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Reagan made an impact on our society, so large that the impact is still lasting today. She is a very special person because of her determination not to give up however hard life may get. She is an example of a hard worker and a very caring person. Nancy was born July 6, 1921. Born as Anne Frances “Nancy” Robbins Davis Reagan, at Sloane Hospital Flushing Queens, New York. Nancy was born to Kenneth Seymour Robbins and Edith P. Luckett. Her parents got divorced shortly after marriage. Her mom remarried Loyal Davis, and her dad remarried Patricia Brinckerhoff.

Nancy considers Loyal Davis as her true father. Loyal Davis was a neurosurgeon. He was well known. When he adopted Nancy, her name was changed to Nancy Davis. Nancy’s mother was an actress. She is the one who helped bring Nancy into the film industry. Nancy was an only child excluding her stepbrother Richard Davis. Nancy enjoyed her childhood; she swam and played tennis. As a child Nancy lived in Bethesda, Maryland with her aunt and her uncle. Nancy enjoyed the time her mother was in New York because her aunt would take her to visit her mother.

During elementary school, she went to Sidwell Friends School. For middle and high school, she went to Girl’s Latin School. For college Nancy attended Smith College. She got her bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts. Nancy wanted to be an actress. Her mother was helpful in that. Nancy’s mom had some of her friends to introduce Nancy. After a screen test, Nancy signed a seven-year contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Nancy loved fashion. She owned many clothes, especially in the color of red. She called red a “picker – upper”.

Nancy had so many red clothes that the fire engine red became known as “’Reagan Red”. Many criticized her for spending too much money on clothes and jewelry. Nancy Reagan was an actress first, and then she became a First Lady. On quote Nancy said was “I must say acting was good training for the political life which lay ahead”. Nancy met Ronald Reagan in a movie. They acted their last film together. Nancy married Ronald Reagan when she was thirty. They married on March 6,1952, and they had two children Patricia Ann Reagan (“Patti Davis”) and Ronald Prescott Reagan.

Nancy quit being an actress and became a mother when she married Ronald Reagan. Nancy Reagan loved her family. A quote that she said is, “I do not believe in abortion at will. I do not believe that if a women just want to have an abortion she should … I do believe that if you have an abortion you are committing murder. ” Patricia Ann Reagan was born on October twenty-second 1952. Ronald Prescott Reagan was born on May twentieth 1958. She moved to Hollywood, California when her mother promoted her to act in movies.

One of her first big films was in Hollywood, The Doctor and the Girl. Nancy wanted to reduce drug use, so she started “Just Say No”. She came up with “Just Say No” when she went to a school and a child asked her, what should we say when someone offers us drugs. Nancy said just say no. Nancy traveled a lot to sponsor “Just Say No”. Nancy made 110 appearances and fourteen speeches just in 1984. She also went to thirty-three states and nine foreign countries. She made twelve thousand “Just Say No” clubs all over the world.

Nancy’s hard work paid off, the cocaine use of high school students went down by one-third. In 1986 when the first official “Just Say No to Drugs Week” began, Nancy said, “Someone asked me if I wanted to make a New Year’s wish, and I said yes and it was I’d like to see every young person in the world join the ‘Just Say No’ to drugs club. Well, just the fact that the congress proclaimed ‘Just Say No Week’, and in light of all the activities taking place, that my wish is well on its way to coming true. ” One achievement Nancy received is “Just Say No Week”.

People had many different views on the many different things Nancy did. One positive view on Nancy is that she helped Ronald Reagan in many different ways such as making public speeches for Ronald Reagan even though she is shy. One popular negative view on Nancy is that she spent too much money on clothes. When Nancy moved to the White House, she brought new china set. Even though she brought it with private donations, many criticized her for doing this. Another impact Nancy made is “Foster Grandparents”. In this, she introduces older people with kids with disabilities.

She said “It’s one of the best programs I’ve ever seen because it benefits both sides: children, who need love and grandparents, and elderly people, who need to feel wanted. ” Nancy displayed many IB profiles in her lifetime, one being caring. She was very caring to most of the people she met. Nancy showed how caring she was when she cared for the welfare of wounded soldiers from the Vietnam War while she was First Lady of California. She was also very caring to her husband because she acted like Ronald Reagan’s bodyguard. She did this because she was very worried after his assassination attempt.

His assassination attempt happened on March 30,1981at Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington D. C. Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinckley Jr. John Hinckley was not found guilty because he was mentally disturbed. Nancy Reagan is still living. She is eighty-nine years old today. Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer’s. Before he died, they created an Alzheimer’s research organization, and they donated a lot to it. Ronald Reagan was diagnosed around the time he stopped being president Nancy also was a risk-taker because she took many risks. She did things that she did not like to do.

She really did not like to make public announcements or advertisements without Ronald Reagan, but she learned to make them without him. Also Nancy took a risk when she signed a seven-year movie contract. She didn’t know how that would turn out. Like the examples, Nancy took many risks. One of Nancy’s many great qualities is that she is a communicator. Nancy had many places in her life where she had to express her ideas. She was a great communicator when she expressed Ronald Reagan’s ideas when he campaigned for president. She also communicated her thoughts on “Just Say No” and “Foster Grandparents”.

Nancy was and still is a great lady who made a great impact on us. She is really amazing for her determination to achieve her goals. Nancy is a role model that every one wanting to be successful should look up to. She told everyone to never give up. She expressed this through some of her quotes. A quote that someone can look up to when they are having trouble is “I am a big believer that eventually everything comes back to you. You get what you give out. ” Another interesting quote Nancy Reagan said is that, “I see the first lady as another means to keep the president form being isolated. ”

Correctional Sanctions: Philosophies and Applications for Criminology

Correctional Sanctions: Philosophies and Applications for Criminology.

Rehabilitation (Section 4) Define rehabilitation. What is the philosophical basis for rehabilitation? Interpret how at least one constitutional principle relevant to social and criminal justice relates to rehabilitation. Describe how life source theory in criminology could either challenge or support rehabilitation. All students: Of the four approaches, which do you think is the most effective framework for criminal sanction? Why? Make sure to substantiate your reasons with citations to scholarly or credible sources. Four approaches: 1.Retribution 2.Deterrence 3.Incapacitation 4.Rehabilitation

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