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multicultural special education

Answer the following a. Describe your reaction to the Obiakor piece: is he right on, way off, or somewhere in between? Why do you think so? b. This article focuses on Richardo and the educational assessment that determined that he was designated as a special education student. It is among the educationally-challenged students that proper/improper teaching methodology can make an impact on learning gains. Very few teachers wish to deliberately do harm to their students through their teaching methods. Why do you think Richardo did not do well in school, despite receiving services? What needed to be done to assist him?3. Adults, such as yourselves,  have come through the primary and secondary education systems. These mature learners have learned to navigate the world around them and continue learning the best that they can. Do you think the focus of this article can be translated to adult learning? Why/Why not?  Provide examples and support for your opinions.  Remember to substantiate your statement with support from the article, as well as from other sources that we have already read in class. APA Citation:Obiakor, F. E. (2007). Multicultural Special Education: Effective Intervention for Today’s Schools. Intervention in School and Clinic, 42(3), 148-155.

Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues in Business.

Write a brief essay responding to the given statement (suggested length of 2–3 pages) in which you: A. Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility.

1. Determine whether Company Q’s actions, as described in the scenario, are socially responsible or not. a. Explain your reasoning as to whether Company Q’s actions are socially responsible or not. B. Recommend three actions that Company Q could take to improve the company’s attitude toward social responsibility, based on the information described in the scenario.

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Performance management

multicultural special education Performance management systems are critical to individual and organizational success. Consider the scenario below and share your responses to the four questions asked.
Onboarding programs must set the stage for successful employee performance. You understand the importance of linking organizational and individual goals.
You are the Sales Director for Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop, specializing in custom automobile detailing services for business fleet automobiles. Recently, you offered the position of Customer Sales Associate to Osama. He is reporting to work next week for onboarding. Based upon the information provided, answer the following questions:
1. In your own words, explain how you will use the onboarding process to connect Osama’s individual goals to the organization’s overall strategy.2. Explain the implications associated with not linking Osama’s individual goals to the overall organizational strategy.3. Address components you believe an effective onboarding program should include, as well as exclude.4. How will an effective on-boarding program ensure Osama understands expectations of his role, as well as ensure that Osama is set up for performance success at Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop?
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion.

Racial discrimination on housing

Racial discrimination on housing.

 Description My topic is on racial discrimination. The question is “Does the Los Angeles area housing market suffer from racial discrimination?”

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Spatio-temporal Differences of Risk for Crime:

Spatio-temporal Differences of Risk for Crime:.

Spatio-temporal Differences of Risk for Crime:

An Analysis in Little Rock, AR Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details 1.Read this article: Unpacking Spatio-temporal Differences of Risk for Crime: An Analysis in Little Rock, AR 2.Watch this video: The Importance of Place in Crime ( ) Make sure to make comments about the article and video and how they are related.

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Interpretation of Published Accounts

Interpretation of Published Accounts.


Carry out a financial analysis of both companies This analysis should include: I. A justification of the tools and the ratios that you have chosen (this can be incorporated into your main analysis) II. Based on the financial analysis and ratios you have computed, an evaluation of the financial performance and current financial position of both companies. This should include investor ratios III. All computations should be included in an appendix

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Mini-Literature Review

Mini-Literature Review.

I have to do a mini literature review for a class about the development of social anxiety. I will provide the assignment instructions, an example of a high grades completed assignment, and my annotated bibliography which has my sources. The paper would have to include: – 3-4 sentence introduction -1-2 sentence research statement -1-2 paragraph mini-literature review -corrected bibliography (Apparently I made lots of formatting errors in my annotated Bibliography that need to be corrected in this assignment.) Is this something that can be done if given all of the material? I would like to know before placing the order. Thanks,

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Do irrational thoughts actually have an impact on relationships?

Do irrational thoughts actually have an impact on relationships?.

[Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines]

Developing the research question/ Hypothesis

Developing the research question/ hypothesis

Please answer the following questions

1.      What is your research question?

      Do irrational thoughts actually have an impact on relationships, on the person, or with people in general who are particularly close to them?  This research, intends to investigate how irrational thoughts can be a part of romantic incompatibility.

