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Narcolepsy Paper

Narcolepsy Paper.

Assignment List Week 3 Course Paper Preparation AssignmentWeek 3 Course Paper Preparation AssignmentDUE: Feb 23, 2020 11:55 PMGrade DetailsGradeN/A Gradebook CommentsNoneAssignment DetailsOpen DateFeb 3, 2020 12:05 AMGraded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?YesRemaining SubmissionsUnlimitedAttachments checked for originality?YesAssignment InstructionsSEE THE EXAMPLE PAPER AND GRADING RUBRIC BELOW BEFORE YOU BEGINReview the Course Paper instructions found within the Assignments link. The Course Paper is due on Sunday of Week Seven. To help with the preparation of the final paper, complete the following and submit to your instructor for feedback.Then, pick one topic from the list below.They include: � Prader-Willi Syndrome� Narcolepsy� Korsakoff’s Syndrome� Schizophrenia Spectrum� Huntington’s Disease� Parkinson’s Disease� Balint’s Syndrome� Turner’s Syndrome� Klinefelter’s Syndrome� Tourette’s SyndromeThe Week Three Paper Prep is due Sunday of Week Three. Your Week 3 Paper Prep Assignment should be a minimum of three pages and no more than five pages in length not counting the title page. It must include the following sections:� Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only)The below areas are required subheadings that must be included within your Week 3 Assignment.� Topic: Select a topic of interest to you from the list above. This will contain the description of an area of interest from the course that you have not already discussed on the discussion boards (although you can pick a topic that another student has discussed). This description will contain 3 or 4 substantial and thorough paragraphs explaining key concepts of the topic area. This portion of your paper must be written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only.� Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. This will become the point or perspective that will drive your paper. Please see the writing tutorials in the library for information on how to develop a solid thesis. This portion of your paper must be written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only.� Annotated Bibliography: For this paper you need to do research in peer-reviewed journals or other journals that are considered to have reliable information (do not use sources from the secular press, i.e. Time, Newsweek, Parent’s Today). In addition to the textbook, you need at least five articles from professional scholarly journals and not popular Internet sites (if you do find something on the World Wide Web, it must be authored and be a reliable source – when in doubt, ask your instructor if it is an acceptable source). In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team (such as for the Harvard Business Review) or a group of peers (such as in many journals you find through the APU online library). This portion of your paper can be written in first person, Times New Roman, 12 font only and research cannot be older than 5 years. The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including: critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The Annotated Bibliography should include the following information for each source: Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format. � Who? (author) � What was done? (for example, an experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)� How? (was it done)� What were the findings? (identify the major ones) � Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.) Each annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of 5-7 sentences per reference. This paper must be written through a biological lens. Meaning a discussion of the genetic/biological origin and treatments is required. Do not include non-biologically-based treatment methods such as counseling, therapy, support groups etc. Use this website to assist you with the correct APA format (NOT MLA!) and to see annotated bibliography examples and samples. Materials PSYC325 Week Three Paper Prep rubric.docx (17 KB) Example Paper Preparation Assignment.doc (36 KB)
Narcolepsy Paper

Auburn University Health Psychology Learning from IAT Test Essay.

Common Reader Assignment Instructions First, students will access… (Links to an external site.)Take 3 of the IAT tests Then, students will write a two page (500 words minimum) Reflective Essay.Discuss what you learned from the IAT completion.Relate the biases, discrimination, and stereotyping concepts learned to the Common Reader book.Explain how you can use what you have learned from this experience (taking the IAT and reading Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People to become more accepting of a more diverse group of individuals or how you could help others do so.USE BASIC APA 6THED STYLE MANUAL FOR YOUR PAPER:12-point Times New Roman font, double-space, and one-inch margins on each side. Include in-text citations for your sources based on APA 6thEd Style ManualA separate APA style references page in APA 6thEd Style ManualMake sure that each of your references (textbook, newspaper article) is cited in your text.Conversely, each citation in your text must have a corresponding reference. You can find detailed information on APA style on our Blackboard course site. Your submitted paper will consist of the title page, 2-3 pages of text, and a references page at minimum.A rubric is located in the syllabus. This rubric provides you with grading expectations/assessment criteria. Assessment points and grading points may differ. Adhere to the College of Education’s plagiarism guidelines included in this syllabus.
Auburn University Health Psychology Learning from IAT Test Essay

CUNY Hostos Community College Evaluating Culture Impact in Nursing Presentation.

