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MSU Accounting Annual Report & Stock Exchange Questions Discussion

MSU Accounting Annual Report & Stock Exchange Questions Discussion.

Please follow the instructions, and provide sources for the answers “avoid plagiarism”Assignment Question(s):Q1. a) Name the stock exchange market in Riyadh, KSA and explain its operating activities. (2Marks)b) Read the figure below and answer the questions given : Which section of the balance sheet is the figure about?What do you understand by par value and excess of par value? Explain.What is the difference between shares authorized and shares issued and outstanding? Q2. The following information is related to PQR company and XYZ company for the year 2013: PQR Company XYZ Company Cash dividend declared and paid during the year $750,000 $124,800 Common stock $25,000,000 $12,000,000 Number of shares of common stock outstanding 50,000 24,000 Par value of a share $50 $50 Market value of a share $60 $52 Both
the companies belong to same industry. PQR is an old and
well-established company where as XYZ is a new company. The historical
data shows that the PQR has a stable annual dividend distribution to
stockholders.Required: Calculate
dividend yield ratio of both the companies. Which company would you
recommend for investment in shares? Explain with reasons.Q3
Corporations must disclose their financial reports to their
stakeholders which should be publish in annual reports of the
corporation. Download an annual report of any corporation in KSA and
study the Cash flow statement prepared by them to answer the following
questions: Explain in detail how the cash flow statement was prepared by the corporation.Which
method was used to prepare the statement? Explain the other method that
can be used to prepare cash flow statement, with numerical examples. Calculate the corporations cashflow on total asset ratio and explain how this ration can help the management. Q4. Why
does the management of any companies analyze financial statements?
Explain by using the different tools in analyzing financial statement
with proper numerical example.
MSU Accounting Annual Report & Stock Exchange Questions Discussion

Political Science Term Paper. Paper details This will be a letter addressed to a local legislative representative. You will pick any 3 topics from the PPIC (2020) – California’s Future PDF and write a 5 page discussion about what you learned. Please be as detailed as possible. Talk about the problems that are brought up by the researchers, the potential solutions that they have or suggest, and share your own thoughts on whether or not you agree with their conclusions and their assessments. I have attached the teachers instructions which include links to look up representatives, the grading rubric, and a small sample letter. You can address the letter to any representative for Fontana, CA 92335.Political Science Term Paper
Gender Studies homework help. Only Accepting Work From Verified Psychology Tutors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Assignment 2: Media Portrayals of the Profession of PsychologySelect and review an episode of a television show or a film depicting a character that represents a psychology professional.Review the following:ACA Code of EthicsEthical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Including 2010 AmendmentsUsing the readings, analyze the selected episode or film and complete the following:Describe the character and the character’s role in the television show or film. Cite the source (include the citation of the show or film).Evaluate the credibility of the character portraying the psychology professional (job title, credentials, level of experience, etc.).If information on credibility is not clearly provided, identify the character’s role (psychologist, counselor, etc.) and describe the likely level of education, type of licensure, and estimated number of years of experience. Does the character seem well trained, professional, and experienced?Do you have any concerns regarding the ethical behavior of the character? Be sure to cover the following:Identify at least one ethical dilemma encountered by the character as well as one example of the character behaving unethically in the episode or film.Either discuss how the character made the right ethical choice or describe the ethical behavior the character should have demonstrated.Provide the relevant ethics code or standard in quotation marks from the readings.How realistically has the show or the character depicted the profession of psychology? Does the show harm the image of psychology or help it? Be specific in your response.Identify any multicultural issues that arise in the show or film. Does the character demonstrate multicultural competency? In what ways? If not, how does the character demonstrate a lack of sensitivity and what should the character have done instead?Support your statements with information from academic sources, such as your textbook and assigned readings and articles you find in the Argosy University online library resources.Submission Details:Write your initial response in a minimum of 300?400 words. Apply APA standards to cite sources.Gender Studies homework help

Religion and Church of Scientology in the News Discussion

Religion and Church of Scientology in the News Discussion.

