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MSN 5600 Miami Regional University Acute Conditions Gastritis Research

MSN 5600 Miami Regional University Acute Conditions Gastritis Research.

1-Must use the sample template for your soap note, keep this template for when you start clinicals.Late Assignment PolicyAssignments turned in late will have 1 point taken off for every day assignment is late, after 7 days assignment will get grade of 0 (zero). No exceptions Follow the MRU Soap Note Rubric as a guideUse APA format and must include minimum of 2 Scholarly Citations.Soap notes will be uploaded to Moodle and put through TURN-It-In (anti-Plagiarism program)Turn it in Score must be less than 25% or will not be accepted for credit, must be your own work and in your own words. You can resubmit, Final submission will be accepted if less than 25%. Copy-paste from websites or textbooks will not be accepted or tolerated. Please see College Handbook with reference to Academic Misconduct Statement.The use of tempates is ok with regards to Turn it in, but the Patient History, CC, HPI, The Assessment and Plan should be of your own work and individualized to your made up patient. 2-Discussion:Compare and contrast the growth and developmental patterns of two toddlers of different ages using Gordon’s functional health patterns. Describe and apply the components of Gordon’s functional health patterns as it applies to toddlers. Instructions: Post your discussion to the Moodle Discussion Forum. Word limit 500 words. Support your answers with the literature and provide citations and references in APA format. Reply to at least two other student posts with a reflection of their response.
MSN 5600 Miami Regional University Acute Conditions Gastritis Research

conflict and conflict resolution.. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Chapter 10 focuses on conflict and conflict resolution. I would like for you to utilize Activities 10.2 A&B (McCann) on page 246 & 251. You should look at your scores and identify your highest score, as well as your lowest score. Name the type of style that is associated with that score and reflect on how your in the past have possibly utilized that style of handling conflict. Did it impact the way that the conflict resolution came about? Remember that there is no bad conflict style. Discuss with a classmate, through commenting on their original post, how possibly your conflict styles work or do not work together.
Original posts should be a minimum of 250 words, with your comment to a classmate being a minimum of 50 words.
conflict and conflict resolution.

Please, read the attached file carefully and turn in the submission tasks. : Currently, there is some issue with

Please, read the attached file carefully and turn in the submission tasks. : Currently, there is some issue with the HU cloud. Please, work only with MapR sandbox. You don’t need to hand in any submission tasks related to the HU cloud. : However, If you like to work with some cloud Hadoop platforms such as AWS EMR, Google Data proc, etc. please, use it instead of HU cloud.

Trident University International Baroque Art Paper

online dissertation writing Trident University International Baroque Art Paper.

The Protestant Reformation and the Roman Catholic Counter- Reformation had major influences on the Western art world, out of which Baroque art would emerge. Artists and artworks became an essential arm of the church, needed to inspire faith and commitment within an institution that found itself destabilized by this schism. Though Baroque artists continued to use the vocabulary of ancient Greeks and Romans, as had Renaissance artists, Glan Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture Ecstasy of St. Teresa with Caravaggio’s painting, Crucifixion of St. Peter, in order to identify and discuss this shift in religious imagery. Again, give a formal analysis of each painting in order to distinguish the different approaches of these two artists, but this time pay close attention to light movement and theatricality. Make a brief comparison to Renaissance art in order to illustrate the shift in art periods. Discuss briefly the history of Baroque art and these two artists in particular, the role of the church, and how Bernini and Caravaggio differently conveyed faith and commitment to the church.Make sure you fully address the case assignment prompt. don’t just describe the painting and don’t forget to really look at the paint.Write a minimum three to four pages not including images or referencesInclude a separate cover page that includes your name the course name the module and assignment name module 2Set your format to 1″ margins on all four sides 12-point font double-spaced.Include a separate cover And reference page at the end that includes every website and article on which you base your information and analysis. In the reference Over time link root will make any URL useless Each reference should contain all the information a reader would need to find the source.
Trident University International Baroque Art Paper

Rasmussen College Module 03 Budget Estimates

Rasmussen College Module 03 Budget Estimates.

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Now that you’ve selected the goal you want to accomplish in your strategic management plan, it’s time to start budgeting out the costs that will be involved with its implementation. This assignment will require you to create an operating budget that takes into account the strategies and choices you’ve already made in previous sections of the course project. It’s important that you carefully consider exactly what you’ll have to spend money on in order to successfully complete your goal. The numbers will be very general estimates, but you’ll need to show the ability to accurately identify the major costs. The categories and subcategories for the budget should cover most if not all of the new expenses that will be present. This assignment should be at least two pages in length and complete the following:Goal ChoiceClearly identify your chosen goal in an introductory paragraph.Operating BudgetCreate an operating budget for your goal.The budget should include common categories and subcategories such as general operations, HR, marketing, miscellaneous expenses, etc.Include all major expenses required for the goal. Common expenses include salaries, marketing channels, and inventory.Connect the costs/categories that you’re considering to your already created marketing, management, and HR strategies discussed in earlier portions of the project.Capital BudgetIdentify two long-term assets from the capital budget that will play a role in the completion of your goal. These can be new purchases or existing assets.Briefly explain the impact that each will have.Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.
Rasmussen College Module 03 Budget Estimates

Attached are the instructions and resources for the assignment. If you need to assess the course content by any Essay

Attached are the instructions and resources for the assignment. If you need to assess the course content by any chance for more info here is my username: in the files section. There is an online textbook, here is the link, if you need it: