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(music) sonata form listening project

(music) sonata form listening project. I’m stuck on a Art & Design question and need an explanation.

everything is straight forward for you all you have to do is take a look at those files attached bellow and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. LITERALLY MY GRADUATION DEPENDS ON THIS SO PLEASE DO NOT FOR ONE BIT CONSIDER BIDDING ON THIS QUESTION UNLESS YOU ARE 100% YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING AND CAN AND WILL DELIVER AN EXCELLENT PAPER ON TIME.
files includes:
2-sample( be careful please.)
and here is the musical peice you will be listening to(PLEASE REFER TO IT AS “EXAMPLE1″WHILE WRITING THE PAPER)

(music) sonata form listening project

BUS 509 Trident University Employee and Labor Relations Discussion.

TOTAL REWARDS; EMPLOYEE & LABOR RELATIONS; GLOBAL HRClick both The King Company Background and Employee Relations to review information on the Company.Also read:Green, N., Ryan, K., & Levy, M. (2017). The correct way to terminate an employee. Retrieved from the following issues in an essay format which includes an introduction and conclusion (not a Q & A format). Utilize information from readings and research to help strengthen and validate your writing.What should have taken place before the decision was made to terminate Lyle Jones (email 5)? What should be done now regarding Lyle’s termination?Concerning Tonia Putt’s termination (email 9) what should be done now?Utilize information from at least 2 Trident Online Library sources to help strengthen and validate your discussion.Provide private-sector employer examples of HRM programs, systems, processes, and/or procedures as you address the assignment requirements. Provide names of the employers. Use different employer examples in this course than what have been used previously in your other papers and courses.Bring in related court case decisions to help augment your discussion, if applicable.Paper length: 2-3 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages).
BUS 509 Trident University Employee and Labor Relations Discussion

An operon is a group of genes under the control of a single promoter. Match each.

inducible-the amount of gene product is constant Repressible -activating the repressor gene product inhibits transcription                     -under default conditions, transcription is inhibitedconstitutive-Sufficient amounts of the gene product inhibit further transcriptionis was incorrect any ideas  says other items might be misplaced but not correctly identified the statement that describes the inducible 
An operon is a group of genes under the control of a single promoter. Match each

