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MSCDA613 GROUP ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE- 26 SEPT 2021InstructionsUse SSIS, SQL and PowerBI to do the tasks.You are free to use python scripts if you feel they are needed somewhere.Take screenshots of every step that you do to answer the questions, paste on a word document andconvert to a pdf file which you then email to copying you have used a query, write it down.The subject of the email should be the Course Code followed by Assignment number and thenGroup Number e.g. MSCDA611 Assignment 1 Group 2Every group member is advised to contributeTASKYou are a BI developer who works for a motor cycle distribution shop and you have been asked todevelop a BI platform for the company. The DBA has shared with you a file namely motor_cycle_dbwhich contains an extract of the database. Use the file to answer the following questions:QUESTION 1 – DATA SOURCE UNDERSTANDING AND PREPARATION(a) Create a database which will host the data. [2 MARKS](b) Create all the tables required to load the data. [18 MARKS](c) Load the data into the tables. [9 MARKS](d) Run queries to show the total number of records in each table. [9 MARKS]QUESTION 2 – DATA MODELLING(a) Create another database namely mscda_dwh which will be your data warehouse. [1 MARK](b) Identify one table which will be your fact table. [1 MARK](c) Denormalise all the other tables surrounding the table you identified in (b) so that theybecome dimensions and then create the tables in your data warehouse. N.B There are caseswhere you need to dernormalise more that 3 tables so that they become one dimensiontable. [10 MARKS](d) Draw your star schema in the form of a database diagram. [2 MARKS]QUESTION 3 – DATA LOADING(a) Develop ETL jobs that will stream data from the data source to the data warehouse.[15 MARKS]QUESTION 4 – ADHOC QUERY ANALYSIS (Using data in your datawarehouse)(a) Write an SQL Query that will retrieve the following parameters as shown in table belowStore Name Store City Staff Name Staff Phone ProductNameTotal StockQuantityXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX 1000

[6 MARKS](b) Write an SQL query to that retrieve below information. Your Query should display customerdetails with orders that were shipped after the required date.CustomerFullNameStoreNameCustomerCityDateOrderedProductNameProductCategoryOrderQuantityNumberof DaysshippedafterRequiredDateJohnBandaJoinaCityMarondera 01/01/2020 xxxx xxxx 50 2[7 MARKS]QUESTION 5- POWER BI (Using data in your data warehouse)(a) Load your star schema into PowerBI and take a screenshot of the model.(b) Write DAX expressions to answer the questions that follow:(i) What is the maximum discount offered by the shop? [2 MARKS](ii) Find the total number of products that the shop has sold so far. [3 MARKS](iii) Which product(s) have the highest discount? [5 MARKS](iv) What is the total sales generated by the shop. NB: sales=quantitylist_pricediscount [5MARKS](v) Show a table with store name and the total sales for each store [5 MARKS](c) You have graduated with Msc in Big Data Analytics from Chinhoyi University of Technology,and you have been employed by the Retail Company with sample data that was shared toyou. Using the given database create an innovative and beautiful dashboard using Power BIdesktop. Your dashboard should show key performance indicators pertaining to orders,customers, staff, stocks, and any other key metrics that give quick insights to management[20 MARKS]

Community Improvement And Development Reflection Paper.

Reflection Topic 1
When entering systems (e.g. jobs, schools, community centers, churches, and courts) we bring a set of assumptions and expectations, which are grounded in our previous experiences. These experiences are further grounded in our unique identities.
Describe your assumptions and expectations about working to support community service organizations. How might volunteerism benefit you and the community. 
Discuss how your personal identity and interpersonal development have fostered your assumptions and expectations about community work. 
Please consider your previous experience in community organizations and what messages you received about helping people in need. 
Please reference and cite Caplan & Nelson (1973) and the Advocacy page on the APA.
(FYI – I am a 23 year old MALE living in Chicago but you can choose to write about your own experience as well. Thank you)
Community Improvement And Development Reflection Paper