One of the objectives of this course is to witness the role and prevalence of various religions in American culture. To achieve this goal, students will seek out stories (news, art, music, film, etc.) that illustrate this interaction.Specifically, students choose a group/topic (i.e., Religion and Church of Scientology in the News) and they will be asked to complete the following:I will create a Wiki page for each group/topic within BlackBoard. Students need to decide upon a topic relating religion to some aspect of culture (i.e., Islam and Education; Scientology and Tax Status; Christian Fundamentalism and Evolution). I will have created the Wiki pages for a number of different religions. Any additional religions students would like to pursue is in the final “other religions” category.Students will build out the Wiki page highlighting articles, images, links, etc. relating to their chosen religion. The articles should be either from academic journals or “reputable sources” such as news magazines (i.e., Time) or newspapers (i.e., Washington Post). This means no blogs, no wikipedia, etc. If you have a question on sources, let me know. Each entry will have 4 components:Bibliographic information (in proper formatting)Summary of the pieceHow the piece relates to the overall topic and your commentaryYour initials/nameYou can use the wiki page just as a word document. Edit the page and then save the page. Each student is responsible for contributing 2 articles/summaries under the same religion. If the article has already been used, students need to find a different one.Here are the 6 religions/topics to begin:Christian FundamentalismIslam and Education (or how schools in the U.S. encounter, cover, and/or interact with Islam)Mormonism (a.k.a. The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints) in Entertainment (or as reality TV)Hinduism in Business Atheism in PoliticsBuddhism in Entertainment“Other”Some additional possible topics in the “Other” Wiki:Any religion and technologyAny religion and sportsAny religion and “Americana”Any religion and businessAny religion and healthAny religion and warAny religion and entertainment/entertainers
Religion and Church of Scientology in the News Discussion

CSULB Inversion of Equation and Stiffness Matrix Questionnaire

online assignment help CSULB Inversion of Equation and Stiffness Matrix Questionnaire.

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Using MATLAB, solve the following problems in Kaw:Example Problems 2.7, 2.8, and 2.9;End of chapter problems 2.11, 2.15, 2.16, 2.17, 2.18, 2.20, 2.21, 2.22Kaw’s solutions to these problems can be found either in the text (Example Problems) or in the solutions document posted on Canvas. Be sure to check the errata (also posted) as the pdf of the text that is posted is an early printing with some errors. The task for this assignment is to check Kaw’s solutions to the problems. I’m pretty sure at least one is incorrect. Please work together on this assignment and check each others’ solutions in MATLAB to be sure you code is working correctly. Upload both your script file (.m or .mlx) and your published pdf file of your solutions. Of course, as always, be sure your name is embedded in the filenames of any files you upload.
CSULB Inversion of Equation and Stiffness Matrix Questionnaire

Critique of project

Critique of project.

