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The definition of emotional Journey itself is the series of emotions which happen any moment in your life that is caused by an event that leads on to further emotions, either good or bad. Your whole life is an emotional Journey. Let us make a plotted story to make it being emotional. Imagine that when we are in a relationship with someone we have been trust in and loving for years, then that person cheats on us. Feeling disappointed, betrayed, and needing someone to talk to, to share with, and someone who can lean their shoulders and let us to cry as loud as we want.

Unfortunately, right before we are going to give her a ring, we are called by her mother and being told that she died. Going to the funeral heavy-heartedly, in a deep condolence, you meet her for the last time and arewell. Unexpectedly, you find your lost brother, you hug him in Joy and tender cry. But then, he got shot by anonymous right after you are hugging each other. On that day, you lost your trust towards your partner, lost both your best friend and your lost brother.

That would be very emotional. In the story, what emotional Journey is Sallys struggle to find her family origin since her grandmothers’; Nan, her mother; Gladys, until she finds out it all. She also finds out about how Aborigins are treated unequally and sometimes getting discriminated and stereotyped. A Journey doesn’t always mean you involved your physic get tired or moving into one place to another places. As stated by Peter Skrzynecki, an Australian poet, that “All physical Journeys have questions.

Journeys are always made by individuals or groups. Why were these journeys made, what or who was left behind? Some physical Journeys end in hardship or death, however all physical Journeys result in knowledge being gained”. A physical Journey is a corporeal experience where an individual moves from one place to another. During this Journey, it is the obstacles encountered that challenge he individual which allow the individual to extend themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally.

We can do a Journey without making our physic feel tired, and yet still we get extended in physically, intellectually and emotionally. We find out the buried truth, feeling sad, happy, angry, and get all of the emotion within, that means we have done our emotional Journey. Journeys give rise to emotional and intellectual ones. Therefore you can have the actual Journey occur literally with the implications of having the persona evolve as a person and go on their own independent spiritual Journey.

Therefore, what will we get after going through a Journey that it is a part of life, about how to overcome the obstacles, as the extension of personal boundaries, the beginning of a clear understanding of life, and this may led toa new life. The conclusions about Journeys might include some of the following points: Journeys are beneficial it unde rtaken witn people who can be nelptul to your Journey Journeys are integral to self-growth Journeys are profound Journeys can be seen as catalysts for change Journeys are treacherous, so you need to prepare for them Journeys can be unpredictable and, at times, dangerous

Journeys bestow Joy upon the traveler Journeys change your values, ideas and aspirations Journeys confront and challenge the traveler Journeys demonstrate that the grass is always greener on the other side Journeys enthuse you to undertake new challenges that will make you happy Journeys facilitate reflection about the way you feel about yourself, others and the world Journeys facilitate self-realization Journeys illustrate that there are many ways to attain a goal Journeys inherently assist in reaffirming your beliefs and ideals Journeys inspire you to achieve your personal best

Journeys lead to discoveries beyond the physical Journeys reward the traveler Journeys take on a life on their own and cannot be predicted Journeys transform the way you look at the world Let us start what Journey Sally Morgan has been gotten through her emotional journey. The Journey of Sally written in the story is telling the reader about what she remembered since she was 5, when she was Sally Corunna, until how she was becoming Sally Morgan. She often accompanied her mother to visit her father, who got treatment after war, in the hospital.

Nan, her maternal grandmother who also ived with her the same house, always found unique animal and discovery in the garden in early morning like bullfrog, bobtail goanna, snake tracks, cricket with unusual feelers, and so forth. In page 13 chapter one, sally stated that spring was an emotional experience for her, as well as for Nan. “It was a clear, blue spring day. I could smell the damp grass and feel the coolness of the breeze. It was such an optimistically beautiful day I felt like crying. Spring was always an emotional experience for me. It was for Nan, too. She tells about her lack of enthusiasm during her first year of school, her nterested in drawing which leads her to get embarrassed when her teacher found her drawing her parents naked. She was made embarrassed again and labeled as a dirty girl because of her unavoidable wet during the class. She got closer to her father, but she also saw her mother were got pushed by her father. In the other hand, her father was a good drinker and often took Sally and her siblings to the nearest club, but made them to wait inside the car. His moodiness made him angry often without any reason.

This made Sally, Nan, her mother, and her siblings hiding into Aunty Grace’s house. Then, Sally realized that her father also needed her to accompany him during this time. She felt sorry to not put his father to her first priority instead of her mother. In September, her father died. Page 43 chapter six: “That night I found myself feeling sorry for Dad. He was so lost. I blame myself for being too young. ” One day, she was asked about her nationalities by her classmates. She said that she was an Australian, but they didn’t reckon. After going home, she told her mother, and she was advised by her mother to say that they were Indian.

Meanwhile, she is n Aborigin, she was forced for being to pretend for what she didn’t belong to. In page 39 chapter five: “It was good to finally have an answer and it satisfied our playmates. They could quite believe we were Indian, they Just didn’t want us pretending we were Aussies when we were not. ” Her curiosity began when she met Arthur, Nan’s brother, and he came with his grandchildren whose skins were dark. She was surprised because Arthur spoke in English, then started wondering and wanted to be taught Indian by them. In page 47 chapter seven: “…

Mum grinned at me and said, Well say hello, these are your cousins’. As usual, my mouth had difficulty working. The small group of dark children stared at me…. ” After the school graduation, her mother didn’t allow her to be an artist. Sally saw Nan crying and talking about black skinned people. Jill, her sister, said that they were Aborigin, and being Aboriginal wouldn’t bring any goodness at all. Page 97 chapter fifteen: miou bloody kids don’t want me, you want a bloody white grandmother, I’m black. Do you hear, black, black, black! ” “For the first time in my fifteen years, I was conscious of Nan’s colouring.

Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale

Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale.

Using the Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS), you will observe an infant, toddler or two-year-old classrooms for 10 hours total.

You will complete the Personal Care Routines subscale for the program. In a written reflection (3-5 pages total) you will reflect on your findings and determine where the program could improve, using specific items from the ITERS subscales. You will also develop a presentation of your key findings from using the ITERS for this assignment. The presentation will highlight what was discovered about the program using the ITERS. Directions: • A summary of ITERS subscale findings is evident (6 items: greeting/departing, meals/snacks, nap, diapering/toileting, health practices, safety practices) • A personal reflection on the findings (3-5 pages). • A list of recommendations and areas for improvement is included, with direct correlation to the ITERS items. • Cite references properly in the text of the paper as well as at the end of the paper using APA style. • Share a brief summary of your findings and impressions of the ITERS (using powerpoint, prezi or another visual representation)

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