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp DOINA BORSAN UNIT 11 LO3 Relevant factors that influence health and wellbeing Organization is an social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open systems–they affect and are affected by their environment. To be able to give a clear definition of health needs assessment, health and needs will be looked at separately to understand the appropriate meaning of these words. Firstly, health is described by the World Health Organisation (WHO, 1948) as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely on the absence of a diseases or infirmity”. With no changes made since 1948, this definition is still well known due to the holistic overview of health and not only the disease. The definition of the word need or needs can be defined in a professional perspective as a necessity within poverty or to lack something. (English Dictionary, 2005) This need can be for any individual and within Maslow’s pyramid it is a motivational theory in psychology that argues that while people aim to meet basic needs, they seek to meet successively higher needs in the form of a hierarchy of importance. In my opinion, good health is a unity of three aspects, the physical, mental, and societal aspects .The physically content ,able to perform everyday tasks without discomfort. The mentally stable – the individual must feel adequately fulfilled in life may urge to achieve excellence .The society and environment – to be healthy, must live in a surrounding that can accommodate the individual’s pursuit for health in relation to sociological perspectives. Wellness is when is satisfied with health and quality of life with all aspects such as family, friends, income, giving the individual contentedness. Some determinant factors and their benefits, that contribute to a person’s current state of health can be: Pollution -The ‘pea-souper’ smog that is famous for cloaking London right up until the 1960s is one example of the effects of over industrialisation ,cause a number of accidents (the smog severely limited visibility), also had a very negative effect on the respiration of the populace. Access to health and welfare services – Communities are not just isolated from health and welfare services by distance, but some are unable to gain access because they feel that they have been let down by health services before, or they do not speak the language that the service is delivered in. For these isolated communities, the health and welfare services may be the only link that they have to help them understand the development issues that the rest of society takes seriously. Family relationships -Not all family relationships are good, aside from the more obvious cases of abuse, there are lots of ways in which members of our family can adversely affect our health. The family member may not even realise that they are having a negative effect on our growth and development. Friendships -Good friends are the ideal support network to stop us from getting so upset about something that we fall into depression. Not only do they cheer us up whenever we see them, but talking to them about our worries also stops us worrying so much .At certain points during our life, though, friendships may break down – taking with them our feelings of stability. Educational experience – The amount of education you should have, in theory, allow you to better evaluate the opportunities that arise through life. Poor education can result in serious poverty – one of the main causes of ill health. Employment – Everyday, hundreds of people die because they work too hard. Being unhappy in your job can make you drink excessively and working large amounts of overtime means that you may not have enough time to exercise correctly or eat a well-balanced meal. Ethnicity and religion – Different cultures and religions have different ways of looking at the world .More extreme religious rituals that affect health, such as female circumcision, are outlawed in the UK. Genetic inheritance – the role that genes play in our lives, they can transmit some disorders from one generation to another or make us more susceptible to some illnesses or disabilities. Diet -Not getting the right amount of food, or a decent nutritional balance within that food, may have a negative effect on the growth and development of an individual. Physical exercise – People who do different types of physical exercise develop different body types, exercise is important in the health care . Illness and disease – individuals do not grow or develop at the same rate as all those around them, everybody develops at a different rate anyway. Family relationships – People who come from stable, loving families have a less difficult time developing socially and emotionally. Family relationships can be some of the strongest we will ever have. Friendships – You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, as they say. Sometimes, chatting with friends is the only thing that keeps you sane, especially after a blazing row with the family. Intimate personal and sexual relationships – become the most significant of your life, there’s nothing more special than making a real connection with someone. A relationship (or partnership) can significantly shape your personal development. The World Health Organization (WHO) created the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, which uses the three principles to guide its work in eliminating health inequities for local communities and nations and throughout the world: Improve the conditions of daily life—the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. Tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money, and resources—the structural drivers of those conditions of daily life—globally, nationally, and locally. Measure the problem, evaluate action, expand the knowledge base, develop a workforce that is trained in the social determinants of health, and raise public awareness about the social determinants of health . In the content of health and wellbeing factors , the education have a significant part in people development. It gives us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, acquire social skills and spreads influential messages about health. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is committed to achieving improvements in people’s lives by reducing health inequities. Health organizations, institutions, and education programs are encouraged to look beyond behavioural factors and address underlying factors related to social determinants of health. References : Hummer RA, Rogers RG, Nam CB, Ellison CG,(1999), Religious involvement and U.S. adult mortality,Demography, 36(2),Pp.273-85. Flegal KM, Graubard BI, Williamson DF, Gail MH JAMA,(2005), Excess deaths associated with underweight, overweight, and obesity,293(15),Pp.1861-7. Maslow, A. H. ,(1943),A Theory of Human Motivation. Psychological Review, 50(4),Pp 370-96. Links: Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

UOP Building a Team Proposal for Operational Inefficiency Discussion

UOP Building a Team Proposal for Operational Inefficiency Discussion.

