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There are many different Native American tribes and each one is unique. Some Native American history is taught in school. We most commonly know of the Sacagawea and how they helped Lewis and Clark. Native Americans have also had to fight a battle to earn their own rights and freedom. The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 gave Indians privileges to education, roads, and healthcare like we all should have. There are over 30,000 Native Americans living in 16 urban areas of the United States, according to the Bureau of the CensusNative Americans are typically patient.

They live a very spiritual lifestyle. They are also group orientedI admire their fight to keep their history and legacy alive. So many of their people have moved on with society, but their spirituality stays strong to their heritage. 2. African AmericanThe first African arrived in united states in 1619 as indentured servant and settled in Jamestown (Virginia). After that more and more African were brought for the purpose of slavery and working labor and they treated as slaver (1). After sometime they could legally raised crops and cattle to purchase their freedom.

Africans raised families, marring other African and many time intermarrying with native Americans and English settlers. During the 1770s, they helped rebellious English colonists’ secure American independence by defeating the British in the American revolution. James Armistead who was an African American played a very big role in 1781 Yorktown victory. Prince Whipple and Oliver Cromwell were some other prominent African American who was depicted in the front of the boat in George Washington’s famous 1776 crossing the Delaware portrait. During the American civil war, the American resident Abraham Lincoln signed emancipation proclamation and declared under this proclamation that all slave in state which had seceded from the union were free. This is the whole history of African American in united state. The total population of African American in united states is 37,000. 000. This is the 12 % of total population of united states. The population of non-Hispanic black is 36,701,103 and the population of black Hispanic is 884, 947. The African American culture is very important in American culture because African American culture affected the American culture at very large scale.

The African culture had brought by African people who came here as a servant and contributed in American culture. Due to slavery and persistence of racial discrimination, the African American culture developed separately from mainstream of American culture. Today the African American culture is significant part of USA. Their music is rooted in polyrhythmic music of ethnic group of Africa. The song ‘lift every voice and sing’ is sang by many African American in addition to the national anthem, “the star- spangled banner”. The body structure of African Americans are very strong, due to this body structure they have much working stamina.

I appreciate this quality of this group. Their lifestyle is dominated by African culture. African American culture in last past years has become very popular in all America. Some part of African American culture like as hair style, fashion language, music and arts strongly established as a part of American way of life. These parts of African American life style are very attractive and appreciated by others. 3. Dominican American. A Dominican American means any American who originated in Dominican republic. The immigration of Dominican in the united states recorded in late 19th century.

The immigration of Dominican American from Dominic republic to united states was influenced by many factors these are political and economical. Political turmoil in 1960s and 1970s and economic problems in 1960s. Dominican American concentrates at the Eastern coast of USA such as New York, New jersey, Miami area, providence, Rhode island, Lawrence and Boston. But other hand the west coast of USA has less number of Dominican American. The total population of Dominican republic in united states is 1,356,361. This is the 0. 44 % of the USA population (2009).

Their culture and custom is very unique and it is a mixture of Spaniard, African and taino cultures. They are rich in culture, music and art. Music have important place in their life. Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, House, Salsa, Rock, Hip Hop are some important music and dance of Dominican American. These are very appreciable. 4. Jewish AmericanThere were not many Jewish Americans in the United States before the 1800’s. After the end of the first World War, many Jewish immigrated to the United States. The Jewish Americans make up 2% of the United states populationJewish People stick to their faith and spiritual beliefs.

We still see today in society that they wear the traditional clothing and eat the traditional foods. They hold ceremonies for certain events like Baror Mat Mitzvahand Simchat. I admire the celebration of the events that take place in the Jewish community. It shows that they strongly believe in continuing traditions. 5. Chinese and Japanese AmericanChinese and Japanese Americans came to the United States because of the tourism. The Japanese endured imprisonment during the end of World War IIChinese Americans make up about 1% of the United States populationIn my opinion the Chinese and Japanese Americans make some of the best foods.

A lot of which is traditional in their families. The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year and the Japanese celebrate Obon festival in July or AugustI admire how important education is to the Chinese and Japanese Americans. Like many other families, they believe in working hard to make sure their children have the best education they can receive. Most Chinese and Japanese families still follow their tradition and always believed that no matter what happens, families comes first. 6. Bangladeshi AmericanThe Bangladeshi American came in America from Bangladesh.

