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My question is below

My question is below.

Revise CMN 504Epicheireme AssignmentI. Introduction. The argument you will write is called an epicheireme (sometimes spelled “epichireme”). It is an argument based on a valid syllogism that nevertheless imposes on the writer the obligation to provide evidence in support of one or both premises. The tradition of advancing such arguments publicly has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman rhetoric schools. Aristotle writes about the epicheireme in his book Topica. The practice was continued in the medieval and renaissance universities of Europe, as well as in the colleges and universities of early America. So, we continue it today as a useful exercise in reasoning and rhetoric. The object of the epicheireme, is to compose an argument either confirming or refuting a claim concerning a matter of public controversy. For our purposes here, we will focus on matters of philosophical, ethical, and theological significance. The directions for completing this assignment are quite detailed. They are as follows:
My question is below

WU Knowledge Management Knowledge Life Cycle Group Project Report.

This week, you learned how to collate knowledge by using information communication technology. You also learned how to expand existing knowledge by retrospecting, gathering knowledge from the right people (accelerated learning theory), and introducing community learning.Based on your readings for this week:Prepare a report on the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI) Knowledge Life Cycle. The purpose of this report is to help you connect your learning from your Internet Web site evaluation assignments to KM theories, refining the lessons learned and corroborating, validating, and codifying them. This process is the essence of the KMCI Knowledge Life Cycle, as outlined in the McElroy (2002) reading. (See Week 2 Learning Resources.)Your report should not exceed 5 pages, exclusive of the title page, abstract, and reference list.
WU Knowledge Management Knowledge Life Cycle Group Project Report

Business Repair and Losses of Products Milk Processor Decision Making Paper.

This assignment asks you to consider a current or past coworker who has low levels of either job performance, organizational commitment, or both. You are asked to draw on concepts from the course to explain exactly why this coworker is so ineffective, and how you and his/her supervisors might react, given that knowledge. The paper should be at least 750 words in length (all inclusive). More details are provided later in the syllabus.Details on Worst Coworker PaperYour paper can focus on either a current coworker or a past coworker. The coworker should be a real person, as opposed to an amalgam of multiple individuals. Moreover, some portions of the paper work better if the coworker is of a similar hierarchical level to you—as opposed to a boss or a supervisor. The paper should include the following three sections:1. Background – Describe the coworker. Give enough detail that it’s clear why you feel the way you do about this person, with enough richness that the section “brings the person to life” for the reader. Resist the urge to provide irrelevant detail and feel free to omit or disguise any details that might be sensitive in nature. [about 125 words] 
2. Explanations – Drawing on concepts and theories from textbook, provide an explanation of why, in your estimation, this employee has low levels of job performance and/or organizational commitment. [about 500 words] 
3. Recommendations – Flowing out of the concepts and theories discussed in the previous section, describe what the top managers or leaders in the company could do, very specifically, to improve the performance and/or commitment of your coworker. Then describe what you, personally, could do to make this coworker more effective. Finally, answer the following questions: Is this employee a “problem that cannot be fixed” to some extent? If so, describe what the top managers or leaders in the company could do to avoid similar problems in the future. [about 125 words] 
Beyond the parameters above, please bring your own self-expression, initiative, and creativity to the content and style of the paper. 80% of the paper grade will revolve around content issues, with 20% revolving around writing style issues.In general, your paper should follow these formatting guidelines: minimum 750 words, double-spaced, single-sided, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, with no grammar or spelling errors. Papers that deviate from the general formatting will be downgraded. This policy is strictly enforced.You need this book for this:Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach
Business Repair and Losses of Products Milk Processor Decision Making Paper

SEE 4060 JWU Week 2 Integrated Activation as a Driver of Sponsor Case Study

SEE 4060 JWU Week 2 Integrated Activation as a Driver of Sponsor Case Study.