Katelyn SimonsClinical·What is the department’s role within the organization, and what are its responsibilities?The clinical staff include Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP) that are credentialed and qualified based on state and federal guidelines.These professionals include addiction counselors, therapists, and certified addiction specialists.They all play different roles within the department and work together with the treatment team to provide the best outcomes for the individuals.The clinical department will oversee the counseling portion of the clinic.They will complete assessments and use evidence based practices for treating the substance use through individual and family therapy and group counseling.They will also screen the individuals for a co-occurring mental illness and make changes to the treatment plan to reflect the treatment of the substance abuse as well as the mental illness.Addiction symptoms may mimic or cover the symptoms of mental illness.While it is important to screen for a mental illness at intake, it may not be noticed right away.The clinical department will continue to monitor the individuals as they progress through their treatment.If a mental illness is detected then the clinical team will treat the mental illness along with the substance use. ·What individuals and resources are needed to provide those services?There are many individuals that make up the clinical team.These individuals provide services along with the rest of the departments.The individuals needed to provide the services by the Clinical team include addiction counselors, certified addiction specialists, and therapists.Each of these individuals has a plays a different role and has a different purpose in the course of treatment. The addiction counselors are licensed counselors specializing in addiction treatment.They provide support and guidance and help individuals overcome addiction by changing their behaviors while helping them plan for the future.The certified addiction specialist must be a board certified addiction specialist or practice addiction psychiatry.They treat physical and psychological and physical complications related to addiction (What Employees Make up the Clinical Team of an Addiction Program, n.d.). They help to develop and implement treatment plans as well as additional specialized treatment as needed.The therapist plays a dual role by helping the individual overcome their addiction as well as treating any mental illnesses that may be present.They work with the individual to build skills and to understand their addiction better.This will help reduce the potential for relapse.They also provide counseling for the individuals in treatment. ·What are the client needs or services that are addressed by this department?One of the main services provided by the clinical team is individual therapy.Individual therapy will be provided at 3-7 hours per week depending on the intensity of the individual’s treatment plan.Individual therapy provides a private setting that the individual can feel safe in.They are able to talk about their struggles as well as learn new skills to help them achieve and maintain sobriety. The primary method used during individual therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).CBT is an evidenced based practice that is most commonly used for addiction treatment.It recognizes that drug addictions are learned behaviors that can be unlearned. CBT helps to identify the underlying causes of the individual’s emotional anguish and teaches them how to replace their destructive thinking with more positive and productive thinking (Individual, One-on-one Therapy, n.d.).CBT is a solution oriented approach that focuses on the overall goal of achieving and maintaining sobriety and abstinence (What Happens in Individual Therapy?, n.d.).Family Therapy works to rebuild family relationships and creating a network of support.It rebuilds healthy communication and trust between family members.Additionally, it teach family members about addiction and how to support their family member that is going through treatment.It can also help families understand and avoid enabling behavior while addressing codependent behavior that may be preventing recovery.Overall family therapy can improve the mental and physical state if the entire family unit (Family Therapy: A Vital Part of Addiction, n.d.)Group therapy is a great way to provide instant feedback and learn shared experiences from peers.It allows individual’s to practice social skills while sharing coping skills and supports.It provides a safe environment to improve interpersonal behavior, communication and social skills (Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Pasadena, n.d.). The clinical team consists of several different specialties that come together to treat the mental health side of substance abuse. Substance abuse is learned behaviors that can be treated with therapy.The clinical team works with the other teams at the facility to provide full range of treatment options for the individual.When treated together, the individual is more likely to be successful and able to maintain their sobriety after treatment is completed.ReferencesFamily Therapy: A Vital Part of Addiction . (n.d.). Retrieved from DrugAbuse:…Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Pasadena . (n.d.). Retrieved from Tranquility Woods:…Individual, One-on-one Therapy . (n.d.). Retrieved from Tranquility Woods:…The Staff Members Found at a Treatment Center . (n.d.). Retrieved from Advanced Recovery Systems: Employees Make up the Clinical Team of an Addiction Program . (n.d.). Retrieved from Sunrise House:…What Happens in Individual Therapy? (n.d.). Retrieved from CRC Health:…ChrisCommunity ResourceAbstractThe Community Resources Department is designed to provide our clients and our community with the most up to date resources. Our resources will be available to the community to view on our webpage as well as in person here at our facility. We will strive to keep our information up to date for the community by reviewing our information on a monthly basis. We will include resources for the recovering addict and the family of the recovering addict. We will also provide information to help with aftercare of our clients.The Community Resources Department will be set up to provide our clients with access to the different resources that we offer here and information to the resources that are offered in our local surrounding communities. Our role in the company is to offer our community the resources that they need to get help in their recovery of there addictions, and to provide our clients with a list of all the places they can go to get aftercare when they complete their program with us, and to provide information to our potential clients about what we offer. We will set up a link on our website that offers a list of our resources for our clients and potential clients to access, as well as the community at large. The link will have links to other community resources like Alcoholics Anonymous and Alloton meeting places and times. We are working on getting locations and contact information for them as we speak. The responsibility of the Community Resources Department is to make sure that our clients and potential clients have all the most up to date information possible to all of our resources and the resources that we may refer them to for further help. The family and friends can play an important role in the recovery of a person addicted to drugs or alcohol. In our facility we will offer classes and counseling to the families of substance abusers to help them to deal with the stress of having a loved one that is an addict and to