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Music. M

During the New Corona Virus Pandemic you are to use the free daily operas being streamed for free from the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York. Google this search term: and choose the opera you wish to critique so you can add it to your calendar.
These Critiques are intended to help you explore live performances whether in person or via the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD series of live broadcasts. Each critique should range from 400 to 600 words. This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to demonstrate skills and understanding gained from your study of music so far.
Use paragraphs to organize your thoughts and guide your readers, be sure your paragraphs are indented and follow both the rules of grammar and usage. Your responses should show that your are mastering the material covered in class, can understand musical concepts, and use musical vocabulary correctly. If you need help with how to write an academic essay, please refer to the Turabian style manual.
Here are important points for you to consider and write on:
Tell what performance the critique will discuss, the “who, what, when, and where” as it were.
Write a few words about your preparation for the event.
Note what you observe about other performance attenders in terms of dress, etiquette, engagement in the performance, etc.
Tell something about the appearance of the performers, costume, interaction with each other and with the audience, engagement, etc.

• Tell what specific pieces of music were performed and some important features of each (discuss the music here).

• Tell what aspects of the performance you liked, or didn’t like (discuss the performance here).

• Discuss your reaction to the music, tell what you enjoyed most and why; also what was not your favorite and why.

• Finally, tell whether you would attend another such performance and whether you would recommend it to others you know; tell also how your might prepare differently for future performances.

One critique on one met opera