In the first week of this course, you learned about teamwork and effective teams. Now it is time to put it all together and design your own team.Imagine you have been asked to create a team to meet a specific need within your company.Write a 350- to 525-word proposal for creating a team to present to your manager in which you:Describe what type of team you will create.Describe the team’s goals and how many team members will be needed.List the roles and responsibilities associated with the team and its members.Explain how you will incorporate diverse team members.Summarize how the diverse perspectives and experiences of the selected team members will bring value to the team.
UOP Building a Team Proposal for Operational Inefficiency Discussion

Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready

online dissertation writing Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready to submit your assignment, move on to Step 2. Assessment Descriiption The purpose of this assignment is to choose one market disruption problem from Topic 1, then develop three different hypotheses, and identify the associated independent and dependent variables that are measurable, testable, and meaningful. Consider all potential issues from the Topic 1 assignment and choose a single problem to potentially solve. Be sure to select a problem that is not yet solved. Remember, a hypothesis is just an “I think” statement that needs to be fully developed with potential solutions and variables. Ultimately, much time and money could be spent on this issue, so it is imperative to spend time upfront with this brainstorming process around various hypotheses. Use the “Hypothesis Statements – Overview and Template” resource to complete this assignment. You will need to complete Parts 1 and 2 in the template. Complete the hypotheses grid using good, better, and best versions of the three hypotheses related to the single problem you have identified and the solution you have proposed for the problem. Include the dependent and independent variables for each. You will also compose a short summary in Part 2 within the template. Note: This assignment will impact future assignments throughout the course, including the Topic 5 individual assignment, the Draft Summary Business Model Canvas. While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

Developing Effective Problem Statements

Developing Effective Problem Statements.

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Now you try it Using MS Word and information above, use the label below and provide a recommended answer for each statement. The problem statement should be written in the following order: 1. Ideal situation 2. Problem summary 3. Symptoms 4. Size and scope 5. Consequences Read the following description of a problem. Problem: Typically, the late spring and summer months are the most popular times for personal travel. For the last five years, the top sales months have been April-August. This year, however, sales did not increase during these months. In fact, tours overall have decreased by 8 percent compared to last year. This is true for most travel companies. Only 5 percent said they sold more tours, 10 percent said sales were the same, 35 percent said sales were somewhat lower, and 50 percent said they were significantly lower. Quest expected adventure travel to increase substantially, but it remained steady compared to last year. Adventure travel includes exploring remote or exotic areas and engaging in activities such as hiking, parasailing, rafting, diving, and sailing. Although Quest promoted popular European tours, sales for those tours are also flat. The most popular European destinations are France and Italy. Another problem is that tour operators in these countries are charging more for their services. Quest also expected tour sales overall to increase by 5 percent as it has in previous years. Quest surveyed its customers and found that they are delaying travel plans because of concerns about the economy, airline service, and security.
Developing Effective Problem Statements

ITS 631 VIU Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions

ITS 631 VIU Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions.

Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions Reference: – also refer to PPT 1 Study Questions: – What does the term globalization mean?How does Friedman define the three eras of globalization?Which technologies have had the biggest effect on globalization?What are some of the advantages brought about by globalization?What are the challenges of globalization?What perspective does Ghemawat provide regarding globalization in his book World 3.0?What does the term digital divide mean?What are Jakob Nielsen’s three stages of the digital divide?What was one of the key points of The Rise of the Network Society?Which country has the highest average Internet speed? How does your country compare? Exercise Questions: – Compare the concept of Friedman’s “Globalization 3.0″ with Nielsen empowerment stage of the digital divide.Give one example of the digital divide and describe what you would do to address it. How did the research conducted by Paul Kim address the three levels of the digital divide? Section 2: Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment: Reference: – Langer, A. M. (2018). Information Technology and Organizational Learning. 3rd edition. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISBN: 978-1-138-23858-9 and also refer to PPT 2 Review the section on Establishing a Security Culture. Review the methods to reduce the chances of a cyber threat noted in the textbook. Research other peer-reviewed source and note additional methods to reduce cyber-attacks within an organization.
ITS 631 VIU Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions

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