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My social issue is health care availability on the U.S. My senator is Celina Villanueva from Springfield ]. Kant

My social issue is health care availability on the U.S.
My senator is Celina Villanueva from Springfield ].
Kant is my philosopher.
I added my slideshow I made as well for this.
The letter to the senator should only be 1 page. Frye, Oppression.pdfFinal Project: A Letter to Your State Representative

Your final project consists of two parts. The first part is the paper, which is a letter to your state representative. In this letter, you will discuss a social problem with which you are concerned, and you will discuss the ethical theory (or theories) that you learned about during this class that you think is the most important for confronting this social problem. The second part consists of a presentation, which will be a visual representation of your letter. You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube, etc. Feel free to be as creative as possible!

1. Look back at your previous milestones/feedback and your discussion post for this week as preparation.
2. Your letter must include the following components:
– Apply a Platonic, Aristotelian, Kantian, Utilitarian, Marxist or Nonviolent framework (you can apply more than 1 but have to at least apply 1 to the issue) to solving a social problem facing our society.
– The social problem is your choice. Some issues we discussed in class include wealth inequality, sexism/gender-based violence, racism, police brutality, heterosexism/homophobia, immigration issues, etc. You may use the social issue you used in Milestone 3 or 4, or you may use something different, just make sure you get it approved by your professor.
– Explain which ethical theory you think is best suited to solving the issue you have selected.
– You will need to demonstrate your understanding through clear and effective written communication and be detail-oriented in order to explain your proposed solution thoroughly.
– You will cite at least one or two reliable sources when discussing the social problem you have selected to show that you have researched and thought about it.
– You will cite at least one or two quotes from the course text of the thinker(s) you have selected to respond to the social problem.
– Structure your letter in a persuasive manner.
– Your paper needs to be 3-4 pages long, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font with maximum 1-inch margins.

4. Be sure to follow the letter format from Purdue OWL listed in your Materials.

Example structure:
1. Intro: Address your representative, and explain who you are and what you have been learning about this quarter.
2. Tell your representative why you are writing. What issue are you most concerned about? Describe the issue in detail, using a least one reliable source.
3. Tell your representative why you feel the way you do about this issue. Do NOT just give your opinion, but base your perspective on the ethical theory you think is most helpful to responding to this issue. Describe the ethical theory in detail, citing the text we read in class at least once or twice.
4. Propose a solution to the social problem you are concerned with that is rooted in the ethical theory. Be as specific as possible? What should be done? What will be the outcome? What will the world look like if your representative thinks about the issue from this new perspective?
5. Conclude your letter, thanking the representative for their consideration and signing off.



 Case Assignment Reducing your stress can help you maintain a healthy mind and body. Most stress-management experts say real stress reduction requires significant skill and discipline beyond simply becoming aware of different methods. Additionally, not everyone responds to various stress-reduction techniques in the same way. Through experimentation, it is possible to find various ways to incorporate stress management into one’s life in order to balance stress with more positive experiences. For this assignment, you will research two examples of stress-reduction techniques and develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following: Slide 1 Title Slide with Name, Course, and Date Slide 2 – Introduction Topics to be covered in outline form Slide 3 Choose two different stress-management techniques (some examples were discussed in the lecture material and readings or you may research examples of your own). Briefly define each stress- management technique and provide an image representing each. Slide 4 Discuss how each technique is performed, how often, etc. (Consider adding a video link to demonstrate). Slide 5 How does it work?: Exactly how does it relieve stress? What effects does it have on the body (physiologically) or mind (psychologically) or both? Slides 6-8 Evaluate each technique: Does it work (provide support)? Who says it works? Who says it doesn’t? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Would you use it? Why or why not? Slide 9 – Conclusion Summarize your project findings. AND REFERENCES Assignment Expectations For this Case assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the requirements outlined above. Place the text containing the answers to the questions above in the slide area, summarizing each topic using bullet points (in your own words, expand in more detail using the notes area). Be sure to include citations referencing your sources on each slide (use either the slide or notes area). Include a descriptive title for each slide that describes the topic being discussed. Be sure to include a title slide with your name, assignment type (ex. Case Module 4), and course title; an introduction slide with the subjects you will cover in outline form, and a slide summarizing your project findings (Conclusion slide). Your final slide should contain a list of references cited in APA format.

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Culture Management – The Organisational Environment

My social issue is health care availability on the U.S. My senator is Celina Villanueva from Springfield ]. Kant Culture Management – The Organisational Environment.

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Sociology Essay

1. Read the instructions below very carefully:
2. Have a careful look at the attached ppt that contains the topic I choose.

