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muliti question

Outline the key components of each term and outline its significance for the study of public administration when composing your answer (4 sentences).  •    Patronage•    Merit•    Representative bureaucracy•    Collective bargaining•    Separation of politics and management•    NPM•    participatory management•    Conflict of interest •    Moonlighting•    Bureaucratic pathologyAnswer the following two (2) questions in paragraph format. This is not an essay so you do not need a thesis, introduction, conclusion, but must use complete sentences in your response (i.e. no bullet points).  (3 paragraphs).  Each answer is worth 5% of the final take home test (5% x 2 = 10%)1.    Outline the limitations related to Codes of Ethics in the public service. Are you convinced that Codes of Ethics are valuable? Why?2.    Of the following four characteristics that Dr. Mark Jarvis outlines as representing a high-functioning public service (1. Innovation; 2. Collaboration; 3. Evidence-informed analysis; 4. Transparency), which one is most urgent requiring reform? Why?

Becoming the Critic

Becoming the Critic.

 This essay project isn’t really an essay at all, it’s an art review. Using Carina Chocano, Hilton Als or Emily Nussbaum’s work as your “genre model,” your job is to re-evaluate the under-appreciated or over-appreciated artwork of your choosing. Be able to draw on the conventional take on this artwork, and argue for why it’s wrong using a “close reading” of the artwork, as well as a critique of the value system upon which those conventional critiques of the artwork rest. You may also use personal experiences, the way Als and Chocano do. The artwork that you choose is up to you. It should be something that you’ve thought about before, outside of class. Your review should be approximately 1,000 words. Since it’s not an academic paper, it doesn’t need MLA formatting.

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