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Life of little ones is destroyed, when child labor is employed. I was born in a mint near Iambi. I am twelve years old and I was sent to Kola from Iambi. You know who I am? Guess I am a two rupees coin. I am telling you the days that I nearly spent. When I was made I was shining but a man who was carrying me fell me down. I was sad. No one saw me and without seeing me they kept leg on me and went away. Soon my shine also had gone way.

Days were passing like this and I was getting hurt in same brutal way. But one day a girl’s eyes fell on me. She took me in her hand and kept me in her pencil box. Her name was Smite. This new place was nice, cool, safe and better for me. I lived there very comfortably. I passed two to three days in this box . Whenever Smite used to open her pencil box she used to see me smiling. After seeing me she was thinking something in her mind. One day Smite got a five rupees coin. She kept the coin beside me.

Now I had a friend; with whom I used to share my Joys , good feelings, bad feelings and my experiences of my life. It was also very happy with me. You know , what happened , One day Smite dropped me on the way when she was in hurry to get up on school bus. Without seeing me she kept her leg on me. I was crying with pain. When she removed her leg. I got some relief and took some breath . What bad day it was! There was also Smith’s brother ;Arum; who was naughty and never used to listen anyone .

Arum took me in is hand and bought a candy and gave me to the shopkeeper. He kept me in the box. There was also coins like me. Again I got many friends and I was happy. I also told them my bad days that I spent. They were also sad and were weeping by hear ins my sad story (Autobiography) while some were laughing at me. Some friends told me don’t mind at them. I was happy there but also missing my beautiful home and my friend , five our pees coin. Now what will happen tome I don’t know . But I don’t want to go from here too.

Ancient artifacts to learn about what different cultures and societies valued in the past

Ancient artifacts to learn about what different cultures and societies valued in the past.


Historians often examine ancient artifacts to learn about what different cultures and societies valued in the past. For the next writing assignment, you will examine two pop culture artifacts (the television shows

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Modern Family) to determine what the two societies who watched/watch these shows valued/value. The purpose of this essay is to examine both shows, and most importantly, to make a point about the two shows. Your points must reveal to the audience some significant constants and changes in values or ideals from the 1950s to the present in American society. In order to do this, you must focus on the similarities and differences between the two shows. Possible Essay Topics  Portrayal of female characters  Portrayal of mothers  Portrayal of male characters  Portrayal of fathers  Portrayal of parent-child relationships  Portrayal of family and neighbor dynamics (how the characters interact with each other)  Diversity and/or lack of societal diversity Organization  Your introductory paragraph must begin with a hook, an overview/summary of the 2 television shows, your main comparison/contrast points, and your thesis statement. You may also choose to include additional information about pop culture or any other information that you find relevant for your essay. Your thesis statement MUST be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

 Your thesis statement must make an opinionated claim about a shift in values/ideals/standards from the 1950s to the present in America, while also including the two television shows. For example, a good thesis statement for this essay might look something like this: An analysis of Ozzie and Harriet and Modern Family shows a major shift in family values and paternal and maternal roles in America from the 1950s to the present.  Your analysis must go beyond summarizing the television shows, and you must provide a clear opinion about a shift in values that does NOT merely state the shows and/or characters are “alike but also different.”  Your body paragraphs must each begin with a topic sentence that contains the value being examined and provide effective and developed support for your opinionated claim by providing evidence from the two TV shows.  Create organized paragraphs that focus on one main point.  Include details, examples, dialogue, and possibly quotations from the TV shows to help you develop your topic.  Discuss complexities—for example, how do each of the characters differ in the interactions with their family members and neighbors? How is humor demonstrated? What maternal and paternal and husband and wife roles do the characters portray, and how are they similar and different in the two shows?  Use your critical voice (3rd person only) to explain why you have reached your conclusion as you compare and contrast.  Your conclusion must end the essay thoughtfully. What is to be learned from your comparison/contrast? Answer the “so, what?” question. Be careful not to slip into 2 nd person and talk directly to the reader.

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