See the following guide for more information about this assignment: Please note: all information must be included in each section. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of the points awarded to each section.Section One – BackgroundState the salient FACTS of the case. Provide a thorough background and history of the company. Be concise and precise.Length: One page or less.Section Two – Problem StatementThoroughly state the central problem, NOT the symptoms of the problem, found in the body of the case.Length: One paragraphSection Three – SWOT analysisLIST in rank order the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the company which is the subject of this case study.Create four lists with at least 4 points under each category (SWOT).Section Four – Alternative SolutionsList a minimum of four alternative solutions and a minimum of two benefits (pros) and two consequences (cons) associated with each alternative solution.Create four alternative solutions with 2 pros and 2 cons each.Section Five – Conclusion and RecommendationDesign an action plan to solve the original problem.Include a minimum of three recommendations which addresses the original problem statement.Evaluate the risks and rewards of each of your recommendations.Write a conclusion of the outcomes you foresee from your recommendations.Professionalism: All work MUST be word processed in 12-point, double-spaced format.All work MUST be error freeContent and style are BOTH important – it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it!Label EACH section, chart, page, etc.Include a title page, table of contents, works cited/reference page, etc.Please see attached case study. Please review this video for how to develop a SWOT analysis. VideoPleas let me know if you have any questions.
SEE 4060 JWU Week 2 Integrated Activation as a Driver of Sponsor Case Study

San Diego State University Single Stories Discussion

order essay cheap San Diego State University Single Stories Discussion.

Instructions:Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice — and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding. Source (Links to an external site.)Watch the following TED Talk, featuring Chimamanda Kgozi Adiche, respond to the following questions and offer substantial and constructive feedback to at least two classmates (no classmate responses, no grade). What are examples of “single stories” in your personal life, in your education or in the news? (share only one of these)How might we begin to “reject the single story” in our lives to regain Adichie’s so-called “paradise”?Finally, please respond to at least two classmates with substantial and constructive feedback (no classmate feedback, no grade). Grading RubricClick on the Options icon (three vertical dots) located in the top right-hand corner and then click on “Show Rubric” to view the grading requirements for this discussion.
San Diego State University Single Stories Discussion

NUR 1104 Mount Royal University Physical and Mental Fatigue Discussion

NUR 1104 Mount Royal University Physical and Mental Fatigue Discussion.

I’m working on a nursing case study and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Case StudyInstructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. Please provide rationales for your answers. Make sure to provide citations/references for your answers in APA format.CASE STUDY: Caregiver Role Strain: Ms. Sandra A.Sandra, a 47-year-old divorced woman, received a diagnosis of stage 3 ovarian cancer 4 years ago, for which she had a total hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo- oophorectomy, omentectomy, lymphadenectomy, and tumor debulking followed by chemotherapy, consisting of cisplatin (Platinol), paclitaxel (Taxol), and doxorubicin (Adriamycin). She did well for 2 years and then moved back to her hometown near her family and underwent three more rounds of second-line chemotherapy. She accepted a less stressful job, bought a house, renewed old friendships, and became more involved with her two sisters and their families.Sandra developed several complications, including metastasis to the lungs. Then she could no longer work, drive, or care for herself. She had been told by her oncologist that there was nothing else that could be done and that she should consider entering a hospice. She met her attorney and prepared an advance directive and completed her will. She decided to have hospice care at home and, with the help of her family, set up her first floor as a living and sleeping area. She was cared for by family members around the clock for approximately 3 days.Sandra observed that she was tiring everyone out so much that they could not really enjoy each other’s company. At this time, she contacted the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) to seek assistance. Her plan was to try to enjoy her family and friend’s visits. After assessment, the VNA nurse prioritized her problems to include fatigue and caregiver role strain. Other potential problem areas that may need to be incorporated into the care plan include anticipatory grieving and impaired comfort.Reflective Questions1. What are some of the stresses on Sandra’s middle-aged sisters and their families?2. What resources are available to manage these stresses and support the sisters while caring for their dying sister Sandra?3. Describe Sandra’s feelings about dependency and loss of autonomy because she is unable to do her own activities of daily living any longer
NUR 1104 Mount Royal University Physical and Mental Fatigue Discussion

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What is Huemer’s argument that individuals have a right to immigrate? (Summarize his reasoning from sec 2 in a few sentences.)Huemer considers several objections to this conclusion (sec 3 and 4). Explain in your own words the objection you find the most compelling, and why you agree, or not, that it refutes Huemer’s conclusion.Why might someone think that a government is justified in restricting immigration in order to preserve a national culture (sec 3.4)? Do you think that is a legitimate purpose of governmental control?[Please keep your responses within] 600 words
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