Therefore American of Bangladeshi descent. Maximum Bangladeshi Americans are Bengalis. They emigrated from Bangladesh, mainly from Sylhet and Chittagong. These two places have long history of maritime merchant. The first Bangladeshi arrived in USA in early 1990s and become fastest growing ethnic community. Maximum migrants settled in urban areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. Some authorities claims that these people were illegal immigrant and some deported under immigration act 1996. The Los Angeles Bangladesh association was created in 1971.

The total population of Bangladeshi American is from 72,237 to 143,619. This is the from0. 024% to 0. 065 % of US population. Bangladeshi American has emigrated from Bangladesh (south Asian country) and Bangladeshi people have Bengali culture, therefore the Bangladeshi American culture is affected by Bengali culture. The Bengali culture is rich in dance and music and much of it is story based. These strong folk traditions are remaining in many American communities. In Bengali American culture people eat fish and rice in their food items. You can say that fish and rice have has much place in their culture.

The holidays and festival is celebrated with Bengali dance and songs as well as poetry and drama. Classical, light classical, devotional, and popular are four main categories of music in this culture. Dhrupad, khayal and Muslim qawaali are some classic songs. These songs are very appreciable. Part II: Analysis Summarize what you learned from this activity in a 350-700 word analysis of the advantages of a multicultural society and labor force. Use the following questions to guide your writing: How has U. S. society used each group’s culture to construct the group identity?

How has each group been stereotyped? How accurate are these stereotypes? How does the social concept of race relate to each group? What prejudice has each group faced? How do the behavior and thinking patterns of U. S. culture apply to each group, especially regarding class systems and employment? From Above discussed different ethnic groups, we have learned about Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism teaches us about diversity and differences of cultures and societies and helping us to integrate diverse cultures into the larger society. In multiculturalism, all cultures are respected.

Generally multiculturalism is formed when people from many different countries migrate to one place for example United States. Therefore we can say the multiculturalism is the explanation of how different cultural groups construct a diversified society or group identity like United States. We can understand the construction of group identity from above mentioned different ethnic group’s descriptions. The most important advantage of multicultural society is that the labor force are available in diverse. These diversified labor force contribute in country’s progress.

Stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and racism are some other words which are used to understand culture other aspects of society. Stereotype is generalization about special group or types of individual. You can also say that the Stereotype is popular belief about a particular person or group of person. We made stereotype in some condition when we are unable to obtain all of the information about a special group. In this situation we make some information about a special group and in absent of total picture about this special group we use this information to fulfill this absent information of total picture.

These stereotypical generalizations are reasonably accurate in many cases because we have made a generalization in every case and the root of this generalization is founded in our experiences. Our experiences vary case to case. Prejudice is another word which explains our knowledge about unknown things or special group or type of individuals. The prejudice is a prejudgment or preconceived judgment about someone or something like as special groups or type of individuals about race, gender, ethnicity and social classes.

The prejudice is also known as belief without knowledge of the total fact. Some time we are confused about stereotype and prejudice but some differences are founded in stereotype and prejudice. These differences I am explaining here. In one hand, the prejudice means abstract-general preconception or attitude about something or someone, in other hand stereotype means generalization about something or someone that reduce complexity. Therefore, the stereotype and prejudice are the social concepts.

On the basis of these social concepts like stereotype and prejudice we are able to make some decisions or attitude about society or culture of people or group of people. Some people have attitude about African American, on the basis of some history and pictures without the knowledge of total facts, that they are lazy, unintelligent, and violence-prone. We have some more social concepts that other ethnic groups are generally intelligent, lovely, and friendly like Caucasian ethnic group. Here, I want to say that every ethnic group or person face these social concepts.

We can understand these social concepts from above discussed six ethnic groups of America. These social concepts affect the behavior and thinking pattern of people. In the United States, these behaviors and thinking patterns are also affected by these social concepts like as stereotype and prejudice. These behaviors and thinking patterns could seen in class system and employment, for example the African American are backward compare to white man because they have less opportunity compare to a white man.