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MSN 507 Unit 9 Topic 1 Policy Implications

MSN 507 Unit 9 Topic 1 Policy Implications.

Discussion Topic 1: Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and PracticesRead the case study number one, Moving to a Common Core Interprofessional Patient Safety Curriculum on page 254 in Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide, by Milstead. Why is it important that health professionals share a common understanding of patient safety standards and practices? What are the policy implications from accepting that “mistakes are normal and all human err”? How would you approach health care systems leaders or employers about changing employment policies related to punitive actions when errors occur?Current Health professionals education rarely delivers common core content about the science and application of safety principles.There were three themes used 1. Errors can and do happen: It is heat breaking that most of these errors were preventable and happened because of lapses at many different levels. 2. Mistakes are normal: Recognize that its important to be vigilant and proactive on an individual level, and improve systems on an organizational level. 3. Preventing errors is the responsibility of both individuals and teams: Recognize the needs to speak up on an individual level and work together with other health professions to provide safe patient care. Communication is key and check our attitude at the door, speak up and advocate for our patients when we have concerns about care, You never want get lost in the technical details and forget that I’m helping a real person.Please Include 3 reference less than 5 years old and sub titles for paragraph
MSN 507 Unit 9 Topic 1 Policy Implications

Creating an amateurism checklist for NCAA college-bound student-athletes

Creating an amateurism checklist for NCAA college-bound student-athletes. I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

This week will require a full understanding of the amateurism requirements for a college-bound student-athlete. For this task, you willcreate an outline or checklist using MS Word or Excel to simplify the process for the student-athlete that exemplifies guidelines needed for initial eligibility.
Begin by describing a college recruiting session scenario where the compliance officer leads the college-bound student-athlete during a recruiting process. Explain how you will guide and advise a potential college-bound student-athlete on the aspects of eligibility and what amateurism regulations are present at each level of the NCAA.
Next, create an outline or checklist of recruiting guidelines a student-athlete must adhere to when being contacted or approached by a collegiate coach. Construct the material in an orderly and clear manner that will allow the student-athlete to understand amateurism and authorized recruiting techniques.
Your assignment should address the following:

Checklist using updated NCAA guidelines
Core course requirements
Recruiting procedures
Amateurism red flags
Cover in detail with your student-athlete the Recruiting Calendar regulations while further explaining the National Letter of Intent.

Length: 2–4 pages ( one of the required readings webpage) (one of the required readings webpage) (required reading )
Creating an amateurism checklist for NCAA college-bound student-athletes

University of Southern California Effect of Caffeine Consumption Discussion

help me with my homework University of Southern California Effect of Caffeine Consumption Discussion.

This research paper is a group paper. The topic/research question for my group is “Does caffeine consumption improve academic performance among college students?” All group members will be taking on different tasks/subheadings to write about. (For example, some topics discussed by my group members will be how caffeine increases focus, or negative and positive side effects of caffeine consumption, the risks, or if caffeine increases IQ, and etc.) I or in this case you, are in charge of writing the introduction for this research paper topic. I want my portion of the paper to be an introduction for the remainder of the paper, but I also want to discuss caffeine itself. I want to go into what caffeine actually is and what it consists of. In other words, the ingredients in it, and what makes it addicting, and what causes it to help you focus or stay alert or to improve performance, or why it has those effects. I want to take a look into some data or research into the most common coffee bevagre that is drank by college students and see how that caffeine consumption helps improve performance. I want to discuss all of these areas, but again this is going to be an introduction. It needs to be only two pages, so cover all fields but not in INTESE detail. You do not need to offer any solutions in the Introduction, just the overview of the topic. Please format the paper using the APA style. The paper will be turned into a software that checks for plagiarism and often times paraphrasing a sentence gets caught by the system as well, so please make sure everything is cited, but avoid making the entire two pages just direct quotations from sources. At a minimum you will need articles found using a variety of methods including web search engines, and university literature databases of peer-reviewed journal articles.
University of Southern California Effect of Caffeine Consumption Discussion

FIN 101 Saudi Electronic Wk 11 Financial Ratios Decision Making Case Studies

FIN 101 Saudi Electronic Wk 11 Financial Ratios Decision Making Case Studies.

