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NA 5 JNTU Network Hardening and Cyber Security Essay

NA 5 JNTU Network Hardening and Cyber Security Essay.

In 500 words, Research the variety of enumeration tools available. Select one tool and explain what it does, how it works and what type of information it extracts (example:  Softerra LDAP Browser is the industry-leading software for browsing and analyzing LDAP directories. It provides a wide variety of features for handy viewing of directory contents, getting information about directory infrastructure and objects.)
Use at least three sources. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library ( not Google.   Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list.  Example: “words you copied” (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources using APA format. Use the quotes in your paragaphs.  Stand alone quotes will not count toward the 3 required quotes.
Copying without attribution or the use of spinbot or other word substitution software will result in a grade of 0.
Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format
Visit the “whois” website ( Find out who owns the site, who manages the site, the site creation date, the registry expiry date, and where they are located (what country) for each of the following sites:
1) New England College (
2) Google
3) Bank of America, Bank of India, or Your bank
4) One more (your choice)
NA 5 JNTU Network Hardening and Cyber Security Essay

Areeba Shaikh Introduction Effective communication is an essential requirement for the fulfillment of organizational objectives or goals. Without communication, no group or organization can exist. Co-ordination during work is inconceivable and the organization is likely to collapse for absence of communication. Co-operation additionally gets to be unimaginable in light of the fact that individuals are unable to communicate their sentiments and needs to others. All acts of communication impacts the organization somehow. It is a string that holds the different associated parts of an organization in sync. When it comes to a stop, activities in an organization discontinue. An idea, no matter how extraordinary it is, is of no use until it is conveyed and understood by the rest. When there is effective communication, the tendency of greater and better performance, as well as job satisfaction is encouraged. Individuals comprehend their employments better and feel more involved. (Chand, 2014) However, many obstacles are to overcome in order for effective communication to take place. One of which, is the communication gap between generation X and generation Y. Generation X and Y Generation X consists of those individuals who are born in between 1965 – 1980. (Mikelson, 2009) These are the latch-key kids i.e. kids who did not have enough or little parental supervision, due to their parents mostly being at work. They grew up observing their parents implement new working environment, also, this is the first generation to grow with the computer technology. In terms of work, they are concerned more about productivity rather than the time they spend at work. (Mack, 2010) Moving on to generation Y, also known as Millennial, consists of individuals born in between 1981 – 2000. They are quite different in many ways from generation X. Individuals of this generation are highly firm with using technology as well as comprehend better the importance of maximizing and leveraging any new technology than any other generation. Moreover they are able to multi-task comfortably, however are easily bored. (Mack, 2010) In the following table are some workplace characteristics stated of both generation X and Y. (Hammil, 2005) Gen X Gen Y Work, ethics

CREATE A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, english assignment help

CREATE A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, english assignment help.

Part 1: Create a Graphic OrganizerThis is a basic Venn diagram. You have probably seen these before, and they are very helpful in helping students organize information. In the left circle, begin brainstorming all the information about the Salem witch trials that you have learned in the course so far. In the right circle, brainstorm all the information about McCarthyism. In the area where the two circles overlap, brainstorm the information that the witch trials and McCarthyism have in common. You can find a larger version of the diagram in Appendix E, or you can click here to download one.Fig. 5.2. Graphic Organizer© BYU Independent StudyDownload the Venn diagram to complete Part 1 of this assignment. Once you have filled in your graphic organizer, I want you to find three topics in each area and highlight them. You will have three topics in the Salem Witch Trial circle, three in the McCarthyism circle, and three in the overlapped area. These topics will make up topics of your body paragraphs.Part 2: The Construction of Your Five-paragraph Compare/Contrast EssayYour compare/contrast essay should have a point to it; it shouldn’t just list topics. This point is essentially your thesis statement, which should be included in your introduction paragraph and then restated in your conclusion. For example, let’s look at this thesis statement:The Salem witch trials and McCarthyism have many historical similarities and differences that reveal much about human nature.The first half of the thesis statement is to alert the reader that the type of essay (or mode) is a compare/contrast essay. The second half of the thesis statement explains to the reader what I call “the point of the telling.” The point of this telling is to express to the reader that by comparing and contrasting these two time periods—the witch hunts and McCarthyism—the writer is going to discuss human nature.Of course, this puts a lot more responsibility on the writer. The writer (that’s you) needs to be sure that every paragraph relates back to “the point of the telling.” That’s why we’re starting with just a five-paragraph essay.The essay will need to be typed, double-spaced, written in 12-point Times New Roman font, and will be 1 to 1½ pages in length.Here is how your five-paragraph essay should be constructed:Paragraph 1:An introduction paragraph including a thesis statementParagraph 2:A paragraph about the Salem witch trials, including three topics from the Venn diagramParagraph 3:A paragraph about McCarthyism, including three topics from the Venn diagramParagraph 4:A comparison of the time periods, including three topics from the Venn diagramParagraph 5:A concluding paragraph, including a restated thesis statementThis assignment will be submitted in portfolio 1. Be sure to save your assignment as a .doc or .PDF file. You will also need to submit your Venn diagram with it.
CREATE A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, english assignment help

Read the case study: ACC 2020 F21 Ethics case Cheap Chips v1.docx. Read IMA or CIMA ethics codes (CIMA

essay writer Read the case study: ACC 2020 F21 Ethics case Cheap Chips v1.docx. Read IMA or CIMA ethics codes (CIMA Code of Ethics 2020 V1.0.pdf and IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.pdf) and ethical conflicts resolution guidelines to write a two-page memorandum. Follow the “Grading Criteria” and “Submission Requirements”, and Ethics Memorandum Writing Guidelines Fall 2021.docx to prepare your memo. Please review the rubrics for a perfect score of 40 points.

Modern Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages Report

Due to the development of modern technology, humanity is presented with new inventions capable of facilitating everyday life almost every year. Nowadays, people have a variety of technological solutions to use. Sophisticated gadgets, new opportunities for instant communication, and other things are meant to improve people’s experiences with daily tasks. Despite the benefits of new technology, it can affect people by causing cognitive problems or issues related to inappropriate content, and such concerns require common users’ active participation to be reduced. Background The use of modern technology is increasing rapidly, and it can have both positive and negative consequences. According to Farmer and Lafond (2016), even though technological progress is “a driver of economic growth,” this process should be highly predictable and historically trackable to avoid economic collapses and other issues (p. 647). It means that sometimes, rapid technological growth and digitalization can present a problem since the rates of technological advancement can be incompatible with social conditions. First of all, modern technology can become dangerous when it is overused, or the resources needed for its implementation are more significant than its actual benefits. Apart from that, there are numerous concerns related to modern technology’s supposed impact on people’s health. Discussion The Role of Technology People use modern technology daily, but its effects and the perceived benefits may vary depending on its type. For instance, numerous food production technologies have been improved recently. All individuals who do not produce alimentary products on their own present a party that receives benefits in this regard. The same is true when it comes to new technology in construction, healthcare, and many other fields of activity. The field typically associated with the most obvious growth of impact on people’s daily lives is information and communications technology. According to Given et al. (2016), in 2010, more than 90% of teenagers from the United States had an opportunity to access the Internet. The increasing access to technologies for data sharing and communication impacts millions of people, encouraging them to become faster at data searching, which is particularly important for educational purposes. Therefore, in general, modern technology heavily impacts people’s lives, removing the necessity of tiring housework activities and facilitating communication. Advantages The advantages of technological growth are numerous, and they strictly relate to specific fields. For example, in ITC, technological advancement leads to faster exchange of information, which has positive implications to awareness of disastrous events, people’s overall area of thought, and access to new knowledge. To some extent, new opportunities in ITC are capable of reducing finance-based barriers to information. As for other advantages, some examples of new technology can be life-saving (Farmer

MBA 6247 FU Week 2 Purpose of a Performance Management System Discussion

MBA 6247 FU Week 2 Purpose of a Performance Management System Discussion.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion,Read Chapters 4 and 5 in Applied Psychology in Talent the Week 2 Discussion 2 transcript with Brenda Forde, the Program Chair of MBA.Define and discuss the purpose of a performance management system. What are some of the benefits and challenges of a performance management system? Next, discuss how you have seen a performance management system working at a current or former employer or research a company online, noting the impact on employee behavior.Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words.
MBA 6247 FU Week 2 Purpose of a Performance Management System Discussion