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NAFTA’s Side Agreement on Environment devry tutorcom essay help Drama assignment help

Provisions, principles, objectives, structure & function of Commission for Environmental Cooperation, dispute settlement system, history, Tuna/Dolphin case.

This paper will address how NAFTA’s Side Agreement on the Environment was created. The discussion will explain how the environmental programs help to improve the infrastructure of NAFTA. Also, this paper will analyze three aspects of the Side Agreement: (1) the general principles, objectives and commitments, (2) the general structure and operation of the new Commission for Environmental Cooperation, and (3) the function and scope of the dispute settlement system. Moreover, the paper will examine some of the problems that the Side Agreement is intended to address, including the issues raised by the Tuna/Dolphin cases.

Proposal and RFPs

There are 2 parts to this assignment:
1. Identify a Request for Proposal on the internet in your chosen field. Create a checklist of items that are needed and the format required for anyone wanting to respond to the proposal. Indicate whether the response is in the format of a letter, memo, or completing a form, and any other unique details. Review two other RFPs and comment on how the three format requirements differ and how they are alike. This assignment will introduce you to RFPs and how they are written and responded to. There are Requests for Proposals which an organization sends out to get bids on a project.
Then we have Responses to Proposals which is what the organizations complete to respond to the Request for Proposal. Another item to think about is the Response for Quote or RFQ. This is when organizations send out a request for quotes only with regard to a potential project. So, for this assignment, we are only focusing on Requests for Proposals, which are a very nice way to see what kind of work is out there, particularly in your particular academic or professional field.
Avoid RFPs that are for research, but instead, go for those that are for particular services. Pay attention to how each of these requires a different format, and the deadlines are very precise.
Suggested format with headings:
Introduction: Who initiated the RFP? What is it for? How much lead time is there for companies to respond?
RFP #1
Format (describe the announcement)
Notable Contents (table of contents, other details)
RFP #2
(same as above)
RFP #3
(same as above)
How these RFPs differ and how they are alike.
Wrap up with your assessment of these RFPs and what you have learned from this excursion.
Compose singe spaced with boldfaced headings and sub headings as you see fit.
rite this in a single spaced with headings document. You may title it anyway you wish.
Here are some examples of RFPs, but I’ll want you to find your own during a basic computer search:
Mechanical Engineering:
Chemical Engineering:
Civil Engineering:
Construction Management: Engineer 2019.pdf
Planetary Science:
2. Write a memo on the progress made regarding your group project.
One Word document for both parts of the assignment please. Use the format in the textbook for your proposal and memo. Please 0% plagiarism