Genetic Mutations: Causes, Types and Effects. Annotation of Genome Variants The major goal for genomics is that to determining the sequence of molecules that make up the genomic content of an organism. The genes are contained in the chromosomes and it can be further described as containing the fundamental units of heredity. These genes are known as transcriptional unit, those regions of chromosomes that under appropriate circumstances are capable of producing RNA then these RNA is translated into molecules of protein. Basically human genome variants causes’ difference between individuals include the exchange of genes during meiosis and various mutational events. The usual reasons for genetic variation exists between populations one is all about Natural selection and the other one is Neutrality of most mutations due to the random drift. Studies proved that Human genome variants have both evolutionary significance and medical applications. Evolutionary significance is to understand ancient human population as well as how the different human groups are biologically related to one another, in the case of medicine some disease causing alleles occur more often in people from specific geographical regions. A specific condition which may cause by the alteration or mutation of a specific gene will lead to particular disorders; these single gene disorders are often heritable so that single gene disorder may be at risk for passing the condition onto their children. The fact is quite essential to know that how do mutations occur in genome. Gene mutation is a permanent change in DNA sequence that makes up a gene. The mutations can occur in two ways, one can be through inherited from a parent or acquired during a person’s lifetime. Mutations passed from parent to child are called hereditary mutations or germ line mutations. This type of mutations is present throughout a person’s life in virtually every cell cycle in the body. Some mutations are called De novo mutations, these kinds of mutations are occur only in egg or sperm cell, or those that occur just after fertilization, so this mutations are also called new mutation. Denovo mutations may specify genetic disorders in which an affect child has a mutation in every cell, but it has no family history of the disorder. But in the case of acquired mutations occur in the DNA of individual cells at some time during a person’s life. Environmental factor such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun or can be the cause of these mutation. Also it can occur if mistake is made as DNA copies itself during cell division (mitosis) so that it cannot be passed in to the next generation, but in the failure in the DNA mechanism then the mutation can be passed to future copies of the altered cell. Single cell within an early embryo may also occur mutation in single cell .As all the cell divide during growth and development, the individual will have some cells with the mutation and some cells without the genetic change and this situation is called mosaicism. Some genetic changes are very rare; others are common in the population. Genetic changes that occur in more than 1% of the population are called polymorphisms. These are considered to be as a normal variation in the DNA. Any way by changing gene’s instruction for making a protein a mutation can cause the protein to malfunction or to be missing entirely. Here we can say that the condition caused by mutation in one or more genes is called a genetic disorder, these genetic disorder causes the disease by making a gene function improperly. There are number of ways of alteration can be happen in DNA sequence, depends up on their occurring place and alteration in the function of essential proteins gene mutations have varying effects on health. Basically the types of Mutations include:- Missense mutation will make a change in one DNA base pair that results in the substitution of one amino acid for another in the protein made by a gene. An insertion changes the number of DNA bases in a gene by adding a piece of DNA. As a result, the protein made by the gene may not function Deletion changes the number of DNA bases by removing a piece of DNA .The deleted DNA may alter the function of the resulting proteins, so the small deletions may remove one or a few base pairs within a gene, while larger deletion can remove an entire gene or several neighbouring genes. Duplication in DNA sequence will alter the function of the resulting protein a duplication consists of a piece of DNA that is abnormally copied one or more times. Frame shift mutation is a type of mutation occurs when the addition or loss of DNA bases changes a gene’s reading frame. Basically a reading frame consists of groups of 3 bases that each code for one amino acid. A frame shift mutation shifts the grouping of these bases and challenges the code for amino acids. Then the resulting protein is usually non-functional, so that the frame shift mutation can be Insertions, deletion. Repeat expansion is a kind of nucleotide repeats which are short DNA sequence that are repeated a number of times in a row. A tri nucleotide repeat is made up of 3-base-pair sequence, and a tetra nucleotide repeat is made up of 4-base-pair sequences. A repeat expansion is a mutation that increases the number of times that the short DNA sequence is repeated. This type of mutation can cause the resulting protein to function improperly. Mutation and Disease DNA is constantly subject to mutations, accidental changes in its code. Mutations can lead to missing or malformed proteins, and that can lead to disease. We all start out our lives with some mutations. These mutation inherited from your parents are called germ-line mutations. Generally some mutations are bad for the human body but some mutations can be beneficial. To keep population healthy genetic mutations create genetic diversity, many mutations have no effect at all and these mutations are called silent mutations. But the common mutations which were most concerned mutations are which causing disease’s mostly those diseases are happening due to the mutation of a single gene. Most inherited genetic diseases are recessive that means a human must inherit two copies of the mutated gene to inherit a disorder. Diseases caused by a one copy of a defective gene are rare. But the high impact of natural selection make these dominant genetic diseases tend to get weeded out of populations over time, because afflicted carriers are more likely to die before reproducing. CFTR are one of the mutated genes this will provide instruction for making a protein called the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance, regulator. This protein will produce mucus, sweat, saliva, tears and digestive enzymes. CFTR regulates the channels which transport negatively charged particles and positively charged particles. These channels are necessary for the normal function of organs such as the lungs and pancreas. The most common gene changes involves a single base mismatch a misspelling.. Placing the wrong base in the DNA. At other times, a single base may be dropped or added. And sometimes large pieces of DNA are mistakenly repeated or deleted. Single Gene Disorder: The condition caused by the alteration or mutation of a specific gene, these single gene disorders are often heritable, so single gene disorder may be at risk for passing the condition onto their children. Examples for single gene disorders are: – Cystic fibrosis, Sickle cell anaemia, Tay-sachs disease etc. In this work the influence of bioinformatics and computational biology is very high, because this work can be go forth only with help of Data bases, tools and programming. The Data base like OMIM plays a key role because OMIM stands for online mendelian inheritance in man. It is a catalogues of all the known disease with the genetic component and link the disease to the relevant genes in the human genome for further research and tools for genomic analysis of catalogued gene. Basically omim is hosted in the US national centre for biotechnology information (NCBI) .Omim is an abstract of human genes and genetic phenotypes that is freely available and updated daily. Information on all known genetic mandalian disorders and over 12,000genes. So with the help of Natural Language Processing we can extract key words from this data base and compare with symptoms in any case sheet and identify which disease are belongs to mutations. Natural language processing is a field of computer science which will concerned with interactions between computers and human natural languages. That is the computers should understand human natural language which enables computers to derive meaning from human or natural language input. Computers use, analyze, understand, generate natural language. It’s originates aprox five decades ago with machine translation systems. Currently NLP includes a wide variety of linguistic theories, cognitive models, and emerging approaches. The interactive application may be classified along the Speech recognition understanding and synthesis, generation, Natural Language Interfaces, Discourse Management, story Understanding and text generation, Interactive machine translation, Intelligent writing assistants. NLP provides mechanisms for incorporating natural language knowledge and modalities into user interfaces. By the application of NLP we could easily recognize the language that we required, through this way we can extract the keywords from the Omim database and based on the semantic equivalence compare with the case sheet data and find out the disorders. The semantic equivalence can be find out when we integrate the context distance means finding closeness of word meanings model with morphological analysis. Then using the tool Alchemyapi which is based on the natural language processing, here API will employ complex linguistic, statistical and natural network algorithms, alchemyapi is able to read and understand text at massive rates of speed. This tool offers a suite of text analysis functions that can add understanding and semantic data to your text content. These functions are all accessed via a REST API and the data is returned as an easy to pores structure that can be integrated in to our application. So using this application we do keyword extraction – which extract the important terms. Basically keyword are the important topics in our content and can be used to index data, generate tag clouds or for searching. Alchemyapi is capable for finding keywords in text and ranking them. Alchemyapi automatically detects the language of the content and then performs the appropriate analysis. Api puts statistical algorithms and natural LP technology to analyze our content and identify the relevant keywords, and this tool will ranked based on the relevance here the relevance score is calculated for each keyword based on the statistical analysis, and the result are returned sorted by relevancy. Objectives: Ultimately through this work will make doctors to easily recognize the diseases related to the symptoms. Also we could recognize which mutation causes certain disorders. If we under stood what makes these diseases may be what kind of mutation leads to certain disorders , hopefully we could look forward for the treatments and medicine . Genetic Mutations: Causes, Types and Effects