Q1. Alfa Company is issuing eight-year bonds with a coupon rate of 6.5 percent and semiannual coupon payments. If the current market rate for similar bonds is 8 percent, what will be the bond price? If the company wants to raise $1.25 million, how many bonds does the firm have to sell? 1 markQ2. Suppose a 3 year bond with a 6% coupon rate that was purchased for $760 and had a promised yield of 8%. Suppose that interest rates increased and the price of the bond declined. Displeased, you sold the bond for 798.8 after having owned it for 1 year. What is the realized yield ? 1 markQ3. Ahmed is interested in purchasing the common stock of Inch, Inc., which is currently priced at $ 40. The company is expected to pay a dividend of $3 next year and to grow at a constant rate of 8 percent. 1.5 marksa. What should the market value of the stock be if the required rate of return is 15.75 percent? b. Is this a good buy? Why or why not?Q4. Case Study: 1.5 marksDeepwater Horizon Rig Disaster Threatens DrillingBritish Petroleum (BP) is an oil exploration and production company that encourages high risk projects with the potential for high return. Last summer the company’s exploration and productionchief, Andy Inglis, is quoted as saying, “We don’t do simple things. We are prepared to work on the frontier and manage the risks.” So far that strategy has paid off for BP. Now that strategic decision is being called into question.BP’s earnings for the quarter ending March 31, 2010 were $5.6 billion; more than double what they were five years ago. However, a recent deepwater drilling rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico killed eleven employees and has spewed over three million barrels of oil into the ocean with no real end in sight. The company’s disaster is threatening one of the most productive fisheries in the world and the fragile Gulf ecosystem.From BP’s perspective the disaster may also be threatening the company’s future. If the spill is not contained soon it may mark the end of Gulf exploration and drilling. The practice may be deemed too risky, both politically and environmentally. For a company that has staked much of its future on the Gulf, it may also signal the e
FIN 101 Saudi Electronic Wk 11 Financial Ratios Decision Making Case Studies

Hockey Sports History in England and Canada Essay

The origin and heritage of the modern game of hockey lack full documentation but the game dates back in the early civilization. The historical records of the game suggest that the hockey sport started in ancient Egypt approximately 4000 years back. Similarly, other chronological records posit that the amusement started in Ethiopia around 1000 DC. Moreover, there is numerous evidence that put forward the emergence of hockey in countries such as Greek, India, and South Africa before the beginning of the 15th century. In line with this, this paper explains the history of hockey sport highlighting Canada as a specific country where the game is more famous. To begin with, Hockey sport refers to a game-like, which involves sticks, balls among other equipment. By definition, the word “hockey” originates from a French expression ‘hoquet’ which means ‘shepherds crook’. Historically, some of the equipment used in the early days of this sport such as ‘paganica’ (Romans), ‘hurling’ (Irish), and ‘shinty’ (Scots) satisfy the above definition. However, the modern game of hockey evolved in the 18th century around schools in England. In particular, the birth of modern and more sophisticated hockey began at the Teddington Cricket Club. Therefore, this club represents a turning point in the history of hockey because it is where formulations and modifications on dribbling, rules on scoring, passing, and all other modern procedures took place. It is also important to note that, the Hockey Association formulated further rules upon its formation in 1875 in England. This association administered guidelines that regulated regular tournaments. Subsequently, the first competitive game transpired in a field approximately 200 meters in length with all players chasing after the ball from both ends. Progressively, the game developed into a modern-day style by defining specific positions for players in the field. This development of the pyramid system in 1889 defined the exact number and positions of players in the field (Pelletier

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