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N 4500 Weber State University Self Analysis Personality Test Question

N 4500 Weber State University Self Analysis Personality Test Question.

N4500 Self-Analysis Assignment COURSE OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:Examine how change is a necessary component of nursing leadership and nursing management.Apply principles of nursing leadership to the change process with the desired outcome of increasing safety and improving the quality of care.Implement (i.e. apply) leadership and management approaches that foster effective teamwork and collaboration, lead to productive change, and result in unified practice and positive ongoing relationships.Utilize leadership and management strategies that incorporate evidence-based practice.Create positive leadership and management skills that influence individualsAssignment Description / Purpose:The self-analysis activities will include examination and evaluation of individual preferences related to surface personality traits and characteristics, emotional intelligence, and individuals strengths. Students will apply self-analysis information to principles of management and leadership that create cohesive healthcare teams, foster change, and productive collaboration among nurses and other healthcare disciplines. Assignment Directions: Complete the following Self-Analysis Tools (Part 1) & Assignment (Part 2). See also “Additional Resources” below. Part 1 – Self-Analysis Tools:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) Survey (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Click “Free EQ Quiz”). (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Leadership Surveys (Choose 2 for completion) See Grossman & Valiga textThese are the available Leadership Survey self-assessments:Leadership Characteristics & Skills Assessment – p. 32-33 & Available onlineFollowership Style Test – p. 100-101 & Available onlineLeadership Environment Assessment Survey – p. 213 & Available onlineHow Creative Are You? p. 137-138 & Available onlineLeadership self-assessments – p. 208 You can access the assessments available online via the following web address: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.) Note: If you desire to take any of the “leadership assessments” online, you’ll have to sign up as a student using the code provided in the book. If you have issues with the link above, that is why. Part 2 – AssignmentFor this part of the assignment, you will analyze your results and apply them to your nursing practice. Please answer the following questions in APA format in 1-2 pages. Use headings in your paper. Questions:Describe your results in each of the tests you took. Make it brief.What strengths/traits did you identify from your results?Were you surprised by any of the results and why or why not?Do your results point to a leader or a follower? How will this knowledge help you at your current position as a nurse, or help you in the future position?If you were a nurse manager of a unit, how might this information be helpful?How might information on personality types influence your leadership decisions?Describe why it is important to find diversity in leadership traits to form groups/committees.Grading:Submission complete and by the due date (see Course Schedule)*See grading rubric Additional ResourcesFor More Information:Myers-Briggs (MBTI) – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.) & Myers-Briggs.pptxEmotional Intelligence – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)MBTI Video Clip: to an external site. (Links to an external site.) EQ Video Clip: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)
N 4500 Weber State University Self Analysis Personality Test Question

AOJ 200 Discussion

AOJ 200 Discussion. I’m studying for my Law class and need an explanation.

We’ve talked previously about the actus reas requirement of crime. A crime cannot be committed unless there is a guilty act. Therefore, a person can’t be arrested for “being” a drug addict, a homeless person, or a prostitute. But a person could be arreted for being under the influence of drugs, for loitering or trespass, or engaging in an act of prostitution.
When police officers working in Vice squads crack down on prostitution, they often do so undercover. They must reach an agreement and then exchange money in order to prove the actus reas of prostitution. That’s not always easy because prostitutes are wary of undercover officers. They want the officer to do something to prove that they aren’t an officer such as touch a part of their body (such as her breast) or even unzip their pants and expose themselves. If an undercover officer refuses to do so, the prostitute will refuse to come to an agreement and take money because they want to avoid getting arrested. It’s a fine line that officers must walk.
Let’s read Harwell v. State (I’ve included it below – if you have the 4th Ed. of our book, you’ll find it in the book).
Then answer the following questions.
1. Do you think there was an “agreement” between the defendant and the undercover officer? What facts indicate that there was arguably and agreement?
2. Should a specific price have to be agreed upon?
3. What did the court ultimately decide? Do you agree with the court?
AOJ 200 Discussion

MBA 5841 Unit 3

online dissertation writing MBA 5841 Unit 3. I don’t know how to handle this Marketing question and need guidance.

For this unit’s assignment, you will choose and research one of the following companies for your marketing plan:


After choosing one of the aforementioned companies, you will research, analyze, and create the marketing plan sections described below for your company of choice.

Situation Analysis: Using the sections below, analyze the competitive market, the company’s targeted market segments, and how your company’s capabilities stack up to the competition.
Market Summary: Describe, in detail, the target market segments by determining their segment size, segment needs, segment growth, and segment trends. Using more detail to describe these market segments will prove to be beneficial as a basis for the marketing strategies and tactical programs presented later in your marketing plan.
SWOT Analysis: Include the sections described below.

Strengths: In this section, list and describe your company’s internal physical and financial capabilities that can enable it to reach its stated objectives.
Weaknesses: In this section, list the internal elements that may prevent or slow your company’s ability to achieve its stated objectives.
Opportunities: In this section, list the external and potentially profitable areas in which your company may find an interest in which to target, engage, and perform.
Threats: In this section, list the external and potentially unfavorable trials that can negatively affect your company’s business model and competitiveness.

Competition: List your company’s main competitors, and describe what positions they occupy in the market in which your company wishes to compete. Also, this section is where you should provide a summary of the competitors’ strategies.
Product Offerings: Review the company’s products or product lines, and identify their main features.
Distribution: Describe and provide an overview of each of your company’s product distribution channels.

Your assignment will be a minimum of three pages in length. Ensure that you introduce the company you have chosen, and identify each section with a heading in your assignment. You should reference at least three sources to support this section of your marketing plan. As aforementioned, your sources should be from the CSU Online Library, but you may also include outside sources as well. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced and follow APA formatting, and quoted or paraphrased material must have accompanying in-text citations.
MBA 5841 Unit 3

Personality Development Essay

Personality Development Essay. Paper Details:Identify at least 3 therories of personality development and discuss why this domain was selected. Discuss what I hope to learn about the domain. Discuss expectations of how the domain will evolve through each stage of development. *intro *body *conclusionPersonality Development Essay

BIOL 103 University of Maryland Chemistry of Life and Cellular Function Paper

BIOL 103 University of Maryland Chemistry of Life and Cellular Function Paper.

I’m working on a biology discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

The Chemistry of Life and Cellular Function. Tonicity addresses how solute concentrations influence the osmotic movement of water across semi-permeable membranes. While these tonicity terms may be new to you, humans have been using these conditions for millennia to prevent food spoilage and therapeutically for nearly a century. In this week’s Discussion Forum, 1) define the three tonic conditions and state the directional flow of water that results. 2) Describe the use of hypertonicity in food preservation. 3) Describe how when used with beta-lactam antibiotics, hypotonicity aids in the control of bacterial pathogens. 4) Describe the relationship between isotonicity and intravenous (IV) hydration therapy. Discuss here the salinity of IV fluid and what effect administering pure water via IV treatment might have on a patient. Lastly, discuss the below question 5) What are halophiles and what is their impact on human health? reference isn’t needed but if you use them list them
BIOL 103 University of Maryland Chemistry of Life and Cellular Function Paper

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