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What is the cause of fatigue and the by-products that may cause this to happen with this athlete? (A) Depletion of ATP stores which causes the muscles to feel tired and trained (B) The depletion of glucose stores causes fats to be utilised leaving the athlete feeling like they have hit the wall (C) The conditions outside are hot and humid causing the athlete to feel tired and fatigued and leaving sweat as a by-product (D) Increased amount of hydrogen ions are produced caused by too much lactic acid 10. An endurance runner has only just been beaten at the line for the last 3 races he has participated in.

He is looking for some advice on how to train his speed so he can sprint faster at the end of a race. What would be the best training method to achieve this? (A) Performing aerobic interval training at 80-85%MHR (B) By participating in Fartlek training (C) By performing anaerobic interval efforts (D) Performing high intensity work of moderate duration How can Psychology Affect Performance 1. After a devastating loss in an important international game of soccer the team’s coach, captain and several players have been subjected to too much negative feedback from the media.

They are required to train for a return match soon. What is the most likely psychological strategy they will need to develop to overcome the defeat? (A) Rethink strategies and tactics by implementing new manoeuvres (B) Coach, captain and players need to set realistic goals towards the next game (C) Motivation by the coach who extrinsically motivates the players by providing an increased salary (D) Concentrate on a new game plan to re focus the players 2. A 200m sprinter wants to increase his time from 25 seconds to 21 seconds.

He has been motivated to achieve this by his coach and wants to succeed so he can perform in his next race at winning level. His next race is in 3 months. What type of motivation and goal is this? (A) Positive intrinsic and long-term (B) Negative extrinsic and short-term (C) Positive intrinsic and short-term (D) Positive intrinsic and long-term From the following graph answer questions 3 and 4. 3. A professional golf player is experiencing high levels of anxiety due to the external noise coming from the crowd. This is affecting his performance dramatically as he is getting several bogeys throughout the game.

He is coming to his last putt of the game and needs to reduce his anxiety and get back to optimum arousal. What is the most effective way the athlete can do this? (A) Block out all thoughts and focus on the skill that needs to be performed (B) Start to centre his breathing so he becomes more relaxed (C) Concentrate on the putt and ignore the crowd noise by self-hypnosis (D) Relax muscles by shaking and stretching 4. A basketball player’s arousal level is at the boredom stage due to several factors occurring in his training such as repetition of the same drill, tiredness and overtraining.

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I have noticed an interesting trend. In the past 2-3 years when working with vendors to image iPhones, I may get an contract or a SOW (statement of work) that states they cannot promise to recover deleted data from iPhones. Please do some research. Why is this? Can you highlight this for me in several paragraphs? Trust me, this is useful information to know!