Understanding Own Emotions Discussion Term Paper

Emotions constitute a vital aspect of human psychological functioning, but the excessively strong emotional strain in stressful situations might have long-term outcomes for the individual, as the physical and cognitive response to the inner emotional outburst might temporarily impair human thinking and logical reasoning. Therefore, emotions need to be expressed safely for the person and the environment, moreover, coping strategies appear in this sense a desirable tool of reducing the time of influence of the emotion (Lecture Notes, Week 6). The present paper is designed to discuss the aspect of the author’s effective sphere. Although I am generally an assertive and even self-confident person, I often encounter strong emotions and nervous tension before speaking in public, especially sharing my research reports with the audience. As a rule, I properly prepare before delivering the speech, but this irrational fear of the audience sometimes covers me. In such moments, I feel as if my body has been placed into the narrow Procrust’s bed, I begin to shrink and have a feeling of “wadded legs”. Moreover, my voice drastically changes, as seeking to develop a louder tone, I begin to speak increasingly more squeaky. As for the cognitive functions, I begin to think much faster than speak and thus might confuse figures, statistics and even pronounce words incorrectly. When my listeners ask questions, I often need some time to comprehend them and construct a full and satisfactory answer in my mind, even in the cases of simpler “specifying” questions (e.g. “How long did your research take?”) Ironically, I cannot characterize my emotions as strong in such situations, but their physical and cognitive manifestations seem to some extent disturbing. As a rule, I try to relax my inner strain through joking, as my friends consider me a pretty witty and articulate person. Fortunately, the ability to add a component of humor is not influenced by my emotions, and the listeners do not perceive my smiles and distracting passages as “forced behavior” (I have already discussed this question precisely). Furthermore, I use gestures to help myself transmit information; moreover, the reasonable and relevant use of body language also enhances relaxation and makes me feel more comfortable. These two techniques combine both the expression and management of emotions, as they altogether cause a sensation of a friendly atmosphere in the accommodation (Gibson, 2006). Moreover, I employ workable psychological techniques, which immediately and substantially raise self-esteem and restores my regular assertiveness. I just remind myself that the audience is very interested in my speech and expect me to provide a comprehensive overview of the information I have prepared. In addition, I also recognize that all listeners sympathize with me and I am entitled to be myself and behave naturally even when delivering scientific information. Finally, I remind myself before the speech that no disasters can happen even theoretically during the speech since even I perplex and omit some important information, the audience will anyway ask questions, answering which I am likely to recollect. Therefore, I use mainly cognitive tools for emotion management, and although I pay less attention to dealing with bodily “symptoms”, they anyway are quite helpful. Nevertheless, to perfect my approach to emotional expression and management, I will need to add breathing exercises as very light limbering-up before speaking in public so that physical blocks and barriers are overcome. References Gibson, D. (2006). Emotional Episodes at Work: An Experimental Exercise in feeling and Expressing Emotions. Journal of Management Education, 30 (3): 477-500. Lecture Notes, Week 6.