Assignment 2: Essay Weighting 35%
2500 words max (excluding references)

In many ways, what you write about in this essay is up to you as long you remember that it must be clearly related to the concept of management across cultures. This assessment task is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and to encourage you to link your learning to real- time, real-life experiences from your life and workplace.

The following is a list of recommended considerations for this essay:
• Select a key topic from the weekly materials that particularly interests you.
• Undertake further, independent critical research into that topic.
• Define the topic; then consider it from a range of critical perspectives.
• Analyse any conflicts in the literature in relation your topic.
• Answer the question: Why is (topic x) important to me if I want to pursue a career as manager across cultures?
• Answer the question: What have I learned about (topic x) and how will I
use that knowledge in the future?

Marking Guidelines
In assessing your work in this essay we will attend to the following:
• evidence of research and critical reflection
• analysis of contentious issues
• reflections and conclusions
• evidence of application of learning to your career planning
• writing structure and flow.

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Human Rights Issues and Public Health

According to Vatslid (2019), human rights are a set of concepts that protect all persons from severe social, legal, and political abuse. Human rights concerns have a significant impact on people’s health. Many people’s health is jeopardized when these rights are violated or mismanaged. Poor working circumstances, for example, are the outcome of workplace violations of human rights, exposing workers to environmental health risks. The WHO constitution identifies health standards as being among the globally recognized health standards and linked to all other human rights.

Abuse of human rights by people in positions of authority has a significant impact on the entire country; as a result, sexual offenses, torture, and other degrading experiences may cause severe psychological damage to the general public. A more robust healthcare system is the result of effective policies aimed at protecting people’s rights. Aiding the poor and disadvantaged in gaining access to improved health care strengthens their ability to protect and empower themselves (World Health Organization, 2017).

Furthermore, lawmakers should implement human rights processes and approaches such as in-patient care to ensure that adequate patient rights protections are in place. All public health human rights developments for patients are safeguarded both locally and globally. This is critical for healthcare management and promotion, and it helps marginalized people, people with disabilities, women, and minorities to live healthier lives. Individuals, as much as the government, have a responsibility to preserve human rights.


Vatslid, I. (2019). Influencing public health issues through Corporate Social Responsibility (Master’s thesis, NTNU).

World Health Organization. (2017). WHO guidelines on ethical issues in public health surveillance.

The U.S. system of governance

The U.S. system of governance.

The United States often is singled out as a shining example of democratic governance; however, the U.S. system of governance is not immune to criticism. Scholars from the right and the left point out flaws in the U.S. system from its founding to its present state. An interesting feature of democratic governance is that loyal opposition and dissent are built into the system. Some democracies, including the United States, have benefited greatly from those who criticized the status quo. Not everyone who criticizes aspects of a democratic system is a detractor. On the other hand, not all criticisms are valid. In fact, some criticisms may be destructive or easily refuted. One asset of democratic systems is the ability to improve and reform successfully when faced with a legitimate criticism. Evaluating which criticisms provide an adequate justification for reform is a more difficult task. To prepare for this Assignment: Review the article “Democracy, Nationalism and Culture: A Social Critique of Liberal Monoculturalism” in this week’s Learning Resources. Take note of critiques of democracy in the article. Review the articles “Plato’s Criticisms of Democracy in the Republic” and “Is Democracy Possible?” in this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to dissenting arguments about democracy. Think about why critiques of democracy might be an important element of democratic governance. Reflect on the role of critiques of democracy in reforming and improving democratic governance. Using the knowledge you have gained from this course, the Learning Resources for this week, and/or your own research on democracy, select two critiques of democracy for this Assignment. Consider (as they relate to governance and public policy) the validity of the critiques, their constructive or destructive nature, and how they might be rebutted. The Assignment (2 pages): Briefly describe the two critiques of democracy that you selected. Evaluate them as follows (as they relate to governance and public policy): Explain why and how the critiques might be valid and constructive. Explain why and how the critiques might be invalid and destructive. Explain how you might refute or support these critiques. Share insights and/or draw conclusions based on your evaluation of critiques of democracy. Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.

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Research review

Hi.I have an assignment it is already done and written. But I need help on fixing all of it, as my professor has asked that I make changes. This is what my professor said that I need to do to my assignment to change and make it better: “This is what I did not want. It is more an annotated bibliography and not a discussion of literature. Synthesize and integrate the articles. How do their findings relate to each other? How do they relate back to your research question? Focus a little more on those discussions and a little less on listing out all the method details.”
The research question I have is: do college students think plant based meats are affordable?

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