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N 493 Guam Impact of Covid 19 and Lockdown on Mental Health Discussion

N 493 Guam Impact of Covid 19 and Lockdown on Mental Health Discussion.

Submit an essay of the developed action plan for a community educational project ( the project is The effects of Mental health during COVID on children and I plan to present a power point to a class) The project plan should include 2 (two) goals and objectives based on your topic from Healthy People 2020 ( goal 1: Mental Health and Mental Disorders, Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being. An implementation plan for implementing these activities, a budget (if necessary, not required), a justification for the project, a description of where and when the plan will be implemented, and a description of the teaching materials which will be utilized during the execution of the project. Then recommend nursing actions/interventions to improve the health concern and achieve your stated goals and objectives. Discuss potential public and private partnerships that could be formed to implement your recommendations and create a timeline (i.e. 3 month, 6 month) for potential expected outcomes.The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay. The essay should be between 1250 and 1500 words in length and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.
N 493 Guam Impact of Covid 19 and Lockdown on Mental Health Discussion

FIN 650 Grand Canyon University Financial Management Mini case and Report Paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to explain core concepts related to stocks and to analyze the ethical implications of decisions and promote ethical standards within organizations.Read the Chapter 7 Mini Case in Financial Management: Theory and Practice. Using complete sentences and academic vocabulary, please answer questions a through d.Using the mini case information, write a 250-500 word report presenting potential ethical issues that may arise from expanding into other related fields. In your discussion, proactively strategize about possible expansion by explaining opportunities to promote ethical standards within your organization.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.Benchmark Information
FIN 650 Grand Canyon University Financial Management Mini case and Report Paper

