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This paper examines Napoleon’s life.

This paper is a biography of Napoleon. It examines his life, his motives, his goals, and his actions in a manner which illuminates him as a person.
Napoleon’s title as the greatest military leader in history undeniably resulted from his high level of ambition, which interestingly also contributed greatly to his downfall. Napoleon had political ambitions, yet he intelligently suppressed these urges while he built his military reputation (Caryle, Thomas). Eventually, Napoleon seized control of the French Government, and became dictator. His strong leadership skills, military prowess, and political abilities brought him an empire that covered most of Central and all of Western Europe. These skills, all of which were brought out by his ambition, led him to overextending himself both politically and geographically, and ultimately, to his downfall.

Development in Western Sydney that has been developed in the last 3 to 5 years

Development in Western Sydney that has been developed in the last 3 to 5 years.


The aim of this Assignment is to investigate one development in Western Sydney that has been developed in the last 3 to 5 years.  The development chosen by your group must be in the Sydney Basin and be in Western Sydney.  In the past students have focused on Oran Park; Ropes Crossing and Jorden Springs and the like.  Oran Park was one of the first Precincts released in the South West Growth Centre.  (See web pages at the end).

The Task:

You will form groups within your surveying lab in Week 2; of no more than 8 (eight) people.  These groups you form will be doing their presentation in week 13 or 14 which is worth 10% for each individual member of that group.  The final written report, which is submitted as a group, is worth a further 30%.  See the end of this document for some websites.

The groups formed in week 2, will be your groups for the Surveying (Activity A) (practical 1 & 2) and soils lab (Activity B) (Lab 1 and 2).  You will be working on the Major Assignment in your own time.  Specific consultation time is allocated in week 10 to 12 for this purpose. Please refer to the Learning Guide and Unit Outline for more details.

You are encouraged to make a visit to your chosen development and examine existing buildings and infrastructures, to assess any features that could be improved upon.  Look for any deficiencies, restrictions or other possible poor designs within the precinct, which your group thinks, could be improved on.  This then would be the basis of your assignment, i.e. determining a better solution to what you have observed or what is proposed as discovered on the Web.

Your Major Assignment is to prepare a report detailing the requirements from a Civil earthwork’s perspective for these improvements.  Remember your group is not building the selected improvements, just doing the earthworks.  

The major focus of this major assignment is on civil earthworks and the footings required for the proposed structure that your group has selected.  However, the following areas listed below, must be covered in your report.

Most importantly in this major assignment, you are to focus on Work Health Safety (WHS) issues that could be encountered during these proposed earthworks.  More details will be covered during lectures.

Your group will further detail the specific machinery you envisage will be used to undertake the earthworks for your structure.  You are not designing the structure, or the building proposed, rather you are an earthworks contractor, carrying out the major earthworks, that is required to build the proposed project.  These machines will range from major earthwork machinery through to hand held devices, required for detailed earthworks.  


Your group’s Major Report, will detail, how the Civil earthworks could be carried out.  You are to describe how the excavation could be done and determine an estimation of the earthworks quantities and possible costs involved.  The approach to costing will be the same as done in Building 2, last year, through consulting Rawlinson’s.


 Also, you will need to detail any temporary or permanent retaining wall structures, associated with the earthworks, required for this project.


You also need to consider a safety plan (Work Method Statement (WMS)) for one aspect of the project.  


Also, you also need to consider environmental issues such as Sediment Ponds and Erosion & Sediment controls.  There is a need to anticipate possible local community environmental concerns. 


 Basically, you are considering a development at your chosen precinct, as if you were the earthworks contractor, constructing it and all that that entails.  Assume that Council approval has been granted for your proposal.  It is most important you do not contact the Local Council or the developer directly.  Your group can discover enough resources to complete this Major Project without the need to contact the Local Council or Developer.

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