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N 493 University of Guam Unaddressed Health Concerns Discussion

N 493 University of Guam Unaddressed Health Concerns Discussion.

Discuss aspects of a health concern not being addressed despite the efforts of services and partnerships involved and describe the ultimate outcome(s) or goal(s) from Healthy People 2020 relating to that specific health concern.Answer the following questions to assist in data interpretation:What similarities are apparent between the data that were gathered and the data that were generated?What differences are apparent between the data that were gathered and the data that were generated?What are the weakness and strengths of this community?In what areas is improvement needed in this community?The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay. The essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.
N 493 University of Guam Unaddressed Health Concerns Discussion

America has been a two-party system throughout our history, and most Americans regard this arrangement as natural.  But among the world’s democracies it is fairly unusual: most democracies have four or more competitive political parties. Beyond being unusual, it is also harmful to our democracy, argues political scientist Lee Drutman.  What is the connection between today’s extreme political polarization and the two-party system?  Is there anything we can do to change it?
Provide the following for your summary: Describe your idea of how you would like to orchestrate your end of life ceremony. List a minimum of 3 specific ideas that are personal and individually tailored to the person you are. Provide specific examples of. I’m studying and need help with a Art & Design question to help me learn.

Memento Mori, Remember Death will come.
For this topic, let’s imagine how we’d like to “leave this mortal coil,” to “make our exit,” or to “start pushing up the daisies.” The chapter reading for this week gives us ample examples and suggestions, a kind of blueprint, for how we could image this. These range from the personally eccentric examples laid out in the “Going out BIG” section, to the monumental markers on an architectural scale laid out in the section on “Ego,” or would you prefer to be physically preserved forever for all to see?
These are just some starting points to get you inspired- you don’t have to answer these questions, they are meant to fire up some ideas within your brainstorming.

Are there special items that you’d like to accompany your corpse? Maybe it’s that favorite light saber, lucky hat, wedding ring, your baseball card collection, an important religious object, or that 1967 Chevy Camero with white leather interior?
Do you want to share your (cremated) remains among your loved ones? What should they do with them—put them in amulets on chains, in an urn on the mantle, or resting in more traditional place like a cemetery?
Or would you select a burial, in your favorite car perhaps, in a custom Kane Kwei-style coffin shaped like a chicken, or in a giant crypt with your favorite 60” television, with a full bar and a butler, or with any of the other things you need in the afterlife?
Do you want a ritualized celebration honor with fireworks, dancing, or the Pope, or any other religious figure’s, blessing?

These examples are all rooted in ancient traditions, the art of which is covered in this chapter, that predate our contemporary traditions. Keep in mind that these scenarios are imaginary, so be as creative as possible.
Provide the following for your summary:

Describe your idea of how you would like to orchestrate your end of life ceremony.

List a minimum of 3 specific ideas that are personal and individually tailored to the person you are.

Provide specific examples of how your ideas are related to the art of this specific section of the textbook.

All of your ideas must be related to an example from the week’s chapter reading. Describe how something you learned this week relates to the three personalized ideas listed above remember to be specific.
Provide the image embedded within your discussion.

Your summary must use this template below:

Your overall description
1. Your ideas
a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.
b. Image
2. Your ideas
a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.
b. Image
3. Your ideas
a. The example from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.
b. Image
Here is an example from a recently deceased pet in my family. Milli, our basset hound was 15 years old when she died a few months ago. For your summary, make sure to provide images.
1. She is buried in the back yard, where family can visit anytime. It’s a quiet space, with other pets that have passed, which is a “community” gathering place, like a traditional cemetery.
a. Traditional cemetery
2. We buried her wrapped in a favorite dog blanket, with a bacon chew toy, and sage. These are things she may need in the afterlife and objects that she enjoyed in life.
a. Ancient Egyptians/ Qin Shi Huang’s tomb (terra cotta warriors)
3. There is a memorial on my bookshelf, with ofrendas: a toy, a flower, some treats
a. Day of the Dead remembrances
4. We have an annual memorial planned for the future.
a. Dogon dama funeral; anniversary rituals
5. We saved some dog hair and placed it in a special container to hold onto a physical part of Milli to maintain a sense continued connection.
a. Reliquary that houses a physical part of the deceased

Provide the information in the numbered format above.
CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade. If you do not cite, it will “appear” that plagiarism is taking place.
Limit your Summary to one page. Exceeding WILL result in a grade drop.
Must be submitted as a pdf file.

