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MYTHICAL CRITICISM should be used to anylaze the TV show the book of boba fett you can make this

MYTHICAL CRITICISM should be used to anylaze the TV show the book of boba fett
you can make this presentation about his heroes journey or his anti heroes journey.

the powerpoint should be fun and creative with photos from the book of boba fett
Every day, popular culture changes as events happen, movies are released, clusters of user-generated memes respond to events in the news, and television shows begin streaming on Netflix. For the purposes of this class, it is important to be aware of pop culture as it continuously updates.

For this assignment, you will give one 3- to 5-minute presentation on the most recent developments in popular culture. For each presentation, you are welcome to present a visual aide, though it is not required. You will be required to briefly apply one of our methods from class to one example of recent pop culture and tell us what you learn from that application. Is there something problematic about this topic? Can your application of course concepts to this topic offer any solutions?

1. What is one recent pop culture text?

2. What method will you use to analyze it? (See your notes from our methods overview class to select one.)

3. What does your application of a course concept to the topic teach you about the text?

4. What does your application of a course concept to the topic teach you about our culture?

This should not be a lecture that teaches your classmates about a course concept. Rather, it will be mostly about your text, and what your application of a course concept to the text reveals.


Interpretation of David Henry Hwang’s “The Sound of a Voice.”

Interpretation of David Henry Hwang’s “The Sound of a Voice.”.

For this 2-3 page essay you will write and analysis essay interpreting the conclusion of David Henry Hwang’s “The Sound of a Voice.” Explain what you believe the conclusion to mean, justifying your interpretation with details from the drama. REMEMBER, you must use MLA format (The newest version) and include a works cited page, even if that page only includes our text book (which is fine). You are not required to do major research for this essay. Our book used is. Literature An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing Thirteenth Edition X.J. Kennedy Dana Gioia

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Review the case study Deciding Values in the Perry (2014) text: As a healthcare administrator, how would you handle the dilemma?

MYTHICAL CRITICISM should be used to anylaze the TV show the book of boba fett you can make this Review the case study Deciding Values in the Perry (2014) text: As a healthcare administrator, how would you handle the dilemma?.

Review the case study Deciding Values in the Perry (2014) text. Submit a 3-page paper analyzing the case.

As a healthcare administrator, how would you handle the dilemma? Be sure to include the following: A brief summary of the case Presented ethical dilemmas Identification of stakeholders Laws that pertain to the case Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research, and cite all references in APA style. References Perry, F. (2014). Ethics & management dilemmas in healthcare. (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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Project Management Questions

Complete and submit solutions to problems in the text book: There are three problems as listed below.
Chapter 5, #7, page 161
Chapter 6, #8, page 198.
Chapter 6, #10, page 199
These are file response questions. You must submit a memo containing your replies to the questions in each problem and a gantt chart showing all of the project tasks. For holidays makes sure to input them. You are to submit a memo, a gantt chart for each problem and your .mpp file for each problem. Your answers must be clearly indicated in the memo and the files must be clearly identified.
You will need MS project for gantt chart and I will need the .Mpp file.
Each questions needs to have own separate memo, gantt chart, and .mpp
cant be combined!

Reviewing the HR function

Reviewing the HR function.

The Chief Executive of your chosen organisation is reviewing the HR function. She/he wants to know what contemporary research says about the contribution HR makes to organisational success. You have been commissioned by the Chief Executive to write a report titled:

How can HR make a strategic contribution to this organisation? 

Your brief is:

•To select three contemporary HR issues (from the nine covered in the module); 
•To review recent research evidence and contemporary practice relating to these Issues;
•To advise the Chief Executive on whether and how HR can make a strategic contribution to their organisation in relation to these Issues.

Note that you may argue for or against the idea that HR can make a strategic contribution. You are not required to make a case in favour of HR; whatever your stance, though, your argument must be informed by evidence.

You must choose a large organisation, ie. one with 250 or more employees. This definition of a large-sized enterprise is the one adopted by the United Kingdom.

Beyond this you can choose any organisation – private or public sector, national or multi-national, in any sector and based anywhere in the world. You can choose an organisation based on personal experience (e.g. a placement organisation) or interest.

The 3 Issues should be as follows (in the guidelines): 

1st : From Week 3 or Week 4 Slide
2nd: From Week 5 Week 6 or Week 7 
3rd: From Week 8 or Week 9

Global Human Resource Management

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Case Analysis: Effectiveness of Labor Unions in Aviation

Case Analysis: Effectiveness of Labor Unions in Aviation.