I just want you to do the last paper that we did, I want you to put it for me in a PowerPoint we have to present it again after everything we did we still have to present it so summarize it in a nice PowerPoint 
Evaluating the Impact of Culture in Nursing
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Professor’s Name
Evaluating the Impact of Culture in Nursing
In clinical practice, subjects on ethnic differences are anessential part of providing care to the patients. Indeed, culture has a significant impact on diagnoses and treatment options due to various social beliefs and biological factors. Health care workers should be knowledgeable about cultural differences to improve the care of patients.
According to the admin in the Fusion HEALTHCARE STAFFING (2015), some culturessignificantly impact the clinical practices positively or negatively. For instance, family and community have certain beliefs that can result in difficulties between the health workers and the patient when misunderstood. For example, Asians and Pacific Islanders heavily rely on their extended families to decidethe patient’s proper treatment.
Religious beliefs greatly influence health practices; for instance, some believe some illnesses are an act of God and don’t need to follow doctors’ instructions or medication because God wants them sick.Also, the belief about medication has played a crucial role in nursing. For example, the Caucasians follow their medication and prescriptions to the latter (admin in the Fusion HEALTHCARE STAFFING, 2015). At the same time, the African-Americans and Native Americans don’t have much faith in medicines and have higher chances of stoppingtreatment prematurely.
The article addresses health care workers and individuals from different backgrounds. The health workers should be aware of other cultures’ beliefs and practices. Also, individuals from different ethnic backgrounds should speak out to the health workers on their beliefs to enable the health care workers to give them proper care and treatment. Moreover, informed consent was not addressed in this article.
The study conducted in this article was qualitative. The study had non-numerical information. The method of analysis used was discourse analysis to analyze interactions with people of different backgrounds. The data collection procedureswere interviewing the health workers individually and as a group and using questionnaires. Through the data collection procedures used, validity and reliability might be addressed; for instance,the questionnaires used were unstructured, making it easy to collect qualitative information(admin in the Fusion HEALTHCARE STAFFING, 2015). The questions contained in the questionnaire had a basic structure and some branching questions containing no questions that can limit the respondent’s responses. The questions were more open-minded.
Also, the consistencies in the questionnaire could address the reliability of the method. The reliability can be assessed invarious ways, such as test-retest reliability, which involves giving the same group of respondent questionnaires later in time to repeat the study. Inter-rater reliability, parallel form reliability, and split-half reliability are other ways used to address the reliability of questionnaires.
Admin, Fusion HEALTHCARE STAFFING (2015). 7 Ways Culture Influences Health Care. Journal of Fusion HEALTHCARE STAFFING.…
CUNY Hostos Community College Evaluating Culture Impact in Nursing Presentation

Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors, Meteorites and Comets

Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors, Meteorites and Comets. Introduction Shooting stars is one of the most beautiful phenomenon, so that most people would make efforts to see this view and scientists have done many researches about it. Many reasons of shooting stars are consist of comets, asteroids, meteors and meteoroids. However, behind this beautiful phenomenon, these four kinds of stars can make unpredictable influence and in different level of damages to the universe. Comets are invisible except unless they near the sun. Comets are mixture of ice (water and frozen gas) and dust, comets have several distinct parts, including nucleus, coma, hydrogen cloud, dust tail and ion tail. The main body of comet is called the nucleus, which can contain water, methane, nitrogen and other ice. Asteroids is a small rocky body orbiting the sun large numbers of these, ranging enormously in size, are found between the orbits of mars and Jupiter, though some have more eccentric orbits. Asteroids are minor planets, especially that inner solar system. The larger ones have also been called planetoid. Meteors are formed as dusts, also called as meteoroids. When they rub with atmosphere, they will create light and heat, and finally burn as light. This phenomenon is called meter shower. The meteorites are the central part of Meteors or Asteroids and it is major material about human research universe at first time (Sun, 2017). Comets A comet is a small part of solar system main, mainly by the ice and a small amount of dust and rock mixed (SPACE FACTS, 2017). Comets have several different parts: nucleus, coma, hydrogen cloud, dust tail, and ion tail (NINE PLANTS. 1994-2015). The nucleus is usually considered a solid part of the centre of the comet, the core is constituted of rock, dust and frozen gas into a small asteroid. The coma is the evaporation of the nucleus, whose shape and size are closely related to the distance from the sun. In general, the closer to the sun, the greater the coma, the diameter of up to hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and sometimes with the sun, or even more than the sun (The Plants 2010-2017). In the coma outside the composition of the cloud by the hydrogen atoms, this is a hydrogen clouds. The Dust tail is composed of dust, collar is yellow, is the sun’s photon under the radiation pressure to repulsion the formation of dust, this is the most protruding part of the comet. The ion tail consists of ionic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon, hydrogen and other ionized molecules (Calvin J. Hamilton. 1995-2010). The comet’s orbit is mostly parabolic or hyperbolic, with a few oval-shaped. At present, it has been found that there are more than 1700 comets running around the sun. The famous Halley comet around the sun week for 76 years (SPACE. 2017). The comet is made up of frozen gases, rock and dust, and when the comet approaches the star, the comet material sublimates, forming a hazy coma around the ice nucleus and a tail of a thin matter stream. Due to the pressure of the solar wind, the tail is always pointing to the direction of the sun to form a very long tail. Comet tail is generally tens of millions of kilometres long, up to hundreds of millions of kilometres. The shape of a comet like a broom, so commonly known as broom stars(Sea and Sky 1998-2016).The comet does not have a fixed volume, it is very small when it is away from the sun; close to the sun, the coma becomes bigger than before, the comet becomes longer and the volume becomes very large. The maximum length of the tail can reach more than 200 million kilometres. The quality of the comet is very small, and the average density of the comet is 1 gram per cubic centimetre. Coma and comet material is extremely thin, its quality only the total mass of 1 to 5%, or even small (Bill Dunford. 2011). Asteroids Asteroid is a little rough body circling the sun substantial quantities of these, running hugely in size, are found between the circles of blemishes and Jupiter, however some have more unusual circles. Space rocks are minor planets, particularly that internal close planetary system. The bigger ones have additionally been called planetoids. These terms have truly been connected to any galactic protest circling the sun that did not demonstrate the plate of a planet and was not saw to have the qualities of a dynamic comet. As minor planets in external close planetary system were found and found to unstable based surfaces that look like those of comets, they were frequently recognized from space rocks of the space rocks belt. Space rocks allude to the minor planets of the inward close planetary system incorporating that co-orbital with Jupiter. Ceres was the principal space rock to be found, it was found in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi and it was thought to be another planet. This was escorted by the revelation of other comparable bodies, which, with the gear of time, had all the earmarks of being purposes of light, similar to stars, demonstrating next to zero planetary plate, however promptly recognizable from stars because of their obvious movements (NASA, 2010). Trojans are incorporated bodies caught in Jupiter’s fourth and fifth LaGrange focuses, centaurs (bodies in circle amongst Jupiter and Neptune), and trans-Neptunian objects(orbiting past Neptune) in our meaning of “space rock” as utilized on the site, despite the fact that they may all the more accurately be called “minor planets” rather than space rocks(NASA, 2010). The principle contrast amongst space rocks and comets is their organization, as in what they are made of. Space rock are comprised of metals and rough material. Both space rocks and comets were framed right on time in the historical backdrop of the close planetary system around 4.5 billion years prior. Space rocks framed significantly nearer to the sun, where it was too warm for frosts to stay strong. Comets framed more distant from the sun where frosts would not dissolve. Comets which approach the sun lose material with each circle since some of their ice melts and vaporizes to shape a tail. Meteors Meteor is a particle which is broken from an asteroid, orbiting the Sun, and it is also called meteoroid. Meteor will burn itself as it reaches the atmosphere of Earth. At the same time, this action produces a shooting stars’ effect. Besides, if a meteor has not completely disintegrated when it enter the atmosphere, it will become a meteorite which is the core of meteor (Collins, 2010). Meteor is normally formed by many different sources, including the dusts of comets and asteroids, and more, this is because, when these sources pass through the Earth, they would create dust (Clain). Each day, scientists estimate that there are between 1000 to 10000 tons of meteors which will