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Ford Mustang A. the top favorite muscle car in the late 1900’s B. Top Selling car in the 1900’s C. The 1960’s best models D. Hard to find now in days, especially 1960’s models V. Chevrolet Camaro A. 1960’s best models B. Second highest selling muscle car C. Copying a model like the mustangs, but not as fast a mustang D. Great expensive car and hard to find VI. Chevrolet Corvette A. Great muscle car B. The spike of the its year 1960’s C. 1969 models having the highest peek in sold models for corvette VII. Plymouth Superbird A. 1970’s highest peek, not min existence any B. A racing car and also a driving car C.

Great legend in NASCAR racing and overall great muscle car VIII. 1969 Pontiac GTO A. Great muscle car and expensive parts B. a high chance in improvement and higher motor C. Great competition car and muscle car IX. Shelby Cobra A. High expensive B. rare to find now and days C. Expensive and another great muscle car, great part of race car history Late 1900’s Muscle Cars In the late 1900’s the war was over and the production of vehicles bombed. In the beginning of the 1900’s and in the ending of the 1980’s there where some super cars called muscle cars. These muscle cars where very fast and popular vehicles back in the 1900’s.

The first car that made this happen come true was the 1966, 67 Pontiac GTO. A muscle car was just a smaller vehicle with two passengers and that had V8 engine put into the vehicle. After the war so many people bought many vehicles and especially the best cars, such as the Mustangs and Camaro’s. There where muscle cars for the young men and for also the mature men in world. Now in days so many cars in the late 1900’s are so expensive because of how many there were sold and not many left. There aren’t many sold in the world because now in days, these cars aren’t made anymore and have gone extinct.

Not have gone extinct but have not made cars like in the 1900’s no more. There’s only a handful of these vehicles left in the world there body work of the cars makes them expensive. In the late 1900’s there where only a handful of vehicles that were made in certain years. That’s what makes these certain muscle cars very rear to high collectors that want to specific cars with exact years. High collectors that want to have specific cars in the late 1900’s find them eventually, but usually these vehicles cost a lot of money. That’s why 1900’s vehicles are rear now in days.

Second of all there are many cars that are still out there, but most cars that are found are very rusty or have been destroyed. The dream of a young kid or a young adult is to built there car of there dreams and they eventually do build there cars. Many people now in days don’t want to buy high expensive cars that have been fixed and ready to go. Many muscle car lovers, will love to build there car of there dreams by finding there vehicle beat up or destroyed. But once they find these vehicles they work on them themselves and love to build these cars from the “Ground, up”.

This expression is used as saying that they love to start with an old beat up vehicle and restore it to its original form. But restoring a vehicle is not so easy now in days. This reason is because now in days there are harder parts to find on the year or model car you’re trying to find. Restoring a original muscle car will cost more then 20,000 to 30,000 dollars to restore the car that you always desired. But in the end many muscle cars love how they end up with there dream car and how they love there muscle cars. Some late 1900’s muscle cars are more expensive then others.

Many people may say that because of the model of the car or the just because they have out more stuff in there original late 1900’s muscle car. There can be many things why so many people say that, some cars are more expensive then others. But the fact is that, some vehicles are just simply faster and have a better or bigger engine under the hood of the car. Another fact is that just simply that some muscle cars are most expensive then other because of the model or the year of that car. Many muscle cars aren’t found and the ones that find these cars are high and expensive.

A real reason why a car being so expensive then other late muscle cars. Is the year and if it is rare and not many of those cars are found now in days. Some other reasons why some muscle cars are more expensive then others are because the motor they put into there original cars. Some other reasons are because the rareness of the car and also how many original parts they used on the car, will make the car more expensive because it’s more original. [pic]The 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang is the top muscle cars of its time and a very strong and powerful mustang. This mustang sold more then 100,000 in it’s year when it came out.

In late 1965 to the late 1968 mustang where the most popular and best muscle cars of its time. By the end of the first year of the 1967 the mustang had been a want car for many muscle cars of it’s time and still is the best muscle car of its today. Today now and days this car is so expensive and so valuable to many car owners. A car like this would go for more then 40 to 50,000 dollars. The late 67 models are the most valuable because there’s not many of these models left in the world and that makes this very valuable and very expensive, but is also a great car now in days too.

This car is considered to be the best muscle cars of all time and to be very valuable now in days. The 1967 Mustang went from 0 to 60 mph in 5. 5 seconds. [pic]Chevrolet Camaro SS, was the second highest popular car sold. This was the era were Chevrolet tried to copy the design of the mustang. It had accomplished it, by selling lots of Camaro’s but not as much as the Mustang’s. The 1967 Camaro was the second highest car to sell in nation wide, with over 80,000 cars sold in that one year. The Camaro came out with a V8 engine and with the choice of a 327 or a 350 small block engine.

The horse power of the engine that came out of the engine was around 150 hp. On the Camaro they had “SS” this meant to say super sport; they meant to say super sport because it was a high powered engine and had lots of muscle for its time. The car did perform well but still couldn’t be able to defeat the 1967 Shelby Mustang. The Camaro went 0to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds flat. [pic] The 1967 corvette coupe stingray was another great fast and very popular back in the 1900’s. The corvette had finished its 1967 model, many people may say that the model 1967 looks the same as the 1966 model but it came a bit different.

It may seemed to looked the 1966 model but, not so much because the 1967 corvette came out with a 427 cubic engine that put out more then 200 hp. It had maximum speed of 140 miles per hour and went 0 to 60 mph in 4. 8 seconds. The 1967 corvette was the first car to have four disk brakes on all four wheels. [pic] The Plymouth Super bird was the car if its time was not any ordinary car, it was back in the day was a NASCAR racing muscle car. It was a muscle car of pure muscle and was a very fast car back in the days. The big tail in the back of the car was to give the car more stamina and make it lighter to make it go faster.

This car was designed to be as a jet airplane back in the days. They made the body of the car like a jet airplane and it made the car straight forward that the car would go faster. The Superbird went 200 miles per hour and that was fast back in the days. The car went 200 miles per hour and came out more then 300 horsepower. This car was legendary because there aren’t many as before at all. Not as much as others. These cars where mostly used for racing. It went from 0 to 60 mph in 5. 6 seconds. [pic] The 1967 Pontiac GTO was a great and unexpected muscle car that no one saw coming.

The Pontiac was a big surprise for many muscle lovers. The Pontiac was a big surprise because tit came out of no where. The Pontiac had potential and took it, the way the car it looks. It came out with a v8 motor and pumping out more then 300 horsepower and with a 400 cubic engine. The 1967 GTO was a high and unexpected car that no one saw and its overall speed was toped out at 100mph. Also from 0 to 60 miles per hour it got there in 6. 4 seconds. [pic] The Shelby was an old late 1900’s vehicle. This car was another race car back in the days and was very fast and just super bird.

But this care is very rare because there aren’t too many of this body frames or cars like these in the world that exist anymore. That’s why this car is very straight forward and very nice car. It had been called the cobra because it strikes fast and it went as fast as the cobra. Work cited Page http://www. musclecarclub. com/musclecars/pontiac-gto/pontiac-gto-history. shtml, http://www. anythingaboutcars. com/1960s-muscle-cars. html http://bruceleibowitz. net/cars/camaro/camaro_history/ http://www. allpar. com/model/superbird. html http://www. helium. com/items/1257226-1960s-corvette