Unit 8 Assignment

online assignment help Unit 8 Assignment.

Advanced practice nurses must be prepared to market themselves to others so that the key characteristics and contributions of their expertise and the role are recognized. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a marketing plan for an advanced practice nurse. As you prepare this marketing plan, develop present it as if you were explaining the advanced practice role to a potential employer or the public who may be unfamiliar with the role. This assignment may be submitted as a brochure or flyer and may use bullet points to present information instead of a narrative format. Directions: Choose the advanced practice role that you are being prepared for (NP, Executive Leader, or Nurse Educator) and briefly describe the role including the history of the role, education and certification, and major functions of this role.Identify and describe an institution or practice that may employ the role described. Include information such as the size of the institution and if there are any other advanced practice nurses working at the institution or practice site.Review the literature in the library on role development and marketing strategies. You will need to look at the literature beyond nursing. Provide a written review of literature about marketing advanced nursing roles. Make sure you include articles about the use of social media and the internet. Your written review of the literature should include at least three references.Discuss at least four of the Central and Core Competencies (Direct Clinical Practice, Guidance and Coaching, Consultation, Evidence-based Practice, Leadership, Collaboration, Ethical Decision Making) described in Hamric’s Integrative Model of Advanced Practice Nursing and how these competencies can influence advanced nursing practice. To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Resources. Assignment Requirements:Before finalizing your work, you should:be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; andutilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors. Your writing Assignment should:follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; anduse APA 6th Edition format.For assistance, visit the Writing Center.
Unit 8 Assignment

CGD 318 Ashford University Wk 3 New Product Sale New Release

CGD 318 Ashford University Wk 3 New Product Sale New Release.

News Release [CLOs: 1-6]Review the section entitled “The Format of a News Release” in the beginning of Chapter 6. Choose an existing product or a made up product and write a one to two page news release (not including title and reference pages) announcing the introduction of the new product using the provided format. The paper:Must be one to two double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust use at leaste one scholarly source in addition to the course text.Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.
CGD 318 Ashford University Wk 3 New Product Sale New Release

ENGL 101 University of Idaho Comparing Perspectives of Values Discussion

ENGL 101 University of Idaho Comparing Perspectives of Values Discussion.

Refer to the Assignment Schedule to make sure that you complete all of the listed readings. The Preparatory Work section for Essay 4 has three parts. You should complete each part in order, and submit them as one Microsoft Word document when you are finished.Part I: Summary and Rhetorical AnalysisRead all of the articles under the “Room for Debate” topic you chose as the basis of Essay 4. the three articles that you found the most compelling. These will be the three articles you synthesize for your essay.For EACH article, write a 100-word summary, and another 100-150 words analyzing the “angle of vision” of the text (i.e., the text’s rhetorical strategies: purpose, use of evidence, audience, appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos).Identify the “synthesis question” (see pgs. 310-311) that your essay will address.Part II: Comparing TextsWrite a 250-300-word analysis that compares the angle of vision of the three articles you’re synthesizing for Essay 4. Use the following questions (taken from pgs. 313-314 of Allyn & Bacon) to help generate ideas:What similarities and differences do you see in the way the authors choose to frame the issue they’re writing about?What are the main similarities and differences in their angles of vision?What commonalities and intersections related to your synthesis question do you see in their ideas? What contradictions and clashes do you see in their ideas?On the subject of your synthesis question, how would Author A respond to Authors B and C?Part III: Exploring Your Own IdeasAnswer the following questions (taken from “Questions to Help You Develop Your Own Views” on pg. 316).What do I agree with and disagree with in the three texts that I have analyzed?If I find one author’s perspective more valid, accurate, interesting, or useful than another’s, why is that?Related to my synthesis question, what new, significant questions do these texts raise for me?What is my current view on the focusing question that connects my texts and that all the texts explore?How would I position myself in the conversation of the texts?Now use the following two prompts to concisely articulate your position (note: these are possible thesis statements). I used to think ______________, but now I think _________________. Although these texts have persuaded me that _____________, I still have doubts about ____________.
ENGL 101 University of Idaho Comparing Perspectives of Values Discussion