Provide the following for your summary: Describe your idea of how you would like to orchestrate your end of life ceremony. List a minimum of 3 specific ideas that are personal and individually tailored to the person you are. Provide specific examples of

Comic Books: History and Impact on Society. Comic books hold an undeniable significance in modern history. Three aspects of significance include the history of comic books, the use of comics for social commentary, and the cultural impact comics have had on our daily lives. Comic books had humble beginnings, soon they grew into a major threat during Cold War era American society and then became an outlet to hippie counter-culture in the 1960’s. The earliest ancestors to comics can be found in caves, little stick men spearing blob-shaped beasts. Rodolphe Töpffer is considered by many to be the “Father of Modern Comics.” Töpffer was the first to comment on the interwoven nature that words and pictures held, “The pictures without the text, would have only an obscure meaning; the text, without the pictures, would mean nothing” (Fingeroth 2008, p. 12). In 1895, Richard F. Outcault’s character, the Yellow Kid, was the first successful reappearing comic character. In 1935, Max Gaines found funding to begin reprinting comic serials into paper bound books, or comic books. Through the 1940’s and 50’s comic books were a main focus of attack for Dr. Fredric Wertham. Wertham claimed that comics were corrupting the morals of kids; this included accusations of Batman and Robin having homosexual tendencies, that Superman’s power of flight distorted a child’s understanding of physics, and that Wonder Woman gave young girls the wrong impression of the role of women in society (Coville 1996, para 19). In 1954, the industry responded by instituting the Comic Code Authority (CCA), which handed out seals of approval to comics it deemed passed its strict criteria. This included censoring all gore, any story without a happy ending, and nearly any form of sexuality (relationships had to uphold the “sanctity of marriage”). Although the CCA had no legal authority, shops wouldn’t sell comics without the seal which led to a decline in the comic book industry in profit and creativity. Enter the 1960’s and the emergence of the hippie counter-culture. A product of this era was the development of underground comics, or comix, which was a direct reaction to the rules of the CCA and the idea of the institution as a whole. Artists within the underground comix scene focused on adult-themed topics, such as hallucinogen use, pushing sexual taboos and rejecting established views of morality, religion and social class. Two huge influences in the scene include Robert Crumb and Art Spiegelman, whose work could be found in record stores and head shops. In the early 1970’s mainstream comic brands started to pick up on these more serious topics, which led to the weakening of the CCA. The 70’s also saw a shift in focus amongst comic books, relevance to real life issues became the dominant idea. This led to stories about drug abuse, racial prejudice and a peppering of feminist thought. Ethnic minorities also had more roles in comic books, if still secondary and stereotyped. The 1980’s to the present day have seen a shift in comics towards graphic novels, emotionally complex characters with human weaknesses, politically stimulated story lines, gritty dystopian-esque cities and a prevalence of anti-hero protagonists (Coville 1996, para 16-23). The history of comics is so rich in detail that this could be considered just the tip of the iceberg. One thing is clear though; the comic book industry rebounded from serious attacks and became stronger than ever, pushing for personal expression amongst its artists and writers. As made evident by the past 40 odd years of comics, the reflection of real life social issues has been a popular trend. Hot topics that are still relevant to this day include the views of women, LGBT persons and ethnic minorities within society. Women have had a role in comics since their creation. Early depictions of women usually put them in the role of damsel in distress/ plot device or purely as a sex symbol. In 1940, the first true, although mostly unheard of, female superhero was created: Fantomah (Markstein n.d, para 3). Fantomah, along with other early female comic protagonists Wonder Woman and Sheena, fell into the Jungle Goddess category. The role of the female was put in the background with the creation of the CCA. Female characters didn’t find a positive voice in comics until the 1980’s and 1990’s (Felton n.d., para 1). Series such as LoveComic Books: History and Impact on Society

Electric Vehicles Are Eco Friendly Transport System Discussion

Electric Vehicles Are Eco Friendly Transport System Discussion.

Electric vehicles are rising in popularity and interest across various international markets. Automobiles, motorcycles, pickup-trucks, bicycles, skateboards, hover-boards, and yes, even surf-boards and outboard engines for boats… The world seems to trends towards going fully electric… Therefore, it seems rather logical that marketing products in the aforementioned segments will be all about electricity…Or is it?This Discussion invites you to explore BOTH sides of these market trends: (1) electric vehicles will become the new standards of personal transportation and recreation… (2) electric vehicles are overly hyped and not that ‘green’ or eco-friendly at all.So as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a company of your choice belonging to either one of the aforementioned segments… what should the future marketing strategy be?Pick a company that sells products in either one of the above examples mentioned in the opening paragraph.Research on the feasibility and market opportunity of electric vehicles in your company’s own segment.Research on the dubious reality that these vehicles are actually ‘green’ at all (be it the batteries, the manufacturing process, etc.). Having compared “both sides of the coin” , you have to decide whether to maintain your company’s current strategy towards electric vehicles and/or technology, or change it. Why?Initial response: 200-250 wordsMinimum of 3 References required, no APA necessary
Electric Vehicles Are Eco Friendly Transport System Discussion

ENG 124 Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Heroes Journey Essay

assignment writing services ENG 124 Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Heroes Journey Essay.

