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my senior capstone paper! I will attach parts one and two. Just add on to the rest of the paper. Paper should be 15 pages minimum. I have 6.

Capstone Paper, final: (Submit through D2L) 50 points Your final paper submission will be graded on your revisions to Part I and II based on comments you received from me and your ability to put both sections of the paper together into a cohesive whole with part III of the capstone paper.. Body (Discussion): This section comprises the “meat” of your paper. Using the above topic as an example, in this section I would discuss the prevalence of drug addiction related crimes, arrest rate and conviction rate. I might discuss what “in house” addictions programs are available and what percentage of inmates take advantage of the programs (if available). I would continue with talking about inmates that get probation and the prevalence of reoffending and why… Were they in a drug rehab or not? Were there any other services? How long were they out before they violated parole? Did they start using drugs again? You might also think about what happens to these individuals who violate parole and get sent back to prison. Conclusion: This section of your paper needs to tie up everything in a neat package… encapsulates what you have learned about your topic and your thoughts about your topic for the future. Here is your opportunity to elaborate on what you would change from a programmatic standpoint (need more inpatient beds with aftercare component, for example). This section of your paper should bring together what you have learned about your topic, and how/where your topic fits in to the realm of criminal justice as a whole. What place in the world of criminal justice does your topic hold and how you would improve it. Furthermore, you need to make ONE criminal justice policy recommendation related to your topic (Approximately 2-3 pages). This is a formal paper and therefore should be written as such. Be sure to check grammar and word usage and use proper conventions when writing. Overall, this paper should be a reflection of not only what you have learned about your topic but how your topic fits in to the larger framework of criminal justice. This is your opportunity to show your skills a researcher as well as what you have learned about a particular topic of interest as well as the criminal justice program.