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MTH122 Mastery Exercise / LAB

MTH122 Mastery Exercise / LAB. I don’t know how to handle this Algebra question and need guidance.

This question will require you to sign into a LAB. Normally there are only 10 questions, but I can not open it or it will show as a failed attempt. You only get 3 attempts at these quizzes and the questions change each time.
After a tutor has been chosen I will give detailed instructions as how to log on to the LAB.
The intent of the Mastery Exercises in MyMathLab (MML) is to provide you
with quizzes to assess your knowledge of chapter content. MTH courses
limit Mastery Exercises to three (3) attempts; the highest score that
you achieve will be recorded by your instructor in Schoology. Note that
the late policy is the same as that for Critical Thinking Assignments.

MTH122 Mastery Exercise / LAB

Response to discussion question

Response to discussion question.

in 150-250 words. in 300 to 400 words and respond to add some ideas that they might consider, provide some research that might help them with their topic, or any other information that might help them with the progress of their work. Use APA format one Respond to the followingThe initial study proposed for my dissertation focused on the barriers to physical activity that underserved women face when they are pregnant. With the rise of maternal and infant mortality, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other preventable diseases, it is essential to understand what prevents women from becoming or remaining physically active. However, upon further investigation, there have been quite a few studies in recent years examining the benefits of prenatal exercise and the barriers that stand in the way. What is missing from the literature is how women can best be supported during pregnancy to achieve better outcomes. The new study will look at how interpersonal support helps pregnant women in the United States become and remain physically active. The article, “Beliefs about Exercise and Physical Activity Among Pregnant Women” concluded that most pregnant women do not adhere to the recommended levels of exercise, and research should explore the beliefs and cultural reasons as well as whether tailored advice would be more effective than general education (Evenson & Bradley, 2010). Similarly, the authors of “Perceived Barriers to Leisure-Time Physical Activity During Pregnancy: A Literature Review of Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence,” suggested that there are many barriers to physical activity during pregnancy, and a lack of advice and social support should be considered as a possible explanation (Coll, Domingues, Goncalves & Bertoldi, 2017). Another recent study synthesized peer-reviewed, empirically-based, theory-driven research and noted that the vast majority of information collected is intrapersonal data without considering the impact that interpersonal, environmental and organizational influences may have on prenatal outcomes (Thompson, Vamos & Daley, 2017). Based on this gap in current research, my dissertation will examine if and how interpersonal support impacts exercise during pregnancy.Christiana
Response to discussion question

CSUFullerton Kindred Book Review African American History Since 1877

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Butler, Octavia “Kindred” – No Cost to Student…(or whereever ).Guide to Writing Literature ReviewsAssignment Conception:Literature Reviews gives students the opportunity to show their comprehension of assigned readings. Lit-Reviews also help students develop critical writing and reading skills. Successful lit-reviews show that students have read, comprehended the main concepts of an author’s argument and show the ability to critique and/or analyze the ideas being set forth by assigned authors. Thus, students are asked to be critical readers as well as analyzers of given arguments and concepts espoused by scholars.Directions:Lit-Reviews should consist of at least four major paragraphs. (See the creation of 5-step paragraphs below as a good guide)· Paragraph 1 & 2:o Introduce the scholar’s general topic and its relevance in contemporary society, academic study, or specific field. o What is the author’s overarching argument? o What is his/her concern? o What is the Big Picture concept in the essay?· Paragraph 2 & 3:o What resources, studies, or evidence provided by the author?o Analyze the author’s research and provide an example (quote from the reading)o Why is the quote or evidence you present important? Explain?· Paragraph 3 & 4:o What is the author missing? o What other views that could have been discussed?o Is the author’s argument bias?o Provide an alternative viewpoint and scholarship.· Paragraph 5 & 6:o What do you conclude from the author’s argument?o What are some new ideas or directions that the author can follow or develop?o What community or communities’ best served with this scholarship?5-step process to paragraph developmentStep 1. Decide on a controlling idea and create a topic sentenceStep 2. Explain the controlling idea Step 3. Give an example (or multiple examples)Step 4. Explain the example(s)Step 5. Complete the paragraph’s idea or transition into the next paragraph
CSUFullerton Kindred Book Review African American History Since 1877

Write in Turabain format 9th edition. (From the Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio Chapter 4-13) A three

Write in Turabain format 9th edition. (From the Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio Chapter 4-13) A three page summary of the bullet points of this reflection. what you have learned so far from this leadership journey? How can you apply what you have learned in your life and ministry? What plans do you have to reproduce yourself as a leader?