teach them new tools to help them help their loved one stop using and stay clean and sober. We will be able to explain how our program tailors each client’s individual treatment plan to what their specific needs are to recover (NIH, 2017). Some of the resources that will be available for our clients and their families to attend are Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alateen, Center for Online Addiction, and SMART Recovery which is a non-twelve step recovery program. We will offer counseling techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strategic Therapy, and Family Therapy. We will also provide resources to help our community that will help in drug and alcohol education for the youth of our community (Addiction Resource Guide, 2011).The needs and services that the Community Resources Department will cover for our clients will help with finding them ways to offset the cost of treatment that their insurance may not cover. We have access to grant money to help clients offset the out of pocket cost that the insurance companies will not pay or to help a client pay for counseling and therapy if they do not have insurance to pay for it. For example, The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant can help pay for clients that are intravenous drug users (SAMHSA, 2017). The Community Resources Department will also provide information to our clients of what we offer here inhouse and the programs that we allow to use our facility such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Alateen. All our information will be on our web page with links to help our clients access the assistance that they may need. We also offer hard copies for our clients that may not have access to a computer. We will also have access to a twenty-for seven-hour hot line that will help us with interpretation as needed. One such sorce of this is Navex Global, that offers interpreters for over 200 languages (NAVEX, 2018). We will also offer links to for our clients to get help studying for their GED. This will help them be more employable once they complete their treatment (, 2018).To provide the resources laid out our IT department will need to design a web page that is capable of accepting the links to outside agencies that is visually appealing and informative as well as easily navigated for our clients. We will need to get permission from the other organizations to put a link on our webpage. We need to have counselors and therapist that are trained to use the techniques that we offer such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We will also need to have the resources to keep our counselors and therapists trained in the most up to date techniques of counseling.The most important part of the Community Resources Department is to keep our resources up to date for our clients. We will be constantly looking for updates to keep our clients best interest in mind. Our clients will have their treatment planes designed for each individual client. We will provide the community with the best resources to help our clients succeed in recovering from their addiction as well as the best after care resources to keep them on track with their recovery upon discharge from our facility whether that be our inpatient or outpatient programs.ReferencesAddiction Resource Guide. (2011) retrieved from (2017) retrieved from know-what-to-ask/introductionSAMHSA. (2017) retrieved from (2018) retrieved from
management? (2018) retrieved from
school-equivalency/ged-general-education-development.htmlMikeOther needs: Treatment supportDepartment: Treatment Support The treatment support department is a vital part of the treatment plan. We support all departments by providing patients with nutritional plans, addiction recovery training for patients as well as family members. We provide aftercare employment options as well as medical assistance to the patients. We provide patients with 24 hour aftercare support and assistance. Within the organization our department has 56 employees. We have a highly qualified, caring and professional staff. Professional therapists, around the clock support personnel, and a staff that provides meals and medication to in-patient care as well as transportation to patients who are involved in out-patient care. Our staff first meets the patients during their treatment plan. Bringing patients to individual therapy, group therapy as well as assisting patients in their 12 step program. Our department arranges in-patient living quarters, treatment schedules and meal plans that co-inside with medication regiments. Our staff provides a positive, caring environment that supports the patient through treatment programs and aftercare programs. We help patients manage stress and anxietyTreatment Support 2by assisting with support, managing medication plans, and training. Our staff monitors, each patient and help patients with cravings.Assistance in treatment for young clients Our department assists teens in recovery, specially trained staff members work with adolescents and their families to help the patient continue their education while still working on their treatment plan. We train families about substance abuse in teenagers, and how to cope with depression, stress, and anxiety. (Recovery.Org Jennifer Beddoe, M.S. Why Extended Recovery Programs Are Important) Families need training on how to cope with teenagers who get out of control, or go into relapse. We provide training on how to support the patient without enabling the addict. Families are involved in classes that teach them how addiction occurs as well as steps required for recovery. We provide exercise plans for teenagers as well as healthy eating plans. Our staff teaches young addicts that there is life after addiction, and how to set goals for a life without drugs and alcohol. Having an exercise regiment helps patient relieve stress and deal with stressful situations. Some client becomes involved in competitive sports, and others spend their time in the gym. We do not judge how they become involved; some patient’s go on hikes or simply walk around the block. Our staff is there to support the addict in every part of recovery. Getting our clients involved in healthy habits is very important. Making sure our clients get enough sleep is very important. This is not hard for in-house patients, but becomes very difficult for outpatient therapy. Having a proper sleep regiment is very important for the body to recover from chemical abuse. For many clients the amount of caffeine and sugar has to be monitored, these can increase stress levels. Many clients have found yoga to relax them and increase their energy levels. Yoga can help recovering addicts focus on what is needed now, not what is ahead.Treatment Support 3Yoga breathing exercises also helps clients with their physical fitness treatment. Our professional staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, and has talents in many different areas. Recovery includes many different hobbies, such as playing music, knitting, or car repair. Hobbies help the client focus on interests, something they are passionate about. (Recovery.Org Jennifer Beddoe, M.S. Why Extended Recovery Programs Are Important)Departments FocusThe treatment support department’s focus is on assisting all other departments on client treatment plans. Keeping that positive attitude throughout the treatment center every day. Loss of this positive attitude can result in a letdown for a patient. It is hard enough for a patient to focus on recovery and keep a positive attitude when those around them have a negative one. Our professional staff helps the patient stay focused in every part of their treatment.Individuals and