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Mussolini Italy vs. Nazi Germany college essay help los angeles Literature online class help

Mussolini’s over Italy from 1925-1943 show many key similarities as well as differences in terms of economic, political and social policies. Although socially Nazi Germany and Italy under Mussolini were different in terms of their views towards dissimilar races, the way economic recovery was handled in terms of public construction programs and the political ideas presented by the dictators of each state were virtually identical.

Mussolini launched several public construction programs including the battle for heat, battle for land and gold for the fatherland which would help counteract the economic setbacks Italy was facing at the time. Similarly, Hitler oversaw many infrastructure-improvement campaigns including the building of dams, autobahns and railways also working to improve the German economy by cutting inflation and decreasing unemployment.

Although the projects launched in Germany and Italy did show positive effects for the economy, these effects were short lived as they were only short term solutions. Additionally, Mussolini, known as the “father of fascism”, ad political ideas for Italy revolving around anti-communism and intense nationalism. Hitler painted a similar political picture for Nazi Germany, making Germany a fascist state.

The fascist government in Italy and Germany meant everything the people did was controlled and monitored (Italian Black Shirts and German Browns Shirts), patriotism and military obedience were expected and the government took a great deal of control over the economy. However, contradictorily, Nazi Germany believed that the answer to many of their problems was the xtermination and isolation of “inferior races”, especially Jews, while Mussolini believed Italy could be a state consisting of many ethnicities as long as loyalty to the fatherland is present.

As a result, Hitler and the Nazi’s were responsible for the death of around 11 million people because of their race, whereas Mussolini believed that everyone in his country was the same “race” because they shared the same culture. It is evident that while Hitler’s social views were extremely anti-Semitic compared to Mussolini’s, their views on restoring the economy and their political ideals are quite similar.