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Myths are stories that are based on tradition. Some may have factual origins, while others are completely fictional. The myth discussed in the novel was that the white people are superior. There have been several notable African Americans who fought to break the myth and became heroes.

Some examples of these African Americans were Jefferson from the novel, Joe Louis, and Jackie Robinson. Although some of the attempts that were made by these heroes did not always succeed, they helped in making a difference in equality in the long run.One of the major issues discussed by the British philosopher John Locke during the time Of the Enlightenment period was the idea that every man is born with natural rights to life, liberty and property; these rights can also be noninsured as equality. Over the course of American history, blacks were wrongfully treated, oppressed and denied their natural rights. Those who fought for their rights and for the rights of others can be described as heroes. “Myths differ from legends in that they have less historical background..

. Hey differ from fable in that they are less concerned with moral didactics and are the product of a racial group rather than the creation of an individual. “(Holman, 333) The myth is generally a fictional story that represents realistic things or events. An example of a hero that literally fought to break the myth about black people is Joe Louis. He is a very well-known boxer throughout the world. According to Bond, Louis was not doing well in school in his home town and when his step father moved the family to Detroit things only got worse.It was also said to be that “Joe Louis was the youngest heavyweight champion in history and the first black champion since Jack Johnson in 1915.

He was also the most popular heavyweight boxer in history. In an era of undisguised racism, Louis fascinated white fans who were awed by his stony ferocity and his raw power. He stood as a symbol of racial pride for blacks. ” (Bond, 563) Even though people had been against black people, they still had a respect for the people that stood out.Louis showed that he was equal to if not better than many white athletes. “His fights were broadcast over radio and were heard by as many as two-thirds of all the radio listeners in America, audiences of as many as fifty million, and he attracted audiences of tens of thousands to the arenas for his every fight. “(Bond, 563) Joe Louis was a very influential boxer to the world that did make white people set aside their hatred toward blacks to admire a great athlete regardless of his race.

Bond also says that going was the most corrupt sports but “Louis managed to maintain a reputation as a man untainted by scandal, whose natural talent made him unbeatable. ” (Bond, 563) Louis was a natural born boxer whose discovery created a scandal. “He supported more than twenty friends and family during the 1 sass, and when his large purses were divided, he had little left over for himself. “(Bond, 563) These actions show how selfless Louis really was. On June 19 of 1 936 Louis fought Max Smelling for the chance at the heavy weight champion James J.Bradford. “In the fight with Smelling, Louis was more than a representative of his race on fight eight; he was an American hero fighting against a German champion when the Anti-Semitism of the Nazis was already apparent”(Bond, 563) During WI and the Holocaust, Joe Louis was able to bring racial tension to a hold to fight a common goal; to put down a Nazi, a villain.

According to Victor Bond, everyone thought he would win easily but unfortunately he was knocked out in the Willets round, but on June 25 of 1938 they fought again.This time Louis gave America what they wanted to see and that was a knock out at a whopping two minutes and six seconds of the first round. The next day Heywood Boron wrote that Louis had exploded the Nordic myth with a bombing glove. Louis was a hero to Americans regardless of their skin color or racial views because he was very supportive, selfless, and fought his way to the top which is something others can only dream of doing. Jackie Robinson is another great example of a hero that fought for his rights and influenced other blacks to fight for theirs.Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia; he was the youngest of five children. His father abandoned his family when he was six months old.

His mother moved the family to Pasadena, California. Jackie Robinson said that “Pasadena regarded us as intruders. “(Bond, 565) the Robinsons were a black family in a white person’s territory. Robinson once said “My brothers and were in many a fight that started with a racial slur on the very street we lived on. ” Jackie Robinson grew up with a lot of racism but never let it get the best of him. Jackie Robinson went to The University of California, Los Angels (UCLA). Despite leading the conference in scoring for two 565) As one observer commented, “It’s purely the case of a coach refusing to recognize a player’s ability out of prejudice.