ResourcesElderlyOne of the largest contingency of patients is the elderly, who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. Many of these clients become addicted to prescription medication, or have issues with alcohol abuse. Substance abuse is most serious at an old age. Many elderly suffer from different types of pain. The body’s ability to process medications slows down as the body ages. This being said the elderly get addicted to smaller doses of medication. I 2010 a study was done in hospital emergency rooms, 60% of substance abuse was from patients ages 50 to 55. Many of these older drug users were addicted to cocaine, meth, and heroin. Many elderly 65 and over have seriousTreatment Support 4alcohol issues. According to the NCADD, those adults over 65 consume more than 40% of all medication country wide. (The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Treatment for the Elderly) Our licensed professional staff helps adults of all ages, learn to recover from substance abuse in a safe healthy living environment. This may start with a detox program, and evolve into an in-patient program. Our department takes control of planning and all facilities involved in elderly treatment.DisabledThe people with disabilities have become the largest minority in the country. As many as 54 million people have a disability of some type. A good majority of these clients are not well cared for. There are 33.2 million grown American’s who have a serious mental illness. (Disabled World Thomas C. Weiss 7/22/13 Addiction and Substance Abuse Among Persons with Disabilities) Our facility provides handicapped assessable buildings, and resources to accommodate this population.In ClosingThe Treatment Support facility purpose is to assist the treatment facility with patient support and serve various types of clients. We provide housing, meals, and arrange treatment plans for our patients. We do not evaluate the patient; we provide the positive reinforcement needed for our patients to succeed in their recovery. Treatment Support 5 REFERENCESDisabled World Thomas C. Weiss 7/22/13 Addiction and Substance Abuse Among Persons with Disabilities…Recovery.Org Jennifer Beddoe, M.S. Why Extended Recovery Programs Are Important Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Treatment for the Elderly…StaceyCase managementWhat is case management?Why is it important?When it comes to entering and receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol and drugs, that are many components involved as well as extensive planning and decisions to be made, which can become overwhelming for many individuals who have become desperate for relief from chemical dependency. More often than not, the choice to accept help and treatment for addiction is a long time coming for many addicts, finally occurring after years or perhaps even decades of active abuse and refusal of any sort of addiction treatment (Drug Treatment Center Finder, 2018).The role of a case manager is to assist people who are seeking treatment but are ill-equipped or don’t know where to start the process of recovering from an addiction.The Case management department of our new facility will be equipped with well educated, trained and compassionate leaders who will help navigate the patient and their loved ones through the sometimes confusing aspects of addiction treatment. Not sure what type of a program you or your loved one is in need of?Let us help.A case manager will be your one point of contact through your recovery and will ensure that in addition to the client’s treatment needs, many of the individual’s other essential needs are met as well, especially those that might prevent the completion or success of addiction treatment (Drug Treatment Center Finder, 2018). They will be your families advocate for the patients care.The case management team will be responsible for helping secure the funding for treatment, coordinating with social services, the court system, medical and mental health professionals and many more during your time under our care, but our care does not end there.Towards the end of treatment we will also help seek employment, find an apartment, set financial and personal goals and help ensure that the individuals that we assist will be able to re-enter in to daily living with the new found self-confidence and sobriety that they have achieved. How can we make this happen?Well under the Case management department there will be licensed supervisors that will look over the case managers.The case managers will be available to the client’s as often as needed.The case managers will coordinate with all of the people who are in direct care of the patient. They will also oversee the supervising staff that works around the clock with the patient.This way the case manager should always be aware if there are any issues that need to be specifically addressed.The case managers will hold weekly meetings to make sure that all the needs of patient are being met. The ideal candidate for a case manager will also be required to maintain accurate documentation or progress reports through the treatment plan and specifically be able to address corrective action revisions if needed.The recommended qualifications for this position will be a four year degree in human services or a comparable combination of education and or work related experience. They must have experience in a social service setting with a working knowledge of case management systems and planning techniques, as well as knowledge of addiction/recovery processes along with related resources and continued care systems.This role requires a person who is compassionate and passionate about helping others succeed.You will have to be prepared to accept the fact that you can try to help everybody that comes through the doors of our facility but you will be faced with repeat offenders, people who don’t feel like they have a problem and people who may not want to be there.Do you have what it takes to break through the barriers that may keep an individual from rehabilitating themselves?This is a very demanding but very rewarding position but you have to have an open and unbiased professionalism about you to be able to provide the best services available to everyone who walks through those doors.The care that we provide our clients with is of course covered under the privacy laws that are put in place to ensure that we cannot disclose any private information with outside sources other than what we have been given permission for.When you have a treatment facility it is imperative that you have the appropriate departments in order to best service your clients. There is not a need for a whole department for case management but there will need to be a client care department that will house all of the supervisors, case managers and all supervisors that have to do with the advocacy of the clients in one general place.That way everyone is in close personal contact with the direct care staff.Each case manager would have a case load of a certain number of patients to ensure that they each individual client gets the best care and not just become a number in a system.If a case manager is responsible for too many cases the quality of care goes down and we pride ourselves on being the best addiction recovery system in our area, therefor we must strive to provide the best treatment for all of our clients.ResourcesDrug Treatment Center Finder. (2018). Case Management: What Is It And Why Is It Important? | DTCF. [online] Available at:… [Accessed 27 Jan. 2018].Treatment, C. (2018). Chapter 2 – Applying Case Management to Substance Abuse Treatment. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Jan. 2018].
Critique of project