What is your hypothesis?

During the research, the following hypotheses will be examined:

       I.            It is predicted that irrational thoughts and romantic compatibility are negatively related. This means the more irrational thoughts the more romantic incompatibility.

    II.            It is predicted that there will be gender differences in an effect of irrational thoughts and romantic compatibility.


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Birth Defects

Birth Defects.

Child & Adolescent Psychology – Assignment # 2 (30 points) Type of Assignment – Submit online –Paper Description: Discuss birth defects – (see APA template for formal papers) approximately 500-1000 words or 2-3 pages. Before you begin this paper, read over all of the parts. The paper should be a combined, coherent paper, not one that just answers questions. This paper should have a title page and reference page on separate pages (APA style) ⦁ Use the book to help you learn about various birth defects ⦁ What is a birth defect? ⦁ Choose 2 birth defects. ⦁ Explain how it happens (environmental/genetic/both). ⦁ Are there ways to avoid it? ⦁ What does it look like? ⦁ What part of the child does it affect? (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) ⦁ Make sure you are using the book and an outside source ⦁ This paper requires 2 references (your book can be one) ⦁ Use a citation and reference at the end in APA style. ⦁ Please attach the rubric *Helpers for Writing (DEA) ⦁ Define and Explain all terms ⦁ Apply the terms (provide examples that people can understand) BOOK: Child’s World: Infancy Through etc (w/Bind-in Access)(Custom-BCC) Author: Martorell Edition: 13th ISBN: 9781308163918 Copyright Year: 2014 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Create (Formerly Primis)

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Critique the use of the HRM function in an international context

Critique the use of the HRM function in an international context.

Assessment A Learning Outcomes Tested in this Part: 1. Critically compare international HRM concepts and theories

2. Critique the use of the HRM function in an international context Paper Each week, the student is asked to write a reflective learning log which demonstrates research beyond the materials delivered in the lectures. Word guide 150-200 per week to create a log of approx. 2000 words when complete. Writing in the first person is acceptable Paper requirement 1-Thorough research into weekly topics (at least 2 references per week) 2- Each week 200 words – 9 weeks

Assessment B Learning Outcomes Tested in this Part: 1.Demonstrate strong recognition and appreciation of different cultures in HRM 2.Critically compare different international management and HR practices 3.Critical understanding of intercultural management Paper The students will work on 5 opening statements demonstrating Independent study and Critical understanding of intercultural management The opening statements are 1. The HR functions of many companies are responsible for changing the way people are selected to capitalise on International Opportunities. Explore how HR Departments create recruitment strategies which take into consideration National Employment Law, while meeting the global strategic needs. 2. There are many additional considerations when selecting people to work on international assignments (discuss considerations) 3. The learning and development strategy and practices may need to be reviewed in light of diversity and equality issues in International Companies (discuss types of learning and development strategies) 4. International transferees and expatriates may present a challenge for both Management and HR. (discuss challenges) 5. The cultural differences and idiosyncrasies of a diverse workforce can create challenges for organisations. (discuss challenges) Paper requirement? 2 Responses to the opening statements should demonstrate thorough independent study and learning, a critical understanding of intercultural management and the ability to compare and contrast two settings. Word guide The word guide for the assignment is 2000. An equal distribution of approx. 400 words per statement. Language Writing in the first person is acceptable Examples Each statement to have 1-2 examples 

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Critical review of Literature – Employee satisfaction level and the success of talent development programs in Non profit organizations

Critical review of Literature – Employee satisfaction level and the success of talent development programs in Non profit organizations.

Choose an empirical study or a literature review from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published in the United States and written within the last five years. Pick a topic that you think might inform your potential dissertation topic. Do not include book chapters, books, editorials, white papers, trade magazine articles, dissertations, or other non-peer reviewed sources. Dissertation Topic: Employee Satisfaction Level and the Success of Talent Developmental Programs in the Non-Profit Organizations.

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