Communication in the Accounting/Business Fields There are many forms of communication utilized in today’s business world. Written, verbal, and non-verbal communication, which can be learned in college, teach the necessary skills to communicate effectively in the accounting field. All of these forms of communication are valuable skills in the field of accounting. The single phone call and face to face meetings have not been totally eliminated, but with the advances in technology many other forms of communication have emerged at the forefront of doing business. In the accounting field you would be required to “prepare, examine, or analyze accounting record and financial statements” (ONET). Ensuring the information which you have prepared is accurately and quickly relayed is an important part of this field. Oral as well as written communication skills are necessary to make certain your findings, data, and analysis are accurately documented and communicated to your firm or clients. Advanced oral and written communication skills are an important tool in the accounting field, enabling you to make well-reasoned decisions and then put them into action. Although modern communication forms are quick methods compared to years ago they still have their challenges and many graduates entering the field of accounting find it is necessary to hone their skills to advance in the field of accounting. Forms of communication today in the accounting field involve emails, texting, social networks, conference calls, as well as video conferencing to name a few. Shannon Wild, Vice President of Information Technology for Brown and Root Industrial, tells of how “conference calls are a communication form which she uses in a typical day”(Wild). She goes on to say that while she prefers face-to-face communication, it is not practical with people working in different locations (Wild). She “almost always follows up with an email documenting the discussion so there is a clear record of what was said and agreed to” (Wild). This written documentation is important so there can be no disagreements later on the information. Written documentation is a major part of all communication today. Documentation is important to ensure all participants are on the same page, and in the accounting field, that the facts and figures are accurate. In the field of accounting for example, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) would be responsible for managing assets, budgeting, auditing, taxes, and preparing financial reports. All of these skills need written communication abilities to guarantee the financial statements are recorded accurately. No errors are acceptable if you are a CPA. Your clients rely on you to manage their assets properly. Not having the organization and written communication skills open you up to unwanted audits and difficulties in filing financial documents properly. Modern forms of communication can also give rise to new problems. Using texting and Instant Messaging are great, quick forms. However, not being able to see the person’s body language could lead to information being misconstrued. This type of interpersonal communication where you are not able to see the person’s body language can be difficult to interpret. Not being able to look people in the eye is “frustrating” according to Mrs. Wild. She has had “challenges with people using aggressive tones in emails that they wouldn’t use face to face” (Wild). She also goes on to tell of her “frustrations during conference calls where employees are distracted and unfocused.” These modern forms of communication have made it very impersonal due to the distances in today’s workplaces. Many firms are national and global where face-to-face communication on a daily basis is not practical. Good communication skills to assure your words are spoken clearly and you also are listening precisely play a large role in todays accounting business. It is not only important to relay your information to other co-workers, but listening skills are needed to ensure everyone is on the same page. Coordination of meetings to keep projects on track cannot be accomplished without verbal communication skills. The accounting fields require not only for you “to examine and prepare financial documents but you must explain your findings” (Bureau Labor Statistics). Many people are not familiar with complex financial matters and it is up to the accountant in a business to convey their findings or point their clients in the correct direction. In the accounting field, it is important that you have good communication between you and your clients. An accountant must be able to express their findings and then convey their financial plans to the clients. Both the accountant and the client must clearly agree on the expectations and goals that will take place. This financial plan cannot be conveyed without good forms of communication. Both verbal and written have a part in this process. Louisiana State University (LSU) has recognized the importance and need for communication skills, and has instituted requirements in their degree programs. An accounting major must complete English requirements as well as communication requirements to attain their degree. Writing skills are learned through the English Department by taking classes such as English 1001 and 2000 courses. These English classes teach a “purpose for writing” as well as the ‘audience for whom we write” (LSU Catalog). The English classes objectives are to educate you on how to “interpret and evaluate” information, which you have gathered (LSU Catalog). This is an important process in the accounting field. Information in the accounting field needs to be interpreted, analyzed and evaluated to make sure there is no misinterpretation with the gathered information. (ONET). The English classes also teach a student to “integrate information from sources into writing, and document this information appropriately” (LSU Catalog). Documentation is an absolutely necessary skill in the accounting field. LSU English classes also focus on how to “integrate information from sources into writing and document this information appropriately” (LSU Catalog). Fact gathering is another skill accountant’s use that is being taught by LSU. These classes are necessary for the accounting field as “presentations, fact-finding, documentation, and reports are a part of the daily job” (LSU Catalog). LSU additionally requires communication classes to complete the accounting degree program. These classes, such as CMST 2061 (Business and Professional Communication) and 2064 (Small Group Communication), educated in the areas of business communication. These classes teach “presentations, group decision making, parliamentary procedure and interviewing”(LSU catalog). The small group communication class was a class I experienced over the winter semester. This class gave me a greater understanding of how group projects would work in a business atmosphere. Since this class was offered online I was informed I needed to communicate with others in my group to complete a group project. This of course needed to be accomplished through written communication via texting and emails. I found that just as Mrs. Wild previously discussed, the inability to plan meetings face to face because of logistics was concerning. This course showed me how to maneuver through a project without any forms of personal meetings. It also gave me a greater understanding of how necessary it was to be on the same page as others in my group. Ensuring my findings were accurate and that I relayed the information properly for our project was necessary for its completion. I was fortunate to have reliable teammates. I could see where there would be downfalls if students who were involved did not complete their tasks. Just as in a business atmosphere, it is extremely important to compile and relay your information timely and accurately, so as not to miss deadlines and slow down future progress in the business. Louisiana State University is correct in recognizing the needs for communication skills in the LSU graduates. In an article by Leticia Camacho, she describes the communication skills which accounting firms deem necessary or desire in new hires. This article was about a survey conducted with Human Resources managers from accounting firms. It was trying to determine the “expectations of future accounting graduates” (Camacho). They were looking to see if new hires had the oral and written communication skills they found necessary for their company’s positions. The survey consisted of seven questions using participants who had worked for each company for at least five years. They also were “familiar with recruiting, hiring, training, and advancement practices within their companies” (Camacho). Their study confirmed that communication was a necessary skill to succeed in the accounting field. Students with greater communication skills found their leadership opportunities became more available. They also found there to be a greater need for more communication courses for students to become more successful in this field. The point they made was poor communication skills by an employee would show “the firm being represented poorly” (Camacho) which is not what a company strives to convey to its customer. Communications skills play a major role in the areas of accounting. From conference calls to written reports all of these skills need to be honed to make you successful. The successful completion of the LSU English and Communication classes will put you on your path to better communication skills, which you will be able to adapt to the field of accounting. “Accountants.” O*NET Online, National Center for O*NET Development 1 Feb. 2019. Camacho, Leticia. “The communication Skills Accounting Firms Desire In New Hires.” Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship, Vol. 20, no.4, Oct-Dec 2015, eds a-ebscohost-com. 1 Feb. 2019. Louisiana State University. “Accounting BS.” 2017-2018 General Catalog, Fall 2017. poid=8514.Accessed 1 Feb. 2019 The United States, Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Accountants and Auditors.” Occupational outlook handbook, 13 April, 2018, Accessed 1 Feb. 2019. Wild, Shannon. Email Interview.22 Jan. 2019.

Writing summary

Writing summary. Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.

– Watch the video and do the following:
– Typed in 12 times new roman, double spaced.
– You must summarize the source in 2 well written full paragraphs
– Add a 1 paragraph reaction.
– All summaries must reflect critical thinking skills.