Risk Management: Barclays Bank Evaluation Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Current Risk Management Process Risk identify Risk Response Risk Monitoring and Control Risk Management Issues List of References Introduction Risk management involves identifying and assessing the risk factors with intention to minimize their impact in the organization. There are risks that can be controlled and those that cannot. The role of a manager will be to develop a strategic plan for the risks both internal and external risks. Barclays bank is a world leading financial service provider that has its branches in 50 countries worldwide and employs about 147,500 people. The bank deals inn variety of financial products and service ranging from corporate banking to mortgage services. Barclays bank is listed on the London stock exchange as a public company that complies with the UK combined code on corporate governance (Gorrod, 2004). Barclays bank has a clear risk management strategy whose objective include Identifying the bank significant risks Ensure business growth is supported by conclusive risk management structure Establishing strong and independent review on risk management policies Enable management and executive group control and coordinating of risk responsibility in the bank Communicating risk management policies within the bank The bank group risk management policies have remained unchanged since 2009 when it was last reviewed. The responsibility of risk management in Barclays bank group is mandated to all levels of management within the group starting from the top management and executive committee to each unit managers and risk managers. Barclays bank has a risk oversight committee that is responsible for reviewing and formulating the risk strategy in the organization (Barclays Bank, 2010). In management of risk, the bank employs several models and approaches in dealing with uncertainty. This models range in their application. They can be used in decisions concerning credit determination, pricing, and portfolio management, risk assessment regulatory capital calculation. This types of strategy covers credit, market, and operational risk (Hallenbeck, 1986). The bank uses the following models in analyzing risks factors in their operating environment. These models of estimation include probability of default (PD), exposure at default (EAD) and loss given default (LGD).To minimize the risks factors, the bank developed a group model risk policy (GMRP) that is reviewed annually and is managed by the independent group risk function. The group risk policy minimizes the potential for risk by setting minimum standards for implementation and model development process. The model also sets governance policies concerned with risk management (Horne