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MSU Humanities Helps Students to Become the Best Version of Themselves Discussion

MSU Humanities Helps Students to Become the Best Version of Themselves Discussion.

Postman states in The End of Education (p. x) that education should be about “how to make a life, which is quite different from how to make a living.” What does Postman mean by this comment, and how could the Humanities fit into such a concept of what an education should do for an individual, according to Postman and Edmunson? Also, what similarities do you see between Postman and Edmunson’s view of the purpose of education and the purpose of the Humanities as originally conceived by the Greeks and Romans and re-discovered by the Renaissance (described by Proctor in Defining the Humanities)? AS PART OF YOUR RESPONSE YOU MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE RELEVANT QUOTATION (INSIDE QUOTES) FROM THE READINGS, CITING PAGE NUMBER. Minimum 150 words, excluding quotation.
MSU Humanities Helps Students to Become the Best Version of Themselves Discussion

Religious Studies homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the Banking Theory and Practice 2019-20 on Brexit. The paper also is to analyze the financial ratios or measures.,The Banking Theory and Practice 2019-20 on Brexit,Individual Coursework, The assignment is a case study. The length of the essay is 1000 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, table of contents, abstract, references and also appendices.,Required:,Conduct a case study on how Brexit and uncertainty of Brexit plan have affected a chosen UK commercial bank so far, in the context of performance and risk level. Your case study needs to include the following elements:, a.     Firstly, explain the background of the mentioned topic, using appropriate references., b.     Secondly, clearly explain the objectives of your case study. This should also include the details of which, types of performance and risk, you choose to study., c.     Thirdly, collect financial data of your chosen UK commercial bank from a reliable source.,d.     Fourthly, carefully evaluate financial ratios/measures which meet the objectives of the case study., e.     Then, analyze the financial ratios/measures, with the support of appropriate diagrams., f.       Also, critically argue whether the bank’s performance and risk were affected by Brexit., g.     Lastly, your essay has to include a cover page (with the title of essay, do NOT include your student ID), a list of reference, and the required appendix., h.     The referencing format should be Harvard referencing style.,Key Marking Criteria:, (i)              Kindly provide an explanation on the topic, (ii)             Quality of data collected, (iii)            Choice and evaluation of financial ratios/measures for bank analysis, (iv)           Analysis of the chosen financial ratios/measures, (v)             Validity and also insightful in discussion and arguments,Ensure that the paper is at least four pages long, with proper Harvard formatting and citation. Emphasize on proper grammar and referencing in writing the paper.Religious Studies homework help
CSU Developmental Psychology Social Skills And Emotional And Behavioral Traits.

Applied Paper Assignments Students in this course will write a series of assignments culminating a semester long term paper that will consist of three specific components: 1) a review of the research literature on a specific developmental skill or ability of your choice, but of importance for some kind of policy or practice; 2) a review of how current practice(s) or program(s) insufficiently cultivate this specific aspect of development (i.e., identifying the gap between current and best practices); & 3) argue for/propose specific policy/practice recommendations (i.e., a recommendation that bridges that gap aforementioned in #2) that are justified given your research review.
CSU Developmental Psychology Social Skills And Emotional And Behavioral Traits

N 493 UG Children Mental Health in the Age of COVID 19 Nursing Presentation

N 493 UG Children Mental Health in the Age of COVID 19 Nursing Presentation.

Create a PowerPoint presentation ( 12-15 slides) to illustrate and explain how the core determinants of health are impacting the health of your target population utilizing the picture below. * My topic is ” How important mental health among our children during the COVIP pandemic” So my target group would be school aged children Note that you should briefly review all of the determinants and then choose the ones that impact your target group to talk about in the assignment. Be sure to review the link information in the classroom on Core Determinants of (2019). Determinants of health. 3. The presentation should be in APA and please use atlest 2 sources. Please include objective and conclusion slide as well.
N 493 UG Children Mental Health in the Age of COVID 19 Nursing Presentation

To What Extent Can a Child’s Testimony Be Seen as Reliable as an Eyewitness?

order essay cheap introduction Children, just as adults, often become involved in legal matters and may be required as a witness in the justice system. More often than not, they are seen as invalid due to apprehensions regarding the reliability of recall in youth. Eyewitness testimonies are crucial constituent to the management of justice, hence when a child is a lone witness, they are crucial for successful prosecution despite allegations of unreliability. Anample amount of psychological research exists on children’s memory (Myers, 1996). The perception has been that children are susceptible to vivid imaginations, labelling them as suggestible and prone to distortion. Therefore, they are thought to be inaccurate as evidence (Howe

Epi Web scavenger hunt.

Epi Web scavenger hunt.. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Conduct Epi Info and Active Epi Web scavenger hunt. Provide a short reflection about what you learned about Epi Info and Active Epi Web resources. Offer two tips for easy access or navigation to your peers. Tell us about your feelings toward using the software (EXCEL or Epi Info). Share one concept you learned this week.
Epi Web scavenger hunt.

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Writer’s Choice. Paper details Prepare a paper that explains the strategic differences between pay for performance and pay for knowledge systems. Include an analysis of how various pay plans used for teams align with pay for performance and pay for knowledge systems. • The paper should be presented in an APA format. • The paper should be 4 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference list. 3 peer reviewed references including Martocchio, J. J. (2020). Strategic Compensation: a human resource management approach (10th ed.). Hoboken, N.J., Pearson Education, inc. Pay-for-knowledge plans reward managerial, service, or professional workers for successfully learning specific curricula. Skill-based pay, a term used mostly for employees who do physical work, increases the workers’ pay as they master new skills. For example, both unions and contractors who employ carpenters use skill-based pay plans. Carpenters earn additional pay as they master more advanced woodworking skills (e.g., cabinet making) (Martocchio, 2020).Writer’s Choice