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Sam is DeadELA During the American Revolution Soldiers weren’t the only ones who were at high risk of death. For example in the small town of Redding, Connecticut there was a variety of different opinions on war. Unlike like most happy stories and fairytales there was no good side, there might have been a good cause but no side was considered innocent. The Patriots were killing someone for a crime they did or looked like they were committing even if they were fighting for their side.

The British were exaggerating situations to get a chance to execute a fellow loyalist or Patriot. In the book My Brother Sam is Dead by, James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, the Meeker Family is displayed as the typical family during 1775-1779. Tim Meeker has a rebellious brother who was raised as a Loyalist but joins the Patriots to fight against his own king’s army. From the beginning of the books on through the end Tim exhibits different character traits. A series of events cause these changes.

In the beginning of the novel Tim displays lazy and laggard behavior. Tim didn’t bother to fix the broken basket in the barn. “I did fix it, but it broke again…I was to lazy to fix it again. Laziness was sloth and sloth was a sin” (PG16) Occasionally he seems to has and I could care less attitude. Tim is the youngest Meeker son. Being the youngest can sometimes lead to depending more on your siblings and parents to do or fix your work. However, Tim is quiet; he holds back when it comes to opinions.

This trait make Tim hold back and think his opinion means nothing to his family or whoever would listen. Tim isn’t outspoken like Sam. “Children ought to keep a civil tongue in their heads, I guess he was right children are suppose to keep quiet and not say anything even when the know the grownups are wrong,.. Sometimes I have trouble keeping quiet myself. ” (PG8and9) Growing up with a brother who is out spoken and a role model it is easy to be hard on yourself when you compare yourself to them.