The Impact Of Extended Trading Hours Commerce Essay

House of Travel is a Kiwi owned and operated business, this is unique industry because their outlets and a true business partnership between local owner operators and House of Travel Holdings having 75 plus retail outlets nationwide. Their 75% of retail outlets are situated in Shopping Mall and rest of 25% are in local Business areas. Chris Paulsen, founder and managing director of House of Travel had a dream that travel could be delivered to the consumer in a different way. The company gets suggestion from their consumers to extend the working hours of their retail outlets situated in local business area the present working hours is 9am to 5 pm weekdays and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. These hours may be extended to benefit more customers but before making this changes the company has to check thoroughly that how this will work and the advantages and disadvantages besides extending the business hours, for management and employees of house of travel. He started collecting brief report from the Owner operator that “How the impact of extended hours will affect you economically, financially, and environmentally” (Paulsen, 2011) and we get this opportunity to do research on this topic. It is with pleasure that we submit our report on extended working hours, the implications for public policy reform, and our recommendations for your consideration. The report gives an overview of the actual and potential effects of extended working hours on individuals, families and communities based on the findings of empirical studies and the views of key stakeholders, employees and their families and peak bodies. It outlines the major approaches that have been adopted in other jurisdictions, which indicate the complexities associated with determining the most effective means of addressing extended hours. Any measure aimed at minimizing the impact of extended hours has implications for the differing needs and aspirations of employees, employers and the community. Nevertheless, the majority of the Group felt that there was a solution although it may not be one which is perfect or which satisfies everyone. Where individual members of the Group held views dissenting from the majority on specific issues, these opinions and the reasons for them have been included. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the management of House of Travel for research and executive support. Introduction 1. The working hour’s trend has been seen since long as 9 am to 5 most of the areas of business in several industrialized countries we called as traditional and offices, there are limited changes for the retail business such as groceries, and supermarkets. 2. The interest in extending working hours for House of Travel in Auckland is that there customers may get more and more benefit from the extended trading hours. 3. There are examples for the overseas jurisdictions have regulated extended hours of working in order to minimize its detrimental health and social effects on workers. 4. The project was assigned to our Active Group to do the through research and submit the report that the” impact of Extended hours” how its work and what are the advantages and disadvantages. 5. We the student of Management Class in a Group ( Active Group )took the challenge and started the research with the help of our studies and research we will submit the report before 18th May 2011. 6. This was a challenge for us and we have to think that from where we start, so we decided in our Group meeting to distribute the work among the members of the group. The terms of reference was described for each member of the group as under. Procedures The Group is to receive and consider comment from the management and staff of House of Travel and make recommendations for extending trading hours for their outlets outside the shopping malls and to submit the feedback and recommendation that how its work and how its effect on the employee and management of company. It was a big challenge for the group to deal in this and we started working jointly on this project and started collecting data relating to this project. 1. The first and the most thing was to check that how employees will be affected as a result of extending hours relating to health and safety issue , such as fatigue. 2. To check the specific models and general structures and to provide proper guidance to the management of House of Travel on working hours and to provide evidence for serious health and safety issues. 3. To check the Retail Trading Laws for extending trading hours from the Department of Labor New Zealand, and to do proper research for the betterment of the company as well as their employees. 4. To verify that how the employees and their families will be effected by this extended trading hours and how it will impact on the health of individual employees and their families. The research Objectives The objectives of the project were identified as: To take views of entire employee one to one basis and to know their willingness of working long hours. The check the level of cost involved in extending trading hours and how it will benefit the company as well as employees. To check that how this new implementation will work and affect the health and safety of employee. Research methods The research used both quantitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative research The quantitative research comprised two employer surveys: First we had interview the employers to identify the knowledge and prevalence of extended working hours in retail outlets. The survey from three employers from different sectors and different business was conducted as under: 1. Management of House of Travel, Auckland 2. Management of Travel2000, Auckland 3. Management of M.K. Tours and Travels, Auckland Framework was set for questionnaire for the above employer and the following information was taken from them. 1. What benefit you think for extending Trading Hours? 2. How it will work e.g. roaster etc? 3. Will this affect the employee health and safety and security of organization? The response we received from the above employers shows that on 50/50 basis some of the employers and willing the ready to implement the extending trading hour’s rest of were was not supportive on several grounds. The qualitative research The qualitative research was conducted face to face with employees of House of Travel with giving the feedback form. Those employees willing to give the feedback from some of them were not interested but those who were interested in survey has given the feedback and which is enclosed as Appendix 1. The research was done and several websites and reports were referred to for preparing this report as under : the employers in the quantitative phase trade associations Retail Business Regulation Unions, including the Council of Trade Unions Work and Income work brokers. The respondents The feedback from employers and employees were submitted here in the qualitative research. The focus on the effect for extending hours and its amendments were discusses with the management of House of Travel verbally and explain them the procedure that if this implementation takes place there should be some specific models and rules to be referred and in light of the facts we have to give our suggestion that the extended hours and effective or not. Data analysis Quantitative The initial and follow-up survey were analyzed by our group and discussed through to differentiate reasons that to what extend the extended hours are feasible. Qualitative The notes and transcripts from the interviews were taken on and Q