“(Bond, 565) Robinson was an amazing all- around athlete. He excelled in football, basketball, track, and most of all baseball. Jackie dropped out of UCLA to support his family by coaching at the National Youth Administration, and he played baseball to aid him in supporting his family. “Jackie Robinson was drafted into the army, where he fought segregation from the beginning…He had refused a southern bus driver’s orders to sit in the back of the bus, knowing that the army had just ordered the desegregation of base transportation.

He was then taken to a military court and the judge claimed that he had acted within his rights, and he received an honorable discharge. (Bond, 565) The actions taken by Robinson in the military helped influence many blacks around the United States. In 1 945 Jackie Robinson met Branch Rickety, the general manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers when he was looking for someone to break the color barrier and to integrate professional baseball; it was evident that Jackie was the man for the job.Jackie was now the only black baseball player in Major ague Baseball. He showed all of America that black people have the potential to do something with their future. Another great example of a hero who fought to break the myth was Jefferson from the novel, A Lesson Before Dying. Jefferson was falsely convicted of murder only because he was a black man presented in front of a white jury where he did not stand a chance.

Jefferson defense attorney tried to help Jefferson by telling the jury that Jefferson was not capable Of thinking about committing the crimes and that the jury might as well send a “hog” to the electric chair.Grant Wiggins, the main character was supposed to teach Jefferson how to be a man before his execution and to stand up tall when approaching the electric chair. When Grant was talking to Jefferson he said “do you know what a myth is, Jefferson? A myth is an old lie that people believe in. White people believe that they’re better than anyone else on earth- and that’s a myth. ” (Gaines, 1 92) Grant and Jefferson were discussing this in the jail where Jefferson was being kept until his execution. “The last thing they ever want is to see a black man stand, and think and show that common humanity is in us all. (Gaines, 1 92) In this quote grant was describing the myth from a deeper perspective to Jefferson.

By doing this Grant motivated Jefferson to try to become a man before dying. “As long as none of us stand they’re safe. They’re safe with me. They’re safe with Reverend Ambrose. Don’t want them to feel safe with you anymore. (Gaines, 192) Grant later adds “l want you to chip away at that myth by standing. I want you – yes, you – to call them liars.

I want you to show them that you as much a man – more a man as they can ever be. That jury?You call them men? That judge is he a man? The governor he is no better. “(Gaines, 1 92) Grant was explaining to Jefferson what he has potential to achieve before his death and that the people who were at a higher authority than him Were just as much if not less of men as Jefferson. In the end of the novel when Jefferson was about to be executed Vincent asked Jefferson if he had any last words and that is hen he said “Tell Nana I walked. ” (Gaines, 254) After all that work Jefferson released the man inside of him and held his head high.

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For this Assessment, you will act as the director of an early childhood center who observes a preschool classroom with the goal of helping the teacher, Ms. Long, recognize and improve the ways she is creating a positive classroom community through her classroom environment; daily schedule, routines, class meetings, and transitions; and interactions and intentional strategies to build trusting relationships. You will review a PowerPoint that presents a day in Ms. Long’s preschool classroom. Then you will complete a Director’s Log, noting how the environment, routines, and interactions support a positive classroom community and heathy social-emotional development and offer recommendations for improvement.
Review the PowerPoint Presentation: “Snap Shots: Observing a Day in Ms. Long’s Preschool Classroom.”
Use the information provided in the PowerPoint as your information about Ms. Long’s Classroom.
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PROMOTING POSITIVE CLASSROOM COMMUNITIES THAT FOSTER HEALTHY SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENTScenario:Ms. Long is a new preschool teacher who is committed to providing children with a positive classroom community and a sense of belonging. She wants to make sure her classroom environment, daily schedule, and adult interactions and intentional strategies work together to support positive behaviors and foster healthy social-emotional development. After a month into the school year, Ms. Long asks you, the director of the preschool, to observe her classroom. She has asked that you focus your observation on how she is doing in each these areas, highlighting where she is doing well and providing her with suggestions for improvement. You are thrilled with the professional way she has asked for your input and look forward to the process.
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