In this Case Analysis activity, you will select a recent journal article related to the “Effectiveness of Labor Unions in Aviation” and conduct an analysis. Locate journal articles via the Hunt Library’s Research Databases site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Important: Review the Case Analysis Guidelines document (PDF)Preview the document to gain an understanding of the requirements for a case analysis. Please note that the parts under “Case Analysis Guidelines” are NOT in APA format. Please use this Example Case Analysis (PDF)Preview the document and the APA manual for more detailed information on APA format.

Complete the following:

Merriam Webster (n.d.) defines effectiveness as:

“(1a) producing a decided, decisive, or desired effect an effective policy, (1b) impressive, striking, (2) ready for service or action, (3) actual; the need to increase effective demand for goods, (4) being in effect; operative ‘the tax becomes effective next year”. For this Case Analysis topic, keeping the definition of effectiveness in mind, locate a journal article that addresses a specific aviation labor union. You may wish to find additional sources that address the same organization. Analyze the effectiveness of the union. Be sure to include the membership trends’ impact and their ability to maintain fair and equitable employee treatment. Moreover, is the ‘effectiveness’ concerning Labor Unions in Aviation a measure (intrinsic, extrinsic, or both), a value, or an identity? Utilizing research retrieved, prepare a 3-5 page paper discussing the analyzed information in regard to the assigned topic. Include a cover page, abstract, and reference list page (not included in page requirement). Your paper must be written according to current APA style guideline. Ensure the words contained within the document are entirely your own and that all sources have been properly cited and referenced.

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Power, Prestige, or Money: What Drives Us? 26 26 unread replies. 26 26 replies.

read the attached article:
1)Do you agree with the point made in the article that money is the main driver for successful entrepreneurs but that they regard the money they make as a way of keeping score on how well they were doing, not as the end in itself? The author says that their real driver is a “high internal standard of performance and the continual push to find ways to do even better.” Do you agree or do you believe that the opportunity to make a lot of money is motivation enough?
2) respond in a thoughtful way to upcoming response after you answer the first question:

agree with the article that the pursuit of money and power and prestige

can leave you feeling empty that it was for nothing. I think there is a

balance between the motivation of money and meaning. For example people

become unhappy with their jobs and change careers even if it means

giving up a better salary or people will move or people might quit

their job to move closer to or take care of their family. It is easy to

focus on the money and like the article said if your a poor college kid

why not chase the money until you can focus on another motivator.
I think there is a internal standard that you try and live by that

pushes you to keep going and do better. Money sometimes isn’t enough

alone, if it means acquiring wealth at the cost of others or tarnishing

my own self standard then the money isn’t worth it.

critiques of film, philosophy, literature, music, and myth.

critiques of film, philosophy, literature, music, and myth..

You will act as a critic for some of the main subjects covered in the humanities. You will conduct a series of short, evaluative critiques of film, philosophy, literature, music, and myth. You will respond to five different prompts, and each response should include an analysis of the topics using terminology unique to that subject area and should include an evaluation as to why the topic stands the test of time. The five prompts are as follows: Choose a film and offer an analysis of why it is an important film, and discuss it in terms of film as art. Your response should be more than a summary of the film. Imagine you had known Plato and Aristotle and you had a conversation about how we fall in love. Provide an overview of how Plato would explain falling in love, and then provide an overview of how Aristotle might explain falling in love. Compare and contrast the two poems below: LOVE’S INCONSISTENCY I find no peace, and all my war is done; I fear and hope, I burn and freeze likewise I fly above the wind, yet cannot rise; And nought I have, yet all the world I seize on; That looseth, nor locketh, holdeth me in prison, And holds me not, yet can I ’scape no wise; Nor lets me live, nor die, at my devise, And yet of death it giveth none occasion. Without eyes I see, and without tongue I plain; I wish to perish, yet I ask for health; I love another, and yet I hate myself; I feed in sorrow, and laugh in all my pain; Lo, thus displeaseth me both death and life, And my delight is causer of my grief. Petrarch After great pain a formal feeling comes— The nerves sit ceremonious like tombs; The stiff Heart questions—was it He that bore? And yesterday—or centuries before? The feet mechanical go round A wooden way Of ground or air or ought Regardless grown, A quartz contentment like a stone. This is the hour of lead Remembered if outlived As freezing persons recollect The snow— First chill, then stupor, then The letting go Emily Dickinson Compare and contrast these two pieces of music: Beethoven’s Violin Romance No. 2 Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag Explain in classical terms why a modern character is a hero. Choose from either Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, or Ender Wiggins.

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