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My Dream Company buy argumentative essay help Religious Studies

HP company is known for its best quality products and great services. This prestigious organization gives me more opportunities like exploring my innovative thoughts in building this organization in perfect manner. Because of its large scale productivity & services all over the world makes any person or customer comfortable.

HP company is founded by two great personalities Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett by partnership on January 1, 1939 and it is a technology company established world wide. HP company gives a lots of great opportunities for the fresher’s in developing and manufacturing like designing software, networking hardware etc. , where the fresher’s come into play because of its vast production employees can bring all their innovative thoughts and increasing the growth in friendly manner.

And we all know that HP Company exceeding $100 billion and became first IT company in history. I want to make a special recognition in this prestigious company like with the help of my new innovative ideas and leadership qualities I want to take these organization on the top of the world by providing best services to the customers and removing all the bugs (errors) present in this industry. And I would like to take this opportunity to develop some software’s also that matches to this modern world.

My vision is to enhance the productivity of individuals and business, change agent, Leading edge research, improving the quality of life, and to provide world wide access to information and infrastructure. As HP is very famous for its laptops, desktops, servers, printers, monitors and software were I want to check each and every product whether they are meeting the needs of the modern world today and whether improve any technology or software that makes the world look different by today’s vision.

I would strive hard to be an economic, intellectual and social asset, Market leadership by developing useful and innovative products, services and solutions, uncompromising integrity, innovation, growth and attain global citizenship by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to the country and community like these are some of my objectives that I am looking forward to achieve in my future. HP is one of the toughest recruitment process in the IT industry there are nearly 3, 25,000 employees working presently working in the MNC and the first company to introduce work from home concept, constant career growth to the employees these points shows that how tough for a person to climb the top of the mountain by which every employees tries hard and uses all his innovative thoughts to achieve all the dr.

If I enter into this prestigious organization the areas where I want to improve is Strong brand equity, solid market position, strong financial condition (Like for less investment getting out the profits or outputs then expected) and to take the company on the top of the mountain where it is now present at 9th place in the year 2009.

Like there are some areas where the company is bit shaking like Internal control issues, Lack of in-house management consulting division and No aggressive investments in Research & Development compared to historical spending these are some of the position where I would like to take up the challenge and change the situation. And now there are new markets in the Antarctica sector of the world also.

Like there are some threats to this organization also Apple is a major competitor because of its better quality the HP products are going down where if we can improve the technology and services by decreasing price and providing more features than we can improve our productivity intense competition from other PC manufacturers, Increasing competition from other PC manufacturers, Increasing competition on imaging and printing, slowdown in economic conditions in US and Europe.

HP is globally accepted company and its merger with Compaq it became world’s biggest computer hardware in the world, now the company is doing the business in more than 170 countries including ones that are developing and under – developed. Being a large company it provides many advantages like dominating the market for printers like both laser and inkjet, which helps for both consumers and companies using the economies of scale.

And these organization is taking an active role in developing the capacity of new markets all around the world by dealing with the multinational companies and other world governing bodies to reigniting the competitiveness at home. HP always being recognized the need to compete in these global markets and also the company has major advantage in enabling the company to hold its position even in the time of recession. As long as the products are good and down to earth prices there will be a special demand on each and every product.

Company has been increasing its technology from the span of calculators to laser printers; from notebook computers to servers this shows how it has being developing from various stages to the top of the modern technology. The company has a long history of inventions and innovations until it came to this stage. And Research and Development is very important in managing the areas like rich digital media and mobility and management software’s and security. This is my dream company like I stated above some key points like where I want to increase the productivity and security and some of the areas where the company is leading in this world.


In our discussion this week we explore Shahrnush Parsipur’s Women Without Men, a short, but intriguing work of magical realism. Magical realist fiction can be used to explore difficult situations and can have a powerful political effect. Parsipur’s novella explored matters relating to the oppressive conditions for women in the Iranian theocracy, and the response to both the text and its writer was swift and harsh: the book was banned, and Parsipur imprisoned (yet again). Read through the prompts below carefully, and then post your comments. Remember the following ground rules for the discussion:
Post one comment in response to one of the prompts below. Your comment should be at least ONE paragraph (6-8 sentences).
Respond to comments posted by TWO class members. Each response should be at least ONE paragraph (6-8 sentences)
Your first comment should be posted on Wednesday, February 23. All comments and responses should be posted by Saturday, February 26 (at 11.59 pm). Please remember to indicate clearly which prompt you are answering. If you are enjoying the conversation and feel inspired to contribute more than the minimum number of posts required (i.e. 1 comment, 2 responses), you can definitely do this and earn yourself some extra credit in the process.
1.In his short but very readable article, “So What is Magical Realism, Really?,” Bruce Holland Rogers explains the identifying characteristic of magical realism:
[M]agical realist writers write the ordinary as the miraculous and the miraculous as the ordinary. (2)
Discuss this statement in relation to Parsipur’s Women Without Men. Choose a scene, event or section from the novella, then explore the way in which the ordinary and the miraculous are connected in the narrative: the ordinary as miraculous, and the miraculous as ordinary. Consider the effect of bringing together the miraculous and the ordinary in this manner. What is achieved by doing this? How does this help the reader understand the concerns of the narrative? (Remember to indicate clearly which scene, or event, or section of text you discuss, as well as its specific concerns or focus.)
2.Discuss the importance of the garden in Parsipur’s Women Without Men. The women make their way to this garden, and use this man-free space as a place of refuge, away from the chaos of the city (Tehran), and their former lives controlled by men. Could we consider this man-free zone a women’s utopia of sorts? What does the garden offer the five women whose lives are strangely, perhaps even magically, brought together? What do the women achieve through their experience of the garden? Why do you think that not one of the women wants to remain in the garden-space indefinitely?
3.Discuss the role and function of the “kind gardener” in the man-free zone of the garden-space. We know the names of each of the five women who gather together at the garden, and the narrative supplies information about each woman and her life experience before her arrival. But we know nothing about the kind gardener, his name, or his life prior to his sudden appearance. He simply asks to be called “kind gardener” and claims he can work in the garden and do any other sort of work that needs to be done. Why do you think he is accepted into the community so easily when all other men are excluded? He doesn’t live in the same house as the women, but he is there, in the space of the garden, amongst the women, every day. Who or what do you think this kind gardener might be, and why? What is his function in this world of women? How does he relate to the women gathered there?