did such exploration bolster the fortunes of some kingdoms, nations, and/or peoples while lowering those of others? Be specific.4.The fracturing of the Catholic Church in the early part of the 16th century—known as the Reformation—is generally associated with the efforts of Martin Luther. Yet years before Luther began his attacks on the church, many Catholics were greatly discontented with the Church. In a well-executed response, explain the ways in which the discontent began, how it evolved, and, finally, the role Martin Luther played in helping sever ties with the church and ultimately creating a new faith. Be sure you discuss the role of matters besides religion in the Reformation—politics, war, government, and economic power, for instance.
HIST 100 George Mason University Reforms in Roman Catholic Church Essay

Integrated marketing and communication (IMC) planning is a comprehensive process which involves competitors, customers and the communication methods used by a firm. Castronovo and Huang (2012) indicate that it is through the analysis of these 3C’S –communication, customers and competitors that a business organization may be able to make decisions on its operations. Indeed, business managers should have the right skills in IMC planning for them to be able to choose the appropriate market for their products. In this case, Pizza Hut has to concentrate on positioning its products strategically. The firm has to come up with a plan of making joint decisions due to the stiff competition, fight for customers and promotional techniques. After making these important decisions, the firm should improve its mode of communication. Proper communication should comprise both internal and external movement of information within the entire company. Pizza Hut should then analyze its products and market positioning. It is more appropriate to choose both consumer markets and business markets. In this case, the market conditions will allow the firm to choose product attributes that counter the products of their competitors. Suitable IMC components to be chosen for Pizza Hut include consumer promotions and media spending. These will give the firm the best results. Trade promotions and business to business spending are not good options because Pizza Hut is in a very competitive market (Taylor, 2010). Pure consumer markets are not the best market for top players in an industry. Tosun and Yuksel (2009) note that target markets determine the possible results to be recorded by a given firm. McDonalds is best suited by the vast business market which is available in the larger part of its environment. On the other hand, a dynamic consumer based market is the most appropriate for the development of Pizza Hut. The latter is a business stage which calls for customer’s appealing techniques of service delivery. This can only be achieved in a market which has direct consumers. KFC can do well in dual markets given is consistency in the industry. Tosun and Yuksel (2009) point out that effective product positioning can be achieved by incorporation of cultural symbols, product class, user classes, price and quality, product applications, competitor levels and general product characteristics. McDonald’s uses price and quality positioning. This has been achieved through emphasis of value and quality without much price considerations. The food company also applies user positioning. These two strategies have worked well although they can be maximally utilized through the addition of cultural symbols. The symbols will help to connect their brands with its users. Pizza Hut uses product attributes and competitors to position itself in the market. The contrasting of brands with competitors has been resourceful but can be more sufficient if it is employed together with another choice of pizza Hut’s products. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The category of customers which use the products should be diversified. KFC has specialized in market positioning using product class. This has come with the awards the organization has been able to achieve. Studies have revealed that this positioning strategy works well for food products and should therefore not be done away with (Taylor, 2010). Major competitors in this industry such as McDonalds and KFC should use alternative media spending. This will give them the ability to subdue the strategies of other competitors. The most common media spending is already saturated with promotions of firms in the food industry and choosing another alternative will definitely be recommended. A firm such as Subway can only be able to compete effectively with McDonalds by the use of a similar product positioning. The production of class products will enable Subway to get a firm market reputation as it is the case with McDonalds. In addition, appropriate IMC components for Subway will entail alternative media spending and trade promotions. Studies reveal that the best way to win market competition is by developing and implementing viable strategies (Castronovo

Nursing Ethics Case Study

Nursing Ethics Case Study.

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 9 (Guido, p. 185-186).

Did the lack of documentation in the admitting nurse’s assessment and notes affect the ultimate outcome of this case?
Was there negligence on the part of the nursing staff in the care of this patient?
What could the nurse have done differently to facilitate a different outcome in this case?
How would you decide this case?

Using the sample professional liability insurance policy (Guido, p. 193-194), locate the various provisions:

Limits of liability
Reservation of rights
Covered injuries
Defense costs
Coverage conditions and supplementary payments
Did you have difficulty finding some of the sections? Would this be a policy that you would consider purchasing for your own liability coverage? Why or why not?

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 10 (Guido, p. 198)
What provisions of an insurance policy would you consult to determine if an insurance company should pay such a claim, and what would the limits of the liability be?
Is the nursing home insurance company correct in saying that this is a professional judgment issue?
Which insurance company (the nursing home’s or that of the administrator of the nursing home, assuming she has coverage) should pay the court-ordered judgment?
Was the physician neglectful in this case or does the responsibility lie primarily on the nurse?

Please combine all of these responses into a single Microsoft Word document for submissionPlease submit only complete assignments (not partial or “draft” assignments). Submit only the assignments corresponding to the module in this section.You are not required to adhere to the 500-1000 word count for each of the responses, but please be thorough in your responses so that you adequately address all aspects of each question.
Nursing Ethics Case Study

Write 2 paragraphs

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Write 2 paragraphs explaining the differences between Karl Marx and Max Weber explanation of social stratification. (10 points)
Your answers to the questions must be of substantial quality in order to get points. Substantial quality includes a demonstration that you have completed the required readings and videos and thought critically about them. Your answers must be original, use your own ideas and words. Do not copy from any website or written material from another person.
Written Assignment

Written Assignment


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTwo thoughtful paragraphs directly answering the questions.

2.0 ptsFull Marks
0.0 ptsNo Marks

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOriginal ideas using student’s own words.

4.0 ptsFull Marks
0.0 ptsNo Marks

4.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDemonstrating comprehension of required readings.

4.0 ptsFull Marks
0.0 ptsNo Marks

4.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0

Write 2 paragraphs

Porter Diamond Model of Al- Maraei Company

Porter Diamond Model of Al- Maraei Company. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

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Almaraei company to help me in Business strategy course
Projects outlines:You are required to pick an organization, relevant to a chosen industry and perform a strategic analysis using the case study solution provided andusing the strategic analysis as an example and your related course work you should be able to provide a detailed and accurate analysis of the organization of your choice. The project includes a written report and a power point presentation that should be submitted as a hard and soft copy. You will be required to present your work in class. Much more details and guidelines will be provided ( GENERAL REQUEST FROM MY INSTRUCTOR)
PDF Book: Essentials of Strategic Management
Porter Diamond Model of Al- Maraei Company

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Evidence-Based Analytics and Change
Case Study: Closing a Plant
Aaron De Smet et al. (2012, pp. 4–5) describe the following example of a change manager faced with a particularly difficult challenge. What is your assessment of his approach? Could you use this open and “authentic” style in your own organization? Or would you consider this to be difficult and risky?
Pierre, as we’ll call him, was managing a plant in France during the darkest days of the global financial crisis. His plant was soon to close as demand from several of its core customers went into a massive and seemingly irreversible tailspin. The company was in a tricky spot: it needed the know-how of its French workers to help transfer operations to a new production location in another country, and despite its customers’ problems it still had €20 million worth of orders to fulfill before the plant closed. Meanwhile, tensions were running high in France: other companies’ plant closures had sparked protests that in some cases led to violent reactions from employees. Given the charged situation, most companies were not telling workers about plant closures until the last minute.
Pierre was understandably nervous as he went through leadership training, where he focused intently on topics such as finding the courage to use honesty when having difficult conversations, as well as the value of empathic engagement. After a lengthy debate among company executives, Pierre decided to approach the situation with those values in mind. He announced the plant closing nine months before it would take place and was open with employees about his own fears. Pierre’s authenticity struck a chord by giving voice to everyone’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, throughout the process of closing the plant, Pierre recounts, he spent giving voice to everyone’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, throughout the process of closing the plant, Pierre recounts, he spent some 60 percent of his time on personal issues, most notably working with his subordinates to assist the displaced workers in finding new jobs and providing them with individual support and mentoring (something other companies weren’t doing). He spent only about 40 percent on business issues related to the closure.
This honest engagement worked: over the next nine months, the plant stayed open and fulfilled its orders, even as its workers ensured that their replacements in the new plant had the information they needed to carry on. It was the only plant in the industry to avoid violence and lockouts.
Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which you:

Describe the use of evidence-based (data-based) analytics in Mr. De Smet’s approach to decision making regarding the future of the plant.

Distinguish between managing change as versus leading sustainable change as illustrated in this case study.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.APA Requirements for assignments in this class:Title page with name, course number, faculty name and date· Page numbers in the header on the right-hand side starting on the first page. Running head is not required.· Double spacing in 12-point font· An introduction that will say what the paper is about.· A conclusion that “wraps” up the points in your paper.· Paper should be written in first person (I, we) and should not use the 2nd person “you” · At least two references. The reference is not valid unless there is at least one citation to go with it.· Each paragraph is indented 5 spaces.· Direct quotations should be used sparingly when writing a paper. If a direct quotation is used, it should have “quotation marks” at the beginning and end and a citation with the author, year, and page/paragraph #. Every citation must have a reference listed to go with it.· Paraphrasing means taking someone else’s ideas and putting them in your own words. The originator of the ideas must be giving credit. To cite ideas that are paraphrased, use the author and the year of publication. Every citation must have a reference listed to go with it.

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