Write an academic essay in which you explain Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey in the Beowulf: The Graphic Novel. Requirements: Write a 4- to 6-page academic essay in MLA format. 1000-1500 words. Begin with an introductory paragraph that hooks your reader’s attention, provides background information about the Hero’s Journey and the story Beowulf: The Graphic novel, and leads seamlessly into a clearly stated thesis. Develop body paragraphs by beginning with clear topic sentences and incorporating quoted and detailed evidence from the course materials provided. Quoted evidence should be incorporated thoughtfully and thoroughly into the essay by doing the following:establishing context,introducing the quoted passages, explaining how the passages support the main ideas of the body paragraphs and the essay as a whole, andusing proper MLA format to cite the texts.Conclude your essay with a reflection of the story, the Hero’s Journey, and what we, your readers, can gain or learn from your analysis of the Hero’s Journey.Include a Works Cited pageI have attached the novel also the Hero’s Journey 101 article, and use both for quotes and evidence. Also, I have attached an outline with a thesis on how I want the essay to be with the marked Hero’s Journey steps I want to be used to make sure each body paragraph talks about a different Hero’s Journey step. In addition I attached an essay example from my class talking about a different novel but using Hero’s Journey and I want that followed and formated simalir to my essay please. Also make sure it’s fully plagriasm free!
ENG 124 Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Heroes Journey Essay

Atmospherics in Starbucks Essay

Atmospherics has emerged as a complex and important business issue as far as the whole aspect of marketing is concerned. This is because of the most outstanding and notable fact that we always respond to the atmosphere around us. In this case, it can be positive or negative depending on the business environment that we have been exposed to. As a matter of fact, most businesses come up with an atmosphere to suit their target market in relation to their goals and objectives. Starbucks prides itself as the largest coffee house in the world with various local operations around USA. As a matter of fact, the company has more than 11,000 stores in USA. It should be known that Starbucks stores sell a large number of products to suit different customer tastes and preferences. The company has continued to attract customers because of a good atmosphere that creates a special, diverse and distinct experience. Generally, it can be said that the company offers a casual and relaxing atmosphere to its customers. This is meant to give them a different experience that they have never got before. As far as the general atmosphere is concerned, the company has ensured that everything is done as par the customers expectations. Its stores have a distinct signage that stands out thereby attracting different customers. This has been fused with attractive paintings and color to make it unique. Inside, there are several tables and chairs. In addition, there is a couch alongside this tables and chairs to give customers a sitting room experience. As a matter of fact, the stores resemble a sitting room and this makes customers comfortable when they are taking their favorite drinks. It should be known that the company has stores that can accommodate 20 to 30 people at a given period of time. This means that the sitting area is not expansive to give the stores the privacy that customers need. As far as music is concerned, Starbucks plays good and soothing music in the background to give customers a relaxing atmosphere and experience. This is done while customers are enjoying their favorite food and drinks. Initially, Starbucks was well known to play Jazz music but this has changed as time goes by. As a matter of fact, they nowadays play popular music. There is a joke that customers can hear their favorite beverages being made. Starbuck stores have a unique layout that can make customers to be intimate and cozy at any given period of time. The staff at Starbuck has been known to be very welcoming and decent from the way they interact with different customers. This gives customers a cool, contemporary and calm atmosphere that can always encourage them to visit the store again and again. The walls are well covered and painted to give the stores a relaxing atmosphere. Starbucks has a unique scent in its stores and this hits a customer right from the door. In this case, it has a unique coffee fragrance that has continued to attract customers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Starbucks targets any person of any age. This is because its stores offer various foods and drinks that can suit the whole community. In a broad perspective, Starbucks is mostly adult focused. Everything at Starbucks works because it has a wide range of products that can suit all its customers. In this case, the whole community and children can be well attended to and satisfied. Because of a calm and relaxing atmosphere, the company has been able to suit different customer tastes and preferences.

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Thomas Aquinas as a guide, I want you to write a medieval disputation–or utrum argument–about a topic of your choosing. Please be certain to remember that you must cite any sources used in the construction of your argument. THIS INSTRUCTIONS
I would suggest adding some examination of the death penalty in contemporary societies. I think you’d find more than 2 pages worth of material looking at the racial disparities in capital sentencing in the United States alone.
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