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If you would like to make a comment regarding this item, Section 1, Question 6 This excerpt demonstrates: Consonant harmonies that give a feeling of stability throughout How dissonant ironies create tension and instability throughout Mainly consonant harmonies disrupted by dissonance at the beginning of the passage Dissonant harmonies at the end of the passage Feedback Choice number 2: How dissonant harmonies create tension and instability throughout Correct!This excerpt demonstrates how dissonant harmonies create tension and instability. Section 1, Question 7 The Italian term for at ease is: Andante Allegro Adagio Moderator Answer Choice number 3: Adagio Feedback Correct. The Italian term for at ease is adagio. Section 1, Question 8 The composer of this excerpt is.

.. Animus Bioethics Rounded Gallinule De Mach Guide terrazzo Answer Choice number 3: Gallinule De Mach Correct. The most likely composer of this excerpt would be Gallinule Feedback De Mach, the foremost composer of the fourteenth century.You heard the rich harmonic textures characteristic of his music. Section 1, Question 9 According to the text, composers of the Romantic period were reluctant to stray from the seven tones of the traditional scale (I. E.

, A, B, C, D, E, F, G). True False Answer False Section 1, Question 10 Which of the following examples represents secular music? A. Example A Example B Example C Answer Choice number 3: Example C Correct! This is a secular piece, which you can recognize by its strong pulse and rhythmic drive.Section 1, Question 11 The following composition is a work by: A French troubadour A Collard scholar A German minnesinger Protting Answer Choice number 1: A French troubadour Correct! That is a piece by one of the most famous troubadours in medieval times: Bernard De Vendor (C. 1 13()-? ). Section 1, Question 12 Listen to the following example and select the genre that best defines it: Play String quartet Violin concerto Serenade Correct. That example came from Mozart Symphony No.

5 in G minor featured in the course.Section 1, Question 13 The composer pictured above, an international artist of Hungarian heritage, decided to become a technical wizard at the keyboard after hearing Paginating playing the violin. What is his name? Gamesman Lists Chopin Schumann Answer Choice number 2: Lists Correct! The answer is Lists, who in 1830 heard the phenomenal Feedback violinist Paginating, and decided that he would develop similar technical wizardry at the keyboard. Section 1, Question 14 Does the following excerpt feature more distinct, conjunct, or repeated tones? Play Repeated tonesDistinct Conjunct The excerpt features all three Answer Choice number 3: Conjunct Feedback Correct! The melody in this excerpt moves mainly in conjunct motion. If you would like to make a comment regarding this item, Section 1, Question 15 Which of the following were sacred genres in the Medieval period? Anthems and b alludes Masses and motets Scants firm’s and viral Organ and madrigals Answer Choice number 2: Masses and motets Correct. Masses and motets were sacred genres in the Medieval period. Section 1, Question 16 During the Romantic period, choral music enjoyed its highest popularity since the.