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For a moment there was no sound, I closed my eyes for just a second and lost myself breathing in the sweat. I felt the movement of the massive amount of bodies jump in unison carrying me with them, than thud, as if one foot step the hundreds of fans began screaming, crying, shouting, and hooting for the band on stage. Front row I could not believe how close I was. The excitement builds up inside of me I stretched my arm out to the lead singer hoping, praying he would see me and catch my hand.
The crowd acting as a family together never apart; peering into the faces of the unknown I saw myself in each fan, with crazed eyes, a wide smile, and a brightly lit face from sweat and joy, I knew I felt the same way they did, excited, joyous, thrilled, as if their lives were complete. “Call us freaks but that’s just the way we roll.” This moment meant to them as it did for me.

The crowed raved on. The music blasted through my ears. My blood boiled, a grin stretched across my face aching my cheeks, but I did not care. My body was pressed against the stage in an uncomfortable position, but I did not care. The intensity of the music was tearing my ears apart but I did not care. All I cared about was this the moment and for it I would endure all. The chores began and the crowed started singing I joined in, no one cared whether or not the other person had a decent voice; no one cared how loud the other would sing, all that mattered was the music, the music that brought us all together, the music that moved us as one.
Our family of fans shared one ambition to be moved by our music, “we are one you and I we are like the earth and sky” an ambition that has influenced me; one that has carried on such a significant meaning to my life. Music has not only moved this very moment however music has been the rhythm of my life. Influenced by the lyrics and sound each song has developed significance in my life. Whether that song may have helped me through a tough time, whether that song has brought me closer to the ones I love or whether my music has developed a bond of friendship between one person I would have never approached.
The music played was the music in our hearts, a journey taken in order to find the music one desires, an ambition for one to be able to sing along with the music of the heart. A destiny fulfilled all by the lyrics of a song. Brought together this moment shared, the experience of a lifetime is one shared with hundreds, each word each note had a different meaning to each individual in the crowd however the words spoken and the notes sang and the meaning of the song was carried on.
“And tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over again”

Social studys, Nationalism, french revolution

Social studys, Nationalism, french revolution.

 First Page-Evaluate the choice to illustrate the new $10 Dollar Bill with the Viola Desmond “story”; how does her experience relate to ideas about identity and belonging in Canada? Is her story one that Canadians should know about? What other “stories” would you like to see on Canadian Currency, and why? Second page- Analysis of a self-selected painting from the French Revolution (source analysis, connection to the rise of nationalism, modern-day significance) (you can pick the painting)

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