Writing summary

Achille-Claude Debussy’s Music as the Best Present Essay

online assignment help Table of Contents Introduction Music is the Best Birthday Present Achille-Claude Debussy. Music of the Soul Conclusion Reference List Introduction Often it is very complicated tasks to choose the present to the person you love. We cannot decide what it should look like; how it will be used by the person, you give it, to what emotions and feeling should it appeal. In my opinion, the cost of the gift is of no consideration at all. The most precious gift is that one touching and warming the soul of the person. Such present are invaluable; they are retained in our memory for years. Music is the Best Birthday Present In two months, my uncle will celebrate his birthday. Every year we gather round the festive board and have delicious family dinner. However, this year I want to make a surprise for my uncle. I decided to present him an unusual gift. This present will be individual; it will be created in his honor. My uncle is a very sensitive person, I love him, and I am sure that he deserves such a wonderful gift. My uncle is fond of music. He is a sympathizer of good high-quality instrumental music. He spends hours listening to his favorite composers. First of all I needed to decide what composer will create the music for my beloved uncle. I was making my choice among Vivaldi, Wagner and Debussy (Sayre, 2015). Vivaldi’s compositions are so emotionally rich, expressive, and sincere (Adams, 2010). However, I decided that they are too intensive and emotionally stressful for such event as a birthday. Choosing between Wagner and Debussy, I decided to opt for Debussy because Wagner’s works are too grand, dramatic, and solemn. I wanted to present more delicate and harmonic piece of music. So, I listened to all three composers and understood that Claude Debussy’s works are the most touching and frank. That was what I need for my uncle’s birthday. Achille-Claude Debussy. Music of the Soul I fell in love with the music of the outstanding French composer Achille-Claude Debussy from the first notes. These genius brilliant compositions carry a person away to another world, the world of fine memories, and beautiful thoughts. Musical impressionism of Debussy’s works cannot leave anyone indifferent (Holmes, 2010). His music is characterized by the fragility of moods, delicacy, elegance, coloristic harmony, and whimsicality of melodies (Brown, 2012). The impressionistic coloring of his music makes it penetrate to the innermost of the heart (Schmitz, 2014). Symbolist innuendos, subtle psychological insight, bright emotionality in the expression of characters’ feelings are peculiar to Debussy’s musical compositions (Code, 2010). I want all these elements to be included by the composer to the piece of music created for my uncle. It makes a person think about something wonderful and elevated. I want my uncle to forget about problems, anxiety, and troubles of a daily routine. This music is intended to make a person feel and sense, rather than think and analyze. I want him to create the composition for piano as a present for my uncle (Schmitz, 2014). He is fond of piano music. So I am sure that it will be the best present ever. I want this piece of music to be played for him at a family birthday celebration. Conclusion The best present is that one, which appeals to the feeling of the person, penetrates to his soul and draw deep impressions and emotions. I imagine how my uncle will be listening to the music created especially for him in his cozy armchair near the fireplace. He will close his eyes and will be carried away by the charming music of Claude Debussy. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Adams, S. (2010). Vivaldi: Red Priest of Venice. Oxford: Lion. Brown, M. (2012). Debussy Redux: The Impact of His Music on Popular Culture. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press Code, D. (2010). Claude Debussy. London: Reaktion Books. Holmes, P. (2010). Debussy. London: Omnibus. Sayre, H. M. (2015). The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change (3rd ed.), (Vol. 2). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Schmitz, E. (2014). The piano works of Claude Debussy. New York: Dover Publications.

Morehead State Environmental Protection Technologies for Combustion Engines Paper

Morehead State Environmental Protection Technologies for Combustion Engines Paper.

I have a research paper which I will attach here. I need you to reorganize my research to take the following format: 1. Chapter 1 – Background2. Chapter 2 – Review of Literature 3. Chapter 3 – Research Design – Methodology 4. Chapter 4 – Findings and Analysis 5. Chapter 5 – Conclusions and recommendations Use APA style in citations and referencing. I mainly want you to take the text and to reorganize it in the chapters I’ve mentioned above. I don’t need you to write anything extra, unless you think it is needed. Take the existing citations (maybe add a few more) and make them all into APA format. Also proofread for any errors and grammar, spelling or word use and correct them. Track and highlight your changes using the function provided by Microsoft Word.
Morehead State Environmental Protection Technologies for Combustion Engines Paper

MOS 5201 Safety Engineering

MOS 5201 Safety Engineering.

Textbook:Brauer, R. L. (2016). Safety and health for engineers (3rd ed.). Wiley.We will explore principles of hazard control and materials handling. The main topics include sources of hazards, hazard control, control priorities, environmental hazards, job hazard analysis (JHA), manual materials handling, and NIOSH lifting equation.InstructionsYou have been asked to conduct an ergonomic job hazard analysis (JHA) in a manufacturing facility that manufactures metal parts for an automotive company. One area of concern is the manual materials handling (MMH) throughout the facility. Specifically, you have been tasked with conducting a JHA on the palletizing of shipping boxes once they are assembled. Given the following worksheet (see the link below to download the worksheet), calculate (1) the recommended weight limit (RWL) and (2) the lifting index using the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lifting equation. Using the data and results, provide your written recommendations for corrective action against strenuous lifting tasks performed by employees in order to reduce risks and prevent injuries. You should search the internet for possible solutions, if applicable. Click here to download the JHA worksheet. Respond to the details in each section, and format your report in APA style. Include at least each of the components below in your project. Introduction: Briefly describe why the studies were performed (why you started the study), and explain how this job hazard analysis can improve the overall safety and health management program. In the introduction, compare the different techniques for performing a JHA and why the method chosen was appropriate for this scenario. Report detail: Briefly discuss the details of the scenario (what you found from the study). Conclusions/Recommendations: Briefly describe your recommendations based on your findings (what you recommend to resolve any deficiencies). Appendix: This will have your measurements and calculations (show your work). Include the JHA worksheet in this section. The report should be at least three pages (double-spaced) in length (not counting the references page and appendices). Prepare the report in a word-processing application, such as Microsoft Word, using APA Edition (7th) formatting.
MOS 5201 Safety Engineering