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I am glad I spoke at the assembly. At first when I had Michael Pritchard (well- known speaker about bullying) was coming I thought, well it just another speaker (who’s) that’s here to tell us about bullying, something I don’t even do. But when I heard him speak I was moved by his speech. I could not believe that he had the courage to tell us students of the WRHS what we have done wrong. That when it hit me when Mr. Pritchard was calling people down I thought I should tell my story. After my friend John spoke I raised my hand and Mr. Pritchard picked me. I was shaking when I got up there. I said my name then I told my story of how I lost my mother when I was five and how I had a hard time making friends in school and how I was always alone . I just plainly told people that I sick and tired of being the butt of their jokes. After my speech I got a hug from friend and Michael Pritchard. I feel now I have good respect from people in school . And most of it comes from my dad and my step mom. I also fell since the speech I have more respect from people. Well before I end I would like to thank my dad, step mom Patti , my Grammy and my auntie Kate for there love and support through this .

I would also like to thank a few people from school

Doctor Mark Dotter for being a really great councilor.

Erin the guidance secretary for being a person I can talk to when I just need someone to talk to in school

And last but not least, Mr. Mower for cheering me up when I am down and just being a great mentor I can just come and talk to.