hit the atmosphere of the Earth. Before they hit the surface of the Earth, they would burn out and become shooting stars (8 Planets). Moreover, meteor will create a light path when it enters the atmosphere. Sometimes, the light, which is created by the action and also called fireball, would bright than the brightest planet, Venus. However, this light disappeared as soon as the meteor burnt out (Sun, 2017). According to NASA, scientists usually name a new meteor shower from the constellation it comes from. Take Perseids as an example, Perseids occurs in Perseus, as a result, it is named Perseids. In addition, there are approximately 30 meteor showers, which are visible to the observers on Earth, occurring annually. Some of these meteor showers might have been approximately a hundred years. For instance, the Perseid meteor shower, which was first discovered and recorded 2000 years ago in Chinese annals, occurs in every August. Compared to asteroids, comets and meteorites, meteors could not create as huge damages as asteroids, to the Earth or universe as it just simply made up of dust. Besides, meteors and meteorites can pass through the atmosphere, while comets and asteroids cannot. However, the time when asteroids pass through the atmosphere and reach the Earth and it caused the extinction of dinosaurs (Carr, 2016). According to a scientist Nicola David (2013), although there is an explosion which happened in Russia in 2013, but there are a few solutions to solve this problem is that to change the orbit of the meteor temporarily in order to avoid its collision with the Earth. However, this solution cannot be made sure that this meteor would hit the Earth again months or years later. Meteorites We can say meteorites is meteor, but the meteorite is the central part of meteor or asteroids because it is planetary embryos that didn’t grow big enough to become planets in their own right. Actually, the meteorites major divide four kinds-stony meteorite, pallasite, iron meteorite and mix meteorite (Heide, 1964). It will be born when the meteor through Earth’s atmosphere, meteor’s shell is dust so it will be broken. Stony meteorite’s major element is rock, iron meteorite’s major elements are different metal, pallasite meteorite is belong mix meteorite (Heide, 1964). Pallasites are a beautiful olivine crystal formed in rock or metal meteorites. (, 2017). Some of stony meteorites- Is a kind of meteorite from the universe formed by the ball, from the space floating dust and stone, meteorite attracts these things with itself to form a larger object, such as asteroids and meteorites (Heide, 1964). Meteorites’ research value is very high, some of them will be 400 million years ago, the protection of their own meteorite particles so it retained a lot of dust is the original information of our early solar system, so it is very important for the universe research (, 2017). Pallasites are especially fascinating. The olivine crystals in a metal or rock matrix are the boundary between the silicate mantle and the centre of the mantles (, 2017). If cut into thin slices, it will be showing different colour from yellow to green (, 2017). Per the speculation that meteorites from universe used by the scientists, the core of the earth is form by iron and nickel (, 2017). Meteorites is major research resources for scientists to do some research (Dalrymple, 1991), because It is like a tree of the same record of their own life course, through research, scientists can get information on the surrounding earth space around the sample (Lauretta and McSween, 2006). Scientists want meteorites to research since they are first material that was formed in our early solar system, almost 4.6 billion years ago, We will never be able to hold a piece of core in our hands, but we can explore the metal cores of protoplanets and asteroids (, 2017). The same metal meteorites also has some slight radiation, so he can also be used for radiation research. Conclusion To summarise, comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites are essential particles to form the universe. Comets characteristics are orbit and distance between the comet and the sun. The comet’s orbit is divided into three kinds, parabolic, hyperbolic and oval-shaped. On the other hand, comets are more close to the sun, the volume is bigger than before, however the comet and the sun have long distance, the comet volume is small. Meteors are consisted of dust which from comets and asteroids. Besides, it will create a light trail when it enters the atmosphere. Compared to asteroids, meteors can make less damage to the Earth. Meteorite is the core of meteor, but their size is not big enough to form a planet. Because of the material of meteorite, many scientists would be interested to do research about it. References 8 Planets, (2017). Facts About Meteors and Meteorites | 8 Planets. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Carr, K. (2016). Meteors – Space – Shooting Stars – [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Caltech, (2017). Ask an Astronomer. [online] Cool Cosmos. Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Clain, A. (1995). Meteor Interactions with the Atmosphere. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Collins, N. (2017). What is a meteor? [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Dalrymple, G. (1991). The age of the earth. 1st ed. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press. Davis, N. (2017). Explaining meteors: are we in danger?. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Dunford, B. (2011). Comets – In Depth | Planets – NASA Solar System Exploration. [online] NASA Solar System Exploration. Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Hamilton, C. (2017). Comet Introduction. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Heide, F. (1964). Meteorites. 1st ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Knight, J. (1998). Comets – The Solar System on Sea and Sky. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Lauretta, D. and McSween, H. (2006). Meteorites and the early solar system II. 1st ed. Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press. NASA, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. NINE PLANT, (1994). Comets facts, pictures and information. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. SPACE FACTS, (2017). Comet Facts ☄ – Interesting Facts about Comets – Space Facts. [online] Space Facts. Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. SPACE, (2017). Comets: Facts About The ‘Dirty Snowballs’ of Space. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. (2017). Asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, comets. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Mar. 2017]. The Plants, (2010). [online] Available at:, 2016) [Accessed 7 Mar. 2017]. Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors, Meteorites and Comets

Essay on inequality in organisations

essay writing service free Essay on inequality in organisations.

essay topic is about inequality in organisations. 2000 words limit. at least 12 references from journals and e-books, HARVARD STYLE referencing. given you four readings on the different approaches to inequality, and by now, you will have classified the papers according to their different perspectives. choose two papers and focus on analysing the different ontological assumptions that are made by the authors of each paper. task is to de-construct the papers, and depending on which perspective you choose, demonstrating your ability to recognise the different assumptions made by modernist, critical theorist, symbolic interpretivist or postmodernist writings. Remember, you choose only two. avoid explaining the concepts of ontology and epistemology. Do not use up significant parts of your essay explaining the background, but clearly identify and justify the way you have identified the classifications. Clearly identify the two perspectives in introduction and identify the two papers associated with your chosen perspectives.May compare the different perspectives and how each deals with inequality.May conclude by critically reflecting how managers may use this to resolve organisational problems relating to inequality. Finally, familiarise with the rubric so you know how marks are gained and how marks are lost.
Essay on inequality in organisations

SC Orson Welles instrumental figure in Theater & Film Best Shots Discussion

SC Orson Welles instrumental figure in Theater & Film Best Shots Discussion.

The Assignment:
Please demonstrate your knowledge of the influence of Welles by citing an example of a trick shot from both The Best Years of Our Lives
AND a modern film. Please also post a link from the modern film
example to show your point. This assignment is not a lengthy writing
exercise and should be easily done in less than a page. Please note one trick shot (deep focus, long tracking shot ( see here
for examples of long, unbroken shots), fast/slow motion photography,
long zoom, use of mirrors, etc.) in the film “The Best Years of Our
Lives” and, more importantly, a recent movie. What is really helpful is
when you can link an example of the shot via a YouTube URL or other
means. For example, check out some showmanship filmmaking in this trailer (Links to an external site.)
for the picture “Requiem for a Dream”.
If you are slightly confused about what to look for in a movie for
your analysis, let me help. The idea is that there are tons of really
creative “trick” shots in modern movies that originated in how Welles
and Tolland thought movies should look like. Think about City Lights, It Happened One Night or Casablanca.
They are shot very straightforwardly with the camera simply capturing
the action. Welles and Tolland changed all that by creating the idea of
a showman director who will do tricks with the camera that create a
whole different experience for the audience that they could never get,
say, from watching a stage play. A trick shot is NOT a pan or a tilt or
wind blowing through somebody’s hair. Nor is it a stunt. It is a shot
unlike others because it uses highly creative visual imagination and
great skill to accomplish. A long, unbroken takecan qualify as can the creative use of split screening, fast/slow motion, shooting “through” walls (herecombined with a long shot)
As discussed, Orson Welles created the whole trick shot showcase in Citizen Kane. Look at the opening of this shot (Links to an external site.)as the camera soars over the rooftop, through a sign, through glass and
finally descending down into a close up. That is one trick shot. Or herewhere we pull through a wall via the open window and then continue to see the action both inside and outside.
There are many other director stunts such as going for long stretches of no dialogue that are also common in film.
Consider this clip, here we have all kinds of trick photography such as slow motion and fast motion, stylized costuming, stylized color correction, etc. It is an artistic leap way beyond It Happened One Night and is a direct child of Welles’ concepts of what a movie could and should be.Now for a sample analysis:Children of Men makes use of the long tracking shot throughout the
entire movie. The long takes give the film a real time feel and make the
scenes seem more dramatic. There are scenes throughout the movie that
go for more than two minutes without cutting. My favorite scene is where
the heroes are trying to escape with the pregnant girl but are
attacked. The entire car chase scene is film in one shot even with the
car escaping in reverse. This (Links to an external site.) is the longest clip I could find but the actual scene in the movie continues.(There is more to this analysis where it cites The Best Years of Our Lives but I cut it so as to not give away a scene from that movie to you)The influence of Welles is all over film, it should not be hard to
find some really fascinating examples! Try to have some fun with this
SC Orson Welles instrumental figure in Theater & Film Best Shots Discussion

ECO 202 SNHU The Benefit of The Incoming Administration Economics Project

ECO 202 SNHU The Benefit of The Incoming Administration Economics Project.

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

Make decisions informed by macroeconomic principles and the business cycle
Determine the economic impact of historical and current events using models of macroeconomics
Assess how changes to macroeconomic policies impact the economy

You have just completed your seven-year term as the chief economic policy advisor responsible for managing the economy of the nation of Econland. You are expected to create a report for the incoming administration. In this outgoing report, you will summarize your macroeconomic policy decisions and the economic outcomes for Econland. The purpose of this report is to share the lessons you’ve learned over your term and promote sound macroeconomic decision making moving forward.…… 
ECO 202 SNHU The Benefit of